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#083: Getting Healthy Feeding on Your Preaching [PODCAST]

  Welcome to The On Preaching Podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping you preach faithfully, clearly, and better. In this episode, I want to talk to you about how to get healthy freedback on your preaching. Each week, I talk to someone about my sermon before I...

“Behold Our God” Featuring the Shiloh Church Choir

  There is a growing revival of modern hymn-writing and congregational singing taking place in the church today. Bob Kauflin and Sovereign Grace Music have contributed to this revival with biblically-rich, gospel-saturated, Christ-exalting music. I met Bob...

Conrad Mbewe Interview

  Conrad Mbewe is the Pastor of the Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia. He has served the Kabwata congregation for more than thirty years. Mbewe has a Ph.D. in Missions from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and is Senior Lecturer at the African...

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