A Minister’s Prayer

O My Lord, Let not my ministry be approved only by men, Or merely win the esteem and affections of people; But do the work of grace in their hearts,     call in thy elect,     seal and edify the regenerate ones,     and command eternal blessings on their souls. Save me from self-opinion and […]

Heading into our First Weekend in Jacksonville

Thank you for praying for Crystal and the kids, as they made their way to Jacksonville yesterday. Their flight arrived about an hour late, but it was otherwise uneventful. Praise the Lord! Thanks, again, Pastor Letson for helping me round up my clan and get them home. It was a little past midnight when we […]

My First Night in our New Home

Lido and I made it safely to Jacksonville yesterday afternoon. Pastor Letson took us to the house. And I prepared myself for worship. An hour or so later, I drove myself to church for the first time. If Jacksonville’s rush hour was any reflection of what I experienced last night, driving here will be a […]

H.B. & Lido’s Excellent Adventure

Our dog Lido and I are on our way to Jacksonville. I will be traveling most of the day and should arrive in Jacksonville this afternoon, God willing. This is Lido’s first trip anywhere, besides the vet. For Trey’s sake, for God’s sake, pray that Lido makes it safely to Jacksonville. Tonight, I plan to […]

My Final Weekend @ Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church

This is a pretty big weekend for me. It is to be my last Sunday services with my beloved congregation at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. Several events will mark this celebration. A luncheon is scheduled for this afternoon, which will give us an opportunity to fellowship with one another outside of the formal setting […]

On Personal Devotions

What are personal devotions? Personal devotions are intentional appointments in which you spend private time with God. Scripture warns us not to neglect the corporate meetings of God’s people (Heb. 10:24-25). But your faith will be shallow and your growth will be stunted if you only pay attention to God during public, corporate gatherings. In […]

Why Psalm 119?

I am on my way to Jacksonville to preach the midweek worship service at Shiloh Church . God willing, I will begin a series of messages tonight on the Mt. Everest of the Psalms – Psalm 119. My plan is to preach through the 176 verses of this psalm stanza by stanza (or 8 verses […]

A Picture of Me and the Guys

I have often mentioned the Church Council of MSMBC on this blog. Here is a picture of me and the guys that I received this evening. It was taken on the occasion of my 15th pastoral anniversary at Mt. Sinai. These men have served with me throughout the years. And it has been one of […]

On Preaching and Clock-Watching

There was a time when churches placed clocks and bells in the steeples of their buildings, and they would “ring the alarm” for the community when it was time for corporate worship or prayer. Now churches place clocks on the back wall to make sure the pastor does not preach too long. After all, there […]