#017: Steven J. Lawson Interview (Part 1) [PODCAST]

This is episode #017 of The On Preaching Podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping you preach faithfully, clearly, and better. I recently had the opportunity to interview one of my preaching heroes, Dr. Steven J. Lawson –  a faithful preacher, seminary professor, and prolific author. Click here to see part 1 of the Steve Lawson […]

Steven J. Lawson Interview (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my interview with Steven J. Lawson, President of One Passion Ministries and Executive Editor of Expositor magazine. Make sure you check out part 1 of my interview with Steve Lawson.  In the first part of our conversation, we talk about Dr. Lawson’s background,conversion, education, formal training, and pastoral ministry. Much of this […]

Steven J. Lawson Interview (Part 1)

Steven J. Lawson is the President of One Passion Ministries. He is also a prolific author, seminary professor, and international conference speaker. Lawson is also the Executive Editor of the new preaching magazine, Expositor. I was introduced to Steve Lawson through one of his early books, When All Hell Breaks Loose. It is an exposition of […]

Saturday Shout-Outs: 42, Lawson, & Ministry Links

Happy Valentines Day to my wife, Crystal!  “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”  Thanks for all the very kind birthday wishes this week. I am grateful to be 42. (104 in preacher years!!!) Don’t miss the latest episode of The On Preaching Podcast: Preaching Funeral Sermons. Check out the Jeffrey A. Johnson Sr. Interview. […]

#16: Preaching Funeral Sermons [PODCAST]

This is episode #016 of The On Preaching Podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping you preach faithfully, clearly, and better. In this episode, we talk about preaching funeral sermons. Here are 10 practical tips for preaching funeral sermons: 1. Preach a sermon; do not give a eulogy. 2. Use knowledge about the deceased carefully and […]

The Objectives of the Sermon

After I study the text I plan to preach, I craft a sermon skeleton. A sermon skeleton is a statement of the sermon’s content, purpose, and structure. It includes the title, text, point, outline, transitional sentences, and other elements of the sermon. I used to state the sermon objectives in the skeleton, as well. I […]

Jeffrey A. Johnson Sr. Interview

Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson Sr. is the Senior Pastor of the Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he has served since 1988. The Eastern Star Church, one church in three locations, is a model of both church planting, multi-site ministry, and church growth. Pastor Johnson is a devoted husband and loving father of four […]

Saturday Shout-Outs: SEBTS, Word Encounter, & Ministry Links

It was a great joy and privilege to speak at the Go Conference at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary this week! Shout-out to Pastor Michael Clifford for leading the Men’s Discipleship Fellowship this weekend in my absence. Word Encounter 2015 got off to a great start this week at the Shiloh Church. Dr. Rudolph McKissick Sr. and […]