Notes from Sunday – 01/05/14

The first Sunday of 2014 was a blessed day of worship at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church! We started new worship times – 7:45 and 10:30 AM. The congregation handled it well the first week. I trust the schedule change will give our Bible Study Fellowship leaders the time they need and give me time […]

“What’s Really Going On?”

I am a  pack rat. My church staff is trying to go paperless. I just bought a new file cabinet to make room for all the various files I keep. Some are decades old. Not long ago, I found a filed article entitled, “What’s Really Going On?” I won’t mention the name of the author. […]

Making a Smooth Transition

The following is a guest post written by my friend Lance Mann  who serves as the Senior Pastor at St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Crockett, TX.  The first Sunday in December 2013 was like every other first Sunday. We arose this morning, attended Sunday School, participated in the baptism of a new member, and had a wonderful […]

R.A. Williams Jr. Interview

Dr. R.A. Williams, Jr. is the Pastor of the McCoy Memorial Baptist Church in Los Angeles, where he has served for more than 30 years. Pastor Williams is also the President of WHW Ministries, which hosts an annual conference of preaching in Los Angeles that meets in Los Angeles the first week of October ever […]

Thankful for 15 Years of Sunshine!

Today is a blessed day in my life. It is the fifteenth anniversary of my marriage to my Crystal. Crystal and I met at Los Angeles High School. She was in the tenth grade. I was a senior… and a senior-pastor (but that’s another story). We met in Coach Williams’ World History Class. It was […]