A. Louis Patterson Jr. Interview

photoOver the past several years, I have been informally making a list of prominent African-American pastors who mark their introduction to expository preachers to being exposed to the preaching ministry of Dr. A. Louis Patterson Jr. It is now a long list. Dr. Patterson is truly the “Godfather” of expository preaching among African-Americans.

Beyond speaking and conferences conventions and church revivals, Dr. Patterson leads one of the great congregations of our country. Dr. Patterson has led the Mt. Corinth Missionary Baptist Church in Houston for forty-four years.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Patterson about his life and ministry. Enjoy!

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  • J.T.Bynes

    Pastor Charles, thank you for sharing the material concerning my former Pastor A.L.Patterson.Jr. As my pastor of more than 25 year, the spiritual experience was one of joy, having move from Jacksonville,Florida I know that it was for my growth through the teaching and relationship with my Pastor and not like many pastors his love for us was shown to the very end. Again thank you for honoring the man because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that he taught and lived, Jacqueline T. Bynes

  • Jock Lewis

    What powerful, profound, prolific shoulder’s to stand on. Rich is the path, rewarding is the life in kingdom building.

  • New York

    I had never so much heard of a A. Louis Patterson Jr ,until his death. That was through a blog of your interview. Needless to say, just the impact of your interview has endeared me to be a seeker of his sermons. His passion for ministry, love for God and the people , preaching of God’s word echoed in this interview. I am sad that I wasn’t exposed to him sooner, but as was with Jesus death, the people found out who he was.

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Indeed, Dr. Patterson has touched many lives for Jesus Christ!

  • Domonique Reynaud

    Simply inspiring.. Thank you for this interview.. God Bless

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Thanks Domonique!

  • Joy Love

    Pastor Charles… As I sit and still try to process that my Pastor will no longer be here in the flesh I cherish having him as my spiritual leader and knowing him my entire life. This interview has given me a lift and confirmed that I am truly blessed to have been amongst the best! Be blessed.

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Thanks Joy! Praying for Mt. Corinth.

  • Beverly Harding

    Thank you so much for this interview. This was clearly Providential! On this sad day watching the interview warmed my heart and brought back so many good memories of my time at Mt. Corinth Missionary Baptist Church. I also want to get your book on prayer since it comes highly recommended.

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Very kind, Beverly. Thanks.

  • chancellor jenkins

    Pastor Charles:

    Thank you for taking the time to interview Dr. Patterson. I am always amazed and inspired at this particular generation of preachers. When I sit down and speak with elders it never takes them long to not only answer your question, but rather leave you amazed at how the question was answered and the 2 or 3 answers you receive out of the one. I am honored to still have my own Pastor as he celebrates his 89th birthday this year. The more time I spend with him, the greater in debit I am to him! Thank you for this interview for it reassures young ministers as myself we can make the journey with the Lords aid and wisdom such as this!

    In the spirit of Christ,

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Yep. We have a lot to learn from the wisdom of our elders!

  • Archville

    Pastor Charles thank you for this great interview as you know I have been waiting for this one. Pastor Patterson is my mentor I first heard him preach in my home town of Houston Texas, in 1974 at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church at the Prayer Bowl. His subject was “What The Prayer Bowl Is All About” ; everyone that was there was amazed because he preach the word open it up and put it where the goat’s could get it. He just talk he did not hoop and man when he finish the church house was on fire. I had just accepted my calling and I made up in my mind that i was going to preach the word. So I began to study and read everything i could and went to school, when every I could I sat at Pastor Patterson”s feet and caught wisdom and knowledge. I went into the military and for 23 years with God’s Help I preached the Word. I thank God that I got a chance to hear Pastor Patterson because it change my whole life. Thank you again and I am waiting for part 2 & 3 and so on.

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Thanks Archville. Wonderful testimony. Very encouraging. How I wish there were multiple parts to this interview. But I am grateful to have had this opportunity.

  • Adam D. Stevenson

    Wow! Will never forget those words” Don’t compete, don’t compare, don’t covet! Thank you for making this available to all, but especially us young preachers.

    – Adam D. Stevenson
    Lewis Metropolitan CME Church Los Angeles

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Adam, this is classic Patterson quote. Very portable. (translation: stealable!)

  • Micah Love

    I just watched this interview and it is great to watch a Man of the Word and Man in the Word speak the truth about his journey with the Word. In knowing A. Louis Patterson Jr. as my Spiritual leader this is an interview were I feel like I knew most of the answers, but held on to every word he spoke. Felt like he and I were having this conversation. I must say that His teaching and preaching has grown me to the Christian/Man that I am today. Great interview Bro. H B Charles Jr

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Praise God!

  • Daniel white

    Thanks for the interview! Pastor Patterson is my cousin and childhood Pastor. Currently, I’m in ministry. The conversation was uplifting and refreshing. Looking forward to purchasing your book. Keep it UP.

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Wow! Praying for your family. Thanks.

  • Deryk Hayes

    I’ve been extremely helped and encouraged by every interview. Pastor Charles you really don’t know how much you are helping, specifically us young(er) generation of preachers. You’re showing us in this website alone that faithfulness to Scripture must be the standard. By the grace of God you are a model for this generation and next generation expositors. Not to mention you recently brought back the mass choir with the pastor as the lead soloist (sang ya song Pastor Charles in my best church mother voice). In all seriousness Pastor HB Charles I’m encouraged by the ministry that God has extended to you and your faithfulness to the assignment. My prayer is to work just as hard, be clear and may God get every bit of the glory!

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Brother, this is very encouraging. I feel a burden to hold up the standard for the truth in this generation. Pray for me. I am not so sure about the future of Gospel H.B. LOL!

  • Benita

    Great interview. It sounded as though I was ease dropping on a private conversation. That’s how relaxed you seemed in the interview. My grandfather was a follower, for lack of a better word, of the late great Dr. E.V. Hill. He was very influential in a lot of peoples lives. My grandfather mentioned to me one day how you would say something in the pulpit and it would remind him of Dr. Hill. Thanks for the wonderful interviews.

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Thanks Benita. E.V. Hill was also a great man of God!

  • James Fitzgerald

    Wow! Great interview H. B. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Patterson testimony,it was insightful and delightful.

    • admin

      Thanks James.

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.


  • Maurice L. Maxwell

    Awesome interview! My well is full!

    • admin

      Praise God for Dr. A. Louis Patterson!

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

      Thanks Maurice!

  • http://www.tvministriesok.com Pastorcal

    I’ve listen to several of your interviews, they have all been a blessing but this one has got to be my favorite. Dr. Hill may have been the first to recognize it, but we all see it now! Thanks to you Pastor Charles for providing this interview and most of all thanks to Dr. Patterson for his testimony!!

    • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.


  • James Fitzgerald

    I recently tried to pull up the Dr. Patterson interview and I wasn’t able to view it as well.

  • Reverend Larry Foster, Sr.

    WOW! I truly enjoyed this interview. I definitely appreciate the type questions you used to lead Dr. Patterson to give insight into areas that can be a great help for Preachers like myself. Planning and prioritizing and balancing of our time in study while ministering to the sick and tending to counseling needs as they arise among the flock.
    I chuckled at the three (3) things to be a great Preacher/Pastor: PATIENCE WITH PEOPLE, PATIENCE WITH PEOPLE, PATIENCE WITH PEOPLE. However, it is easier said than done. But I know that you would say ‘IT HAPPENS AFTER PRAYER.’ I will have a copy. Congratulations.
    I have had the experience only 5 or 6 times to listen to Dr. Patterson Preach and Teach in person through the E. K. Bailey Expository Preaching Conference. He was just as eloquent in this interview.
    Thank you and as you always say ‘The Lord be with you today.’ Peace, love, and blessings.

  • Deryk Hayes

    For whatever reason I’m not able to pull up this interview. Is anybody else having any issues?

  • Jason Lewis

    Pastor Charles, I follow your blogs regularly and appreciate the interviews you’ve done with many of my vicarious preaching influences. This one in particular with Pastor A.L. Patterson has been greatly encouraging. I do wish your normal ending question would have been asked, “If you were able to step into a time machine…” But nonetheless, I am grateful to you for exposing such greatness to a generation of young preachers who may not have the opportunity to glean from these great men otherwise.

    Jason Lewis,
    The Redeemer Church, L.A.

  • Lamont Jackson

    You didn’t seem nervous at all. Great interview. Are you still having the conference in September?

  • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

    I have never been so nervous in any interview I have done. I have profound respect for Dr. Patterson. And I am so honored that he allowed me to interview him.

    • Stephengbrown

      Pastor HB, thank you so much for this interview! Pastor Patterson continues to be a breath of fresh air and wisdom. I will cherish this interview for many years to come…

      • admin

        Thanks Stephen. There is only one. It was such a privilege to interview him. I am sure his story will be a blessing to many, as his life and preaching have been.

      • terry brown

        Likewise bro, great interview for our generation of preachers. I remember first meeting him at E. K. Bailey and asking can he recommend some books and he looked at me and said “The Bible.’

        • Beverly Harding

          You brought a smile to my face on this sad day.

        • http://www.hbcharlesjr.com/ H.B. Charles Jr.

          Classic Patterson!