Go Natalie, It’s Your Birthday!!!

Today is my daughter’s – Natalie Marie Charles -sixth birthday. Soon, Crystal will give birth to our second daughter. And my household will then official be overrun by women. But I suspect that Natalie will have no “middle child” issues to deal with. She will always be my first daughter… and first diva! Our new […]

Notes from Sunday

– I died. I thought Daylight Savings Time was to spring us forward this past weekend. I was a week early. Oops. – The L.A. Marathon has altered its route. And my family and I were able to get to church with absolutely no complications. And it did not hurt our worship attendance, either. Cool. […]

The Stewardship of your Witness

I am scheduled to complete my series on “Total-Life Stewardship” this Sunday. It will be the seventh message of the series. My focus will be on the stewardship of our Christian witness. In 1 Corinthians 4:1-2, Paul says, “This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of […]

Happy Leap Day!

I was born in the coolest month of the year. February is the shortest month of the year, consisting of only twenty-eight days. But once every four years, February gets an extra day. It’s called leap year. I am not sure about the reason for this. But I think it’s cool, nonetheless. Enjoy it. Happy […]

Speaking @ Greater Burnette Baptist Church

I am in Detroit, Michigan. How am I doing? When I landed yesterday afternoon, it was 18 degrees. It was supposed to have dropped to 8 degrees last night – I was sequestered in my hotel room long before that had an opportunity to happen. And there is supposed to be a slight heat wave […]

Sunday Stuff

– It was pouring down raining Sunday morning. I drove to church expecting very few of our congregation to be present. I was pleasantly surprised. – For the third Sunday in a row, my wife was not able to go to church. I am glad she is getting her rest and that our baby is […]

The Stewardship Of Your Gifts

God willing, I will continue my series on “Total-Life Stewardship” this Sunday. I am nearing the end. And it is pretty interesting how this series has been growing on me as the weeks have gone by. Sunday’s message will be the next to last in the series. I plan to speak on the stewardship of […]

On-Target Evangelism Conference

I attended the On-Target Evangelism Conference this week in Anaheim. The California Southern Baptist Convention sponsored this event. This was the second time I have attended. I attended several years ago, and I was both challenged and encouraged by the messages that I heard. Unfortunately, I missed last year. But I was able to attend […]

Sunday Stuff

I continued our series on “Total-Life Stewardship.” My message was on the stewardship of speech. I tried to tackle it in terms of three relationships – God, self, others. My major points were: (1) God is listening to what you say; (2) your words tell on you; (3) your tongue has powerful effects on others. […]