Happy Birthday Mom!

My mother, Ellen Louise Charles, turns 65 years old today. And I am glad to be able to celebrate it with her. As many of you know, the Lord called my father, H.B. Charles Sr., to glory while I was in my middle teens. But the Lord has graciously given me these years with my […]

My Spring 2007 Small-Group

This Sunday, between our two morning worship services, I will begin my spring 2007 small-group. Well, I don’t know it if is really a “small-group,” as thirty-two people have signed up for it so far. Each semester, I tell myself that I am not going to lead any Sunday school class (we call them “small-groups” […]

Wednesdays in the Word Kick-Off

Last night, we began our Wednesday in the Word Revival series at MSMBC. Dr. William Curtis of the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church in Pittburg was our guest speaker. And he kicked off this series in a great way. The Lord really did use Pastor Curtis to deliver a timely, challenging, and uplifting message from the […]

William Curtis @ MSMBC

Tonight begins our Wednesdays in the Word Revival at Mt. Sinai Church. Rather than meeting consecutive nights which we typically do, we are meeting consecutive Wednesdays in February for the first time. The idea is not original with us. But I am praying that the Lord will honor this meeting with his blessings in a […]

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Title: “The Freedom of Forgiveness” (“Resolved to Forgive Others”) Series: “Resolved! Taking Advantage of a New Beginning” Text: Matthew 18:21-35 Theme: Being forgiven and being forgiving Point: You are not really free until you forgive the ones who have wronged you. Probing Question: Why forgive? Transitional Sentence: In the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant, Jesus […]

When Your Life is on the Line

Here is the sermon skeleton for my Midweek Worship message last night: Title: “When Your Life is on the Line” Text: Psalm 119:153-160 (Resh) Theme: A prayer for revival Point: God is able to revive you when your life is on the line. Probing Question: What do I have to do to move God to […]

Finishing Psalm 119

My plan is to resume the exposition of Psalm 119 in our Midweek Worship Service tonight. I have three more stanzas to go. Tonight, I will preach verses 153-160, God willing. And the plan is to finish the last two stanzas over the next two weeks. Pray for this final leg of our journey up […]

My MLK Day Mix-Up

It had been a long weekend. So I decided to sleep in Monday morning. My plan was to take my time waking up and going through my morning routines, have breakfast with my family, and get to office about midday to prepare myself to preach. I was scheduled to speak at the MLK celebration for […]

A "Postcard" Reminder of God’s Faithfulness

I found a cassette tape yesterday of a sermon I preached on Wednesday, June 14, 1989. The sermon is entitled, “The Day Man Prayed for Jesus to Leave,” based on Mark 5:15-17. The recording is from Chapel Hill Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. The late Dr. Roy Allen was the pastor. I was preaching their […]

MSMBC Vision Night 2007

Our first Midweek Service of the year at Mt. Sinai is designated as “Vision Night.” No, I do not reveal to the church the “fresh word” I have received from the Lord for the year (Think, “It’s your year; slap your neighbor, turn around three times, praise him to you get your… pull it down…” […]