Each year, during the Cutting It Straight Expository Preaching Conference, we pay tribute to a preacher that should be known and remembered. This year, we paused to remember the life and ministry of Warren W. Wiersbe.

Warren W. Wiersbe was a preacher’s preacher. He was also a laymen’s preacher, who made the word of God plain and clear for any person to understand. Above all, Warren Wiersbe was the Lord’s preacher, a man of God who served the Lord in his generation and moved upstairs to his final reward on May 2, 2019.

Wiersbe was a pastor, serving several churches over the course of his ministry. Most notably, he pastored the historic Moody Church in Chicago from 1971 to 1978. Wiersbe was also widely sought-after conference speaker throughout the country and around the world. Most people know Warren Wiersbe through the multiple books he has written on Christian living, spiritual leadership, and biblical exposition.

I found Wiersbe’s work browsing through a Christian bookstore. When I started reading, I could not put him down. I was eager to read the next Wiersbe’s book I could find. Then the next one. Eventually, I found myself being mentored by Wiersbe in preaching, leadership, and writing. He is a clear and faithful teacher of the word that I continue to read with profit to this day. But, of course, you have to read him last, lest you just steal his material!

Thank God for Warren Wiersbe! 



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