Jesus sensed their ambition for power. He said, ‘Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you” (Acts 1:8). This power will not be military or economic or political. You will not have titles of office. “Ye shall be witnesses.” You shall have a testimony. Testimonies are more important than titles. A title is a rank, office, or an attainment bestowed by people. These titles and offices may be canceled by the act of people.

Testimonies are more important than titles. Pharaoh had a title, Moses had a testimony. Nebuchadnezzar had a title, Daniel had a testimony. Ahab had a title, Elijah had a testimony. The men on the ship had titles, Paul had a testimony? The Wise men had titles, the shepherds had a testimony. Pilate had a title, Jesus had a testimony.

We do not have any problems in organized religion about testimonies or witnessing. We are torn about titles and offices. Churches, associations, and conventions do not have any problems on witnessing or testimonies. We are in trouble at the point of titles and offices.

Dr. Sandy F. Ray, Journeying through a Jungle, pp. 80-81

Do you have a title or a testimony?