Turning On The Lights

I continued our study of the Sermon on the Mount this past Sunday with a message on Matthew 5:14-16, where Jesus declares, “You are the light of the world.” This description of Christ-followers, along with Matthew 5:3 where Jesus declares, “You are the salt of the earth,” teach us what it means to maximize our […]

Notes from Sunday – 07/27/08

Wow! What a great day. God richly blessed and marvelously helped me all day long. Weirdly, from about 4 to 7:30 AM, I was trying to get out of preaching our morning services. I must have called Crystal seven times after I got to the office to see if she would cosign my taking the […]

Being Light in a Dark Place

I am on my way home from Wichita. It has been a good week of preaching, even though I have ministered under a personal burden I am carrying. God is faithful. And I believe he used me to be a blessing to Pastor Floyd and the Mt. Gilead Church family. However, at the same time, […]

Speaking @ Mt. Gilead M.B.C.

I am in Wichita, Kansas. I am preaching a three-night revival at the Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church, where Rev. Tarrance C. Floyd serves as pastor. Pastor Floyd organized this church about five years ago. And this is my fifth year preaching for him. Pastor Floyd and I have become warm friends. And I am […]

Out of the Saltshaker

“For too long we have been tickling palates with fancy flavors, spicy relishes, and clever recipes borrowed from the world. Too many pulpits serve gourmet theology with menus from Hollywood and are trying to please the jaded appetites of the fed-up humanity. But what we really need is some old-fashioned salt. And if we do […]

Notes from Sunday – 07/20/08

It was good to be back in my pulpit yesterday. I missed being with MSMBC last Sunday. And I was very eager to preach. A simple act of kindness – the gift of three cough drops before church – helped calm my anxieties about the day. It was a simple act through which God communicated […]

Would You Pass The Salt, Please?

God willing, I will resume my study of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) this coming Lord’s Day. On the first Sunday of July, I finished our mini-series on the beatitudes of Jesus. The next portion of Jesus’ famous sermon is recorded in Matthew 5:13-16. In these verses, Jesus explains how we can maximize […]

A Critical Point about Divine Guidance

This morning, I had a conversation with a trusted mentor and cherished friend. I called him to seek his advice. Little did I know, he was planning to call me on an unrelated matter. As always, this friend’s advice proved to be insightful, challenging, and encouraging. He listened. He spoke carefully about the subject, but […]

The Difference Prayer Makes

One of the discussion questions in our small group meeting tonight was, “What difference does prayer make in your life?” One sister answered, simply, “It’s the difference between a good day and a bad day.” She explained that prayer makes all the difference in her day, even though it may not change the details of […]