Notes from Sunday – 01/05/14

IMG_0553The first Sunday of 2014 was a blessed day of worship at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church!

We started new worship times – 7:45 and 10:30 AM. The congregation handled it well the first week. I trust the schedule change will give our Bible Study Fellowship leaders the time they need and give me time to preach the 1st service without rushing.

It was good to have our guests in worship with us. Always encouraging.

Our new Pastor of Worship – Joe Pace – led worship for the first time. It was great! I am looking forward to ministering with him each week.

Our new Director of Media & Communications, Marcellus Marsh, led from behind the scenes for the time today. Having served with Marcellus for many years in Los Angeles, I am very excited to have him our our team here.

We celebrated the Lord’s Supper in both worship services and welcomed in our new members who completed New Members Class last week.

I preached on “Embracing the Priorities of Jesus” from Mark 2:1-12. I argued that Jesus always prioritizes the eternal over the temporary.

The priorities of Jesus are affirmed in Mark 2:1-12 in four movements:

  1. Jesus responds to the presence of the crowd (2:1-2).
  2. Jesus responds to the faith of the stretcher-bearers (2:3-5).
  3. Jesus responds to the criticisms of the scribes (2:6-10).
  4. Jesus responds to the need of paralytic (2:11-12).

Praise God for those who were added to the church!

This coming Sunday I will begin a brief series on prayer called, “Praying to the God of the Impossible,” for our 2014 Prayer Emphasis Week.

After Prayer Emphasis Week, I plan to begin a verse-by-verse exposition of Ephesians. It should take me the entire year to complete it.

Dr. Rudolph McKissick Sr. preached his last sermon before retiring as Pastor of the Bethel Institutional Baptist Church after leading with distinction for 47 years.

I admit I have been sleeping on the Colts’ Andrew Luck. But he made a believer out of me with Saturday night’s comeback win against the Chiefs.

I cannot believe the Cincinnati Bengals choked at home Sunday afternoon against the San Diego Chargers.

I predict the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will meet in the Super Bowl.

Who you got in the BCS Championship Game Monday Night? Auburn or Florida State?

How was your Sunday? What do you think will make it to the Super Bowl? 

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9 thoughts on “Notes from Sunday – 01/05/14

  1. Pastor Charles, You preached a powerful word last Sunday, as usual! I shared this with our people:
    Preparation: This message must be preached at this hour because there are too many of us whose praise has gotten us out of our prison predicament, but we are prematurely parting our place of confinement without completing our assignment resulting in internment.
    Preview: WE ARE ALL HERE! Acts 16:28c
    12/29/13 @ Mt Nebo Baptist Church, Ecorse (Detroit) Michigan
    Truth Sentence: In our prison predicaments God liberates by His grace through nature and man.
    Challenge (So what! THESIS, How should we respond?): We need to have enough 1. courage, 2. compassion and 3. cleverness after our praise has led to our freedom to help deliver someone else who has been guarding us in our imprisonment.

    Superbowl Pics. Seahawks vs Panthers!

  2. Pastor Charles, we are agreed in both instances! I, too, believe that Auburn has one more game in them. They seem to be on a course to do something great. Besides, they beat my Dawgs to start this hot streak.

    Seattle and Denver seem the most ready. However, Andrew Luck really showed me that he can win now. But can he win in the cold?

    Continued blessings to you and yours!

  3. FSU just has that feel to them. They look like a team on a mission. Auburn’s good fortune has to run out at some point.

    And as if the snow wasn’t a good enough reason to leave DC right now, you adding a more dynamic element to your worship might. I know Dr. Pace will do great things.

    • AJ, I think I have Auburn tonight. They are on some kind of hot streak, it seems. And I don’t think FSU has faced the same level of competition.

      Please don’t let either of those teams get to the Super Bowl! LOL

  4. Pastor H. B., I’m going with Auburn. War Eagle! I think the Super Bowl will be between the Saints (Who Dat) and the Broncos. Have a blessed day and Happy New Year!