Here is my sermon skeleton from yesterday.

TITLE: “Power to Reach Your Full Potential”

TEXT: Hebrews 13:20

THEME: A benediction and doxology for divine help

POINT: God helps those who trust in Jesus.


I. God has done great things for us through Jesus Christ (13:20).

There are three fundamental reasons why you can trust God to do for you what you cannot do for yourself:

A. God is the God of peace.

B. God raised up our Lord Jesus from the dead.

C. God established an eternal covenant with us by the blood of Jesus.

1. Blood: We are completely saved.

2. Eternal: We are eternally secure.

II. God will do great things for us through JEsus Christ (13:21).

A. Pray for divine equipment.

B. Pray for divine enablement.

1. Depend on Christ for access to God: “through Jesus Christ.”

2. Delight in Christ for access to God: “to whom be glory.”