George Waddles Interview

Dr. George Waddles is the Pastor of the Zion Hill Baptist Church in Chicago, co-founder of WHW Expository Preaching Conference, President of the Bible Exposition Conference, and President of the National Baptist Convention USA Congress of Christian Education. Pastor Waddles is committed to expository preaching and seeks to train the next generation to rightly handle […]

Notes from Sunday – 11/03/13

It was good to be in worship with the wonderful congregation of the Shiloh Church today! I led the congregation in corporate singing, which is always a joy. Glad to have all of our guests in worship today. We celebrated the Lord’s Table in both of our worship services. Our team prepared a video of […]

Ray Pritchard Interview – Part 2

I was introduced to the ministry of Ray Pritchard through his books. I have never failed to profit from a Pritchard book. But I enjoy his preaching even more than I love his books. Ray is a clear and compelling Bible preacher, whose love for Christ and people is evident as he proclaims the word […]

Ray Pritchard Interview – Part 1

I started blogging because of Ray Pritchard. I bought one of his books and became an instant fan. When I looked up his church website, I found his blog. It was the first pastor’s blog I had ever read. And I read it religiously after that. I read it so much that I decided to […]

Notes from Sunday – 10/20/13

We had a good day of worship at the Shiloh Church today. It feels odd not to teach my Bible Study Fellowship group this semester. But I am so glad not to have to prepare another lesson each week. Need the rest. As always, it was good to have all of our guests in worship […]

Lance Watson Interview

Dr. Lance Watson is the Senior Pastor of The St. Paul’s Baptist Church, which meets at three locations in Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia. It is his first pastorate, where he has served for twenty-eight years. Watson is also a sought-after speaker, preaching extensively in churches and conferences around the country. The story of the Lord’s […]

What Should I Expect From My Preacher?

The following is a guest post written by my fried Charlie Dates, who serves as pastor of the Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago. There is a reason reality TV works. Unlike sitcoms, reality TV is inexpensive to produce. Very few sets and props have to be made. No script-writers need to be hired. The typical […]