#001: Introducing the On Preaching Podcast [PODCAST]

This is the first episode of The On Preaching Podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping you preach faithfully, clearly, and better. My goal is that this podcast will be a living room couch where we can sit together and talk about the important, nature, and practice of faithful, Christ-centered, biblical preaching. In this inaugural episode, […]

On Whooping

The first preacher to influence me was my father. He was more of an orator than a whooper. His preaching had a rhythm and cadence. But he, and most of his preaching colleagues, were not real whoopers. Then it happened. I heard whooping. Real whooping. At the conclusion of the sermon, the preacher turned his […]

Notes from Sunday | Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Happy Memorial Day! Today is an anniversary, of sorts, for me. I first preached at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church the last weekend of May, six years ago. Unfortunately, I did not get to worship with my congregation today, as I was away on assignment. But I heard it was a great day of worship. […]

I spoke at a conference earlier this year where The Collingsworth Family led the music. What a blessing! Between two events, I heard them do a number of songs. But this one, “Fear Not Tomorrow,” stuck with me.

One reason I love this song is because they sing the chorus of “I Don’t Know About Tomorrow” in it, which is one of the first songs my mother taught me to sing. This song is a rich encouragement to trust God no matter what tomorrow brings. God is already there! Enjoy!