Speaking @ The Liberty Church

I am in Clarksville, Tennessee. Tonight will be the second of three nights I am preaching for my friend, Pastor Lawrence Vaughn and The Liberty Church. The church is about five or so years old. And I have been preaching for them for most of those years, with last year being the only exception. I […]

Two Good Preaching Ideas from Ray Pritchard

I read two posts on preaching this afternoon from Ray Pritchard’s “Keep Believing Ministries” blog. I have not had the opportunity to hear Pritchard preach in person… yet. But I have seen videos and heard audio of Pritchard online. And, of course, I have read many of his sermons. And he has become one of […]

Crossing Over

Sunday, I continued our studies in the book of Joshua. I am enjoying my personal study of Joshua. But it has been an absolute nightmare to organize my work for preaching. I am more comfortable in New Testament passages. I am not really skilled or comfortable dealing with historical narrative passages. But, of course, all […]

HBC2’s August Speaking Engagements

Here is a list of the speaking engagements outside of MSMBC that I have scheduled for the month of August. Please keep me in your prayers. And pray that these the Lord will open a door for his word to run swiftly through in these meetings. And if any of these dates are near you, […]

Facing Your Giants

Young David was just minding his business. Doing his duty. Obeying his father’s orders to take food to his brothers who were soldiers and to find out how the battle with the Philistines was going. But David got more than information. He got involved. With great jealousy for God’s reputation, David faced Goliath when none […]

Speaking @ Mt. Gilead

I am in Wichita, Kansas. Last night, I preached the first of three nights for Pastor Terrance C. Floyd and the Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church. This is a rather unique meeting for me, in that this is the fifth year in a row I have preached for this congregation, which is only five years […]

A Theology for your Checkbook

I watched portions of the YouTube/CNN Democratic Presidential Debate last night. I kind of watched and channel-surfed at the same time. One of the times I turned back to the debate, Senator Joe Biden was speaking. I don’t know what question he was answering, but his line was great. Quoting his father, Biden said, “Don’t […]

Preaching Five Nights @ Cochran Ave.

Tonight I am beginning five nights of preach here in Los Angeles. This is a joint-session for the New Vision and New District Associations of the Western Baptist State Convention (President J. Benjamin Hardwick). Pastor Marvis Davis is giving leadership to the meeting. The services will be help nightly at the 7 pm at the […]

All In!

Yesterday, I continued our studies in the book of Joshua. I finished chapter one, challenging the congregation about the matter of spiritual partnership. Here is the sermon skeleton from yesterday’s message: Title: “All In!” Text: Joshua 1:10-18 Theme: Joshua takes command and gives begins to lead the children of Israel to claim and conquer the […]