Into Ephesians 2

Yesterday, I continued our exposition of Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus. I finally made it into the second chapter of the letter. The passage I am studying consist of verses 1-10. However, I only did the first three verses. I will take me at least two, possible three, more sermons before I finish […]

Congratulations to One of the Good Guys!!!

This past Sunday, I preached the pastoral anniversary celebration for my longtime friend Reginald Payne. He has served the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Los Angeles for thirteen years now. (For the record, the name of the church does not reflect its theology. Reginald is as sound as they come. He has simply chosen to […]

Revival @ Progressive in Seattle

I am in Seattle. Last night, I preached the first of three nights for Pastor Curtis Taylor and the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church. The congregation is celebrating sixty-five years of ministry. And this three-night meeting is a part of the celebration, which will continue Friday night and conclude Sunday morning. I experienced a first yesterday. […]

I Finally Made It Back to Ephesians

Yesterday, I resumed our exposition of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians during our Sunday morning workship services. I preached the first part of the passage, verses 15-19, more than a month ago. I did verses 19-23 this time, finishing this opening chapter of the letter. Here is the sermon skeleton: Title: “God’s Power on Display […]

Reading an Answer to Prayer

During my flight home from Detroit today, I read God, Grits, and More by Dr. R.A. Williams, Jr., who pastors the McCoy Memorial Baptist Church in Los Angeles. He is also the president of the WHW Conference on Bible exposition. I was a boy preacher when I first heard him. I had gone to hear […]

Revival @ Oakland Avenue in Detroit

Last night, I began three nights of preaching at the Oakland Avenue Baptist Church in Detroit. Pastor Larry Walker is my host this week. He is kind and generous. And it always a joy to be with around him. This is the third straight year I have had the privilege of ministering to this congregation […]

Getting Even God’s Way

Yesterday, I preached one more message on our “Getting Connected” theme before I return to exposition. It was basically a sermon on forgiveness from the story of Joseph and his brothers. Here is the sermon skeleton: Title: “Getting Even God’s Way” Text: Genesis 50:15-21 Theme: Confidence in God that enables forgiveness of others Point: Your […]

Happy Birthday H.B. Charles III

Today in my son’s seventh birthday. Seven years ago, when he was born, I was on an overnight trip to Atlanta. He was born six weeks premature. I guess he was in a hurry to get here and to get on with things. And I don’t think his attitude has changed. This weekend, he informed […]

From Macon/Warner Robbins to LA

I am at the airport in Atlanta, awaiting my flight home. I have been in Georgia the last two days, with Pastor Maurice Watson. His congregation, Beulahland Bible Church (one church, two locations – Macon & Warner Robbins), is in revival this week. And Pastor graciously asked me to bring the message for the Wednesday […]

Revival at Beulahland

I am in Atlanta. I am here to preach Wednesday night for Pastor Maurice Watson at the Beulahland Bible Church in Macon. This is an unscheduled trip for me. The scheduled speaker for Wednesday night was not able to come. So Pastor Watson asked me to fill in. All he had to do was ask. […]