Saturday Shout-Outs: 33, Natalie, & Ministry Links

Thanks for reading my blog this week. I hope you find the following resources helpful. You can sign up for email updates of future posts under the picture to the left. A big birthday shout-out to my daughter, Natalie, who turns 11-years-old Monday (3/4). Both of my daughters were born in March. Hailey’s big day […]

Is Domestic Abuse Grounds For Divorce?

I recently preached a message on the biblical grounds for divorce. This is not a subject where all agree. But I read the scriptures to teach two circumstances in which God permits divorce: God permits divorce when sexual immorality has been committed (Matt. 5:32; 19:9). God permits divorce when a believer is deserted by an […]

Notes from Sunday – 02/24/13

Today was Ministry Emphasis Day at the Shiloh Church. There was a ministry fair after both services today. Ministry leaders answered questions. Members signed-up to serve. Way cool. I am grateful to God for all the volunteers of our congregation. You make it happen! We did not have Bible Study Fellowship groups today, to give […]

Saturday Shout-Outs: Hendricks, Tebow, & Ministry Links

Thanks for reading my blog. You can sign up for email updates under the picture to the left. Tomorrow is Ministry Emphasis Day at the Shiloh Church. A big-shout to all of our volunteers for your service and sacrifice. You make it happen! Shout-out to Elder Benard Yates and the Primitive Baptist Church Convention for […]

Notes from Sunday – 02/17/13

Happy President’s Day! It was a long but good day of worship and ministry at Shiloh yesterday. In my Bible Study Fellowship class, I continued my study of 1 Timothy with a lesson on the ministry of deacons (3:8-13). Didn’t finish. Praise God for those who were baptized yesterday. I continued our Family Matters series […]

Notes from Sunday – 02/10/13

Happy birthday to my mother, Ellen Charles! If the Lord let’s me see tomorrow, I will 40-years-old. Yikes! My children keep assuring me that they still love me even though I am now an old man. My wife made sure I had a great birthday weekend. She’s the best. And thanks to my three partners […]

A Proper Perspective on Transfer Growth

The McChurch has replaced the traditional church and its relational values. Fast-food Christians pull up to ecclesiastical drive-through windows, order the McGroups, consume the experience and then drive off, discarding relationships like burger wrappers on the highway of life. Savvy church growth pastors quickly learned that significant growth can occur if a church learns how […]