The Expository Genius of John Calvin

I am a big fan of the writing and preaching of Dr. Steven J. Lawson – the senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. I was introduced to Lawson’s work more than ten years ago, when I read a book of expositions he published on the book of Job. Since then, I […]

If it were not for the Lord…

I try to avoid calling any passage “familiar,” calling them “famous” instead. I do this because I don’t think we are ever really familiar with any passage. We know the words of certain passages, but the meaning of those passages continues to deepen the more we spend time with them. I was reminded of this […]

Hanging from a Homiletical Rollercoaster

Last weekend, I read about a rollercoaster that was stuck on an upside-down turn, leaving its passengers stranded for some thirty minutes. I think I know how they feel. I am going through the same thing concerning my preaching. The struggle continues. Last week, I worked on a passage from Ephesians to preach. But I […]

Seeing the sights in Washington D.C.

This afternoon, Pastor Burton and my friend Chad Foster gave me a tour of some of the historic sites around Washington D.C. I am a huge history buff. And I was so excited to be able to see some of our nation’s important sites and monuments. I only wish I would have had more time […]

D.C. Comics

So I got to LAX Wednesday morning and begin to check-in. But the computer wouldn’t recognize any of my information. That should have been a sign to me of how my day was going to go. I had missed my flight – by more than two hours. (For the record, this was absolutely not my […]

Thanks, MSMBC, for hanging out with me these past two Sundays

The past two Sunday afternoons, our congregation has participated in worship services at with other congregations. On May 27, we worshiped with the Paradise Baptist Church to celebrate the 22nd pastoral anniversary celebration for Pastor A.D. Iverson. Pastor Iverson has been a great source of kindness and encouragement to me over the years. And we […]

Remember What You Were

This past Sunday morning, I preached from Ephesians 2:11-13 – “Remember What You Were.” For all the difficulties I have preparing last week (over the last weeks, for that matter), I was quite relaxed, focused, and eager about preaching Sunday morning. The passage is doctrinal in nature. But there is a practical concern that is […]

Speaking @ the LACBC Men’s Retreat

This past weekend, I participated in the Los Angeles Community Bible Church’s men’s retreat, led by Pastor Bobby Scott. Pastor Anthony Kidd and the Westside Bible Church also partnered in this meeting. It was held at the Alpine Camp & Conference Center in Blue Jay (CA), near Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead. The theme of the retreat […]

A Strange trip from Canaan to Ephesus

Every year, I go through my “annual homiletical crisis” – in which I really, really struggle in my preaching. For some reason, this year “crisis” (termed this purely on the basis of how I feel going through it) is taking place much earlier – it usually takes place well into the second half of the […]

Winning Spiritual Battles

This past Sunday, I preached on Exodus 17:8-16. I had been studying this passage and meditating on it for several weeks. Several things attracted me to this passage. First, the theme of spiritual warfare attracted me. This battle that the Israelites fought against the Amalekites illustrates the spiritual battles we as Christ-followers face against the […]