Guard the Bank!!!

This afternoon, my friend Keelan Atkinson and I were talking about about spiritual leadership, church life, and pastoral ministry.  To both warn and encourage me to keep my priorities straight in the days to come, Keelan shared with me a story that the late Pastor D.J. Ward told him some years ago. After he told […]

God Knows What He Is Doing!

I preached this morning from Paul’s doxology that bridges the doctrine (chaps. 1-11) and duty (chaps. 12-16) sections of Paul’s letter to the Romans. I wanted to preach a “big God” text. And they don’t come too much better than this one. In this doxology, Paul reminds us that God is worthy to praised even […]

Trust God!

As I prepare for this coming Sunday, it dawned on me that I had failed to post the sermon skeleton from last Sunday. Last Sunday was one of the most difficult Sundays of preaching I have ever had. But I felt that I had an important word to proclaim. And the Lord helped me to […]

What Can That Boy Tell Me?

On November 5, 1990, I was selected to served as the third pastor of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. My father, who had died a year and a half earlier, had served the church for more than 40 years. And after more than a year-long search, the congregation voted to extend a […]

A Word of Wisdom from Proverbs

I am way behind my in my sermon preparation for Sunday this week. I am really looking forward to preaching in the morning. But I have not really had the time or energy or focus to spend the time in the seat that I needed to this week. So I am in the seat today […]

the Foremost Responsibility

Biblical preaching must always occupy the leading place of influence in the life of any church. At the core of any healthy congregation is a vibrant exposition of God’s Word. Unfortunately, though, many pastors are turning away from the central role of expository preaching and doctrinal teaching. But in so doing, they fail to realize […]

The Fellowship of the Unashamed

I read this poem, of sorts, some years ago. It is written anonymously. And it has been given many different attributions – a foreign missionary, an African pastor, etc. But while the author is unknown; the message is clear: Being a faithful and fruitful minister of Jesus Christ requires our total commitment, absolute devotion, and […]

5.4 Tremor Rattles Los Angeles

I was having lunch with a pastoral colleague when the ground began to move. We were near the marina, and could see the nearby boats swaying. All around us, glass was shaking. And the building seemed to be rolling. There was no doubt about it. It was an earthquake. We sat quietly for the next […]