Let Me Take One Cent Back

Yesterday, I ranted about the fact that pulpit plagiarism is unethical. Today, I want to take it back, sort of. Indeed, a man should do his own homework and come to the pulpit with the fruit of his own labor. However, as I said yesterday, no one is original. And, ultimately, no preacher should try […]

My Two Cents about Pulpit Plagiarism

I had an interesting experience last week that I keep thinking about. The first night of the meeting I was preaching, I stood to and called my text. And there was a weird response by the congregation. Something strange was happening, but I didn’t know what. Lots of thoughts flooded my mind. But I really […]

Speaking @ Polly Chapel

I am in Texarkana (part Texas; art Arkansas. Get it?). Tonight, will be my last of three nights preaching for Pastor Reginald Reid and the Polly Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. The first two nights of the meeting have been great. Pastor Reid, a new friend, has been a warm and gracious host. And the worship […]

Speaking @ the Vallejo Citywide Revival

I’m an idiot. I missed my flight to Oakland this morning. I tried to check my bag in and looked at my ticket information, only to discover that I was right on time for my return flight on Saturday, not my departing flight today. So I am had to catch a standby flight. Good thing […]

Not Ready for Prime Time TV Ministry

We have just began a television broadcast on local Time Warner Cable stations. The broadcast airs on Sunday afternoon at 4:30 in Los Angeles and Inglewood. We taped my Sunday messages for several weeks, with the plan to use the material for the broadcast. But it did not come out the way we wanted it […]

Women’s Day @ Gethsemane

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of preaching at the Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church in Houston (TX), which is led by Pastor Dennis C. Jones. When Pastor Jones invited me to preach this meeting some months ago, we had not yet met. We only knew of each other through mutual friends. But in the […]

Speaking @ The Liberty Church

I am in Clarksville, Tennessee. Tonight will be the second of three nights I am preaching for my friend, Pastor Lawrence Vaughn and The Liberty Church. The church is about five or so years old. And I have been preaching for them for most of those years, with last year being the only exception. I […]

Two Good Preaching Ideas from Ray Pritchard

I read two posts on preaching this afternoon from Ray Pritchard’s “Keep Believing Ministries” blog. I have not had the opportunity to hear Pritchard preach in person… yet. But I have seen videos and heard audio of Pritchard online. And, of course, I have read many of his sermons. And he has become one of […]

Crossing Over

Sunday, I continued our studies in the book of Joshua. I am enjoying my personal study of Joshua. But it has been an absolute nightmare to organize my work for preaching. I am more comfortable in New Testament passages. I am not really skilled or comfortable dealing with historical narrative passages. But, of course, all […]

HBC2’s August Speaking Engagements

Here is a list of the speaking engagements outside of MSMBC that I have scheduled for the month of August. Please keep me in your prayers. And pray that these the Lord will open a door for his word to run swiftly through in these meetings. And if any of these dates are near you, […]