Saturday Shout-Outs: VBS, Wichita, & Ministry Links

Thanks for reading my blog. Here are my Saturday Shout-Outs for this week. A big shout-out to the Shiloh Church staff and volunteers for serving our children this week during the 2014 Vacation Bible School. You make it happen! Shout-out to Pastor Terrance Floyd and the Mt. Gilead Baptist Church of Wichita, KA. It was a […]

Scheduled Speakers for Cutting It Straight

I believe expository preaching is the most faithful way to preach and teach the word of God. Expository preaching is that preaching that explains what the text of scripture means by what it says. It makes the God-intended meaning of the text the primary message of the sermon or lesson. Bible exposition lets the word […]

#006: Developing Sermon Skeletons [PODCAST]

This is Episode #006 of The On Preaching Podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping you preach faithfully, clearly, and better. In this episode, we will talk about developing Sermons Skeletons. What is a Sermon Skeleton?  A Sermon Skeleton is a written statement of your sermon’s details, purpose, and structure. Why should you develop a Sermon […]

A Morning Prayer by John R.W. Stott

Good morning heavenly Father, good morning Lord Jesus, good morning Holy Spirit. Heavenly Father, I worship you as the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Lord Jesus, I worship you, Savior and Lord of the world. Holy Spirit I worship you, Sanctifier of the people of God. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Heavenly Father, I pray that I may live this day in your presence and please you more and more. Lord Jesus, I pray that this day I may take up my cross and follow you. Holy Spirit, I pray that this day you will fill me with yourself and cause your fruit to ripen in my life: love, joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, three Persons in one God, have mercy upon me. Amen.

Saturday Shout-Outs: EKBPC, Brunson, & Ministry Links

Good day! And thanks for reading my blog. Saturday Shout-Outs is my weekly bulletin board of things I find helpful to share. The 2014 E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference was fantastic! The theme was Preaching 360: Old Testament Edition, which focused on helping preachers properly deal with the different genres of the Old Testament. It was […]

Mac Brunson Interview

Mac Brunson is the Pastor of the historic First Baptist Church of Jacksonville. We are neighbors, as the Shiloh Church is only five blocks from FBCJAX. Since my arrival in Jacksonville, Dr. Brunson has been a friend and brother to me. His prayers, gospel partnership, and encouragement has meant more than words can express. I […]

#005: Finding Time For Study [PODCAST]

This is episode #005 of The On Preaching Podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping you preach faithfully, clearly, and better. In this episode, we will discuss the crucial matter of finding and guarding sermon preparation time. The supreme work of the Christian minister is the work of preaching. This is a day in which one […]