The Valley of Vision

Besides my Bible and my journal, there is one book that I keep in my bag all the time. It’s a book of Puritan prayers and devotions entitled, The Valley of Vision. In fact, it is my custom to read from it daily – at least one or two prayers. Reading from this devotional reminds […]

A Celebration of Spiritual Unity

This past Sunday, I preached on Psalm 133. It is one of the great psalms of the Psalter. And it is addresses one of the important subjects of the Christian life: spiritual unity. For the record, I love the psalms. Like many Christians, the psalms sustain my devotional life through its various seasons. I find […]

Notes from Sunday – 08/31/08

Happy Labor Day! Congratulations to L. Daniel Williams, President of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Los Angeles and Pastor of the Baptist Church of the New Covenant, and his new bride, Jacqueline Williams, who were married this pastor Saturday at the West Angeles COGIC. I was privileged to announce the closing benediction. Sunday was the […]

In Praise of Spiritual Unity

During these final weeks of my pastoral ministry at Mt. Sinai, I am concerned to be as helpful as I can be. So I am not throwing any hooks. I am trying to roll the ball right now the middle of the lane for the head pin (Please forgive the bowling analogy. I have no […]

Worship Ought To Kill Us

When I bought, Marva J. Dawn’s book on worship, Reaching Out without Dumbing down, I jumped to chapter 9 to read it first, because of its provocative title: “Worship Ought to Kill Us: The Word.” When I finished that chapter, it took me some time to get back to the book. I needed to pull […]

Pray for the Church Council of MSMBC

Over the years of my ministry to MSMBC, I have taught that Christ is the head of the church. And he exercises his authority the a plurality of godly leaders. That is the clear teaching of the New Testament concerning spiritual leadership. No church is to be a “one-man show.” While one man should definite […]

Mutual Prayer for Difficult Times

I knew all week that I wanted to preach on prayer yesterday. And I spent the beginning part of the week working on a message from Acts 12. But by midweek, I was drawn to this passage in 2 Thessalonians. I have never preached from 2 Thessalonians before. So I had a little extra work […]

The Official Release of my Blackmail Video

After church this morning, my little sister, Donetta, informed me that portions of the Kidsongs Videos we did as children are on YouTube. One of my father’s pastoral assistants helped to open this door for us when we were kids. We were able to participate in “A Day at Old McDonald’s Farm.” My “feature” song […]