Giving to God (Part II)

Yesterday, I continued our financial stewardship sermon series, “Giving to God.” The message was “What should I give to God?” I offered three answers to that question. I. Give God the tithe. A. Tithing is an expression of devotion (Gen. 14:20; 28:18-22). B. Tithing is an act of worship (Lev. 27:30; Mal. 3:6-10). C. Tithing […]

My Last Day at the Alamo

In spite of the fact that the San Antonio Spurs live and play here, I have really enjoyed being in San Antonio this week. This citywide revival has been refreshing, edifying, and encouraging. I have made some new friends this week. I have heard some strong preaching for Pastor Dennis Jones. And I have felt […]

Update from the Alamo

I am in San Antonio to preach the Baptist Ministers Union’s annual citywide revival. And I am really enjoying this meeting. Citywide revivals are not what they used to be – for many reasons. But this meeting has been special. The day and night services have been well attended, with extra seats being place in […]

Preaching the San Antonio Citwide Revival

Last night, I preach the first of five messages I am scheduled to deliver in the San Antonio Citywide Revival. The meeting began on Sunday night. And Henry Batson III of the Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas (Pastor Freddie Haynes) was the speaker. And in the opening midday service yesterday, my preaching partner for […]

Giving to God

Yesterday, I began a four-part series on financial stewardship that I am simply calling, “Giving to God.” I usually do a stewardship series each year. Over the past years, it’s been in the month of May. This year I decided to do it in March. There was no deep rationale behind it, though. There are […]

Go, Natalie! It’s Your Birthday!

Today is my daughter’s birthday. Natalie Marie Charles turned 5-years-old today. Or is that 25? I’m not sure sometimes. My little girl is growing up so fast. She is such a little lady. And I am very proud of her. Crystal gave Natalie a tea party Saturday. When I arrived for the party, Natalie greeted […]

R.A. Williams Speaking @ MSMBC

Tonight, we will conclude our Wednesdays in the Word Revival series. We have truly been blessed throughout this month of February to be challenged, confronted, convicted, converted, and comforted by the powerful preaching of the word of God. The Lord has blessed each meeting in a unique way. And the Spirit of God has empowered […]

God’s Help for a Long Weekend

I had an unusually busy weekend of preaching and teaching. But God was good and faithful to provide strength as it was needed, as always. I do not think I stood to preach any time this weekend where I didn’t feel God’s presence and help with me. Praise God! Thanks for praying for me and […]

An Unusually Busy Weekend

This will be an unusually busy weekend for me. I will have to teach or preach seven times over the course of the weekend. Please remember me in your prayers Today at 11 AM I am to give the eulogy in the funeral service for Roosevelt Wideman, a longtime and devoted member of MSMBC Tonight […]