The Pastor’s Public Ministry

I have just finished one of the most helpful and challenging little books on pastoral ministry that I have ever read (For the record, it always seems that whatever I just finished reading is the most important book I’ve ever read.): The Pastor’s Public Ministry by Terry L. Johnson (published by Reformed Academic Press). Terry […]

My First Message at our New Location

Last night, our congregation met at our new location for the first time. Three congregations are going through a transition at the same time in this process – Mt. Sinai, the congregation purchasing our facility, and the congregation whose facilities we are purchasing. And to do our part to accommodate everyone, we have switched our […]

Introducing "My Terryfic World"

Last October, I had the privilege of ministering several days at the Antioch Baptist Church in Omaha, where Dr. Reginald Terry is the pastor. During my stay, Pastor Terry told me about and let me read an article on preaching that he had recently written. As he discussed the options he had considered for publishing […]

The African American Pulpit’s "New Revivalists"

The African American Pulpit is one of (if not the) leading magazines or journals that spotlights African American pulpit work. Published quarterly, it includes edited sermon manuscripts, essays, interviews, sermon helps, and other articles that provide both a platform and resource for African American preachers. The Winter 2007-08 edition has just been released, featuring preachers […]

Total Life Stewardship

This coming Sunday I will begin a new sermon series that I am calling “Total-Life Stewardship: Being Faithful with a Borrowed Life.” The bottom-line of Christian stewardship is simply that God owns everything. We are just stewards (or managers) of the things we possess. And this stewardship involves more than just our time, talents, and […]

MSMBC Vision Night 2008

Tonight we will have our annual “Vision Night” service at MSMBC. This is what we call our first midweek service each year. We worship God together in songs of praise. We spend an extended and focused time in prayer for our health, mission, and development of our church. And I usually give a “State of […]

The 1st Sunday on 2008

Yesterday was a long, busy, and exciting day. I laid down Saturday night to sleep for a couple of hours, planning to get up and tighten up my message. I had been working all week on an exposition of Psalm 23. However, when I woke up early Sunday morning, the message that I intended to […]

2008 Prayer Bowl @ Mt. Moriah

We have never had a “Watchnight Service” at MSMBC during my pastorate. However, we do participate in a special service at Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church on the first day of the year that is called “The Prayer Bowl.” Every year, Pastor Melvin Wade invites various preachers from across the Los Angeles area to participate […]

Happy New Year and God Bless You

Happy New Year! May God’s rich blessings of spiritual growth and fruitfulness be yours in 2008. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your on understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6 (ESV)