Lance Watson Interview

SONY DSCDr. Lance Watson is the Senior Pastor of The St. Paul’s Baptist Church, which meets at three locations in Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia. It is his first pastorate, where he has served for twenty-eight years. Watson is also a sought-after speaker, preaching extensively in churches and conferences around the country.

The story of the Lord’s work in Pastor Watson’s life and ministry is truly remarkable. And I hope your confidence in the sovereign providence of God will grow as you watch the following interview.

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  • Archville

    I loved this interview Pastor Charles God works it out, may God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Min. Evan Newman

    As always, I found this interview to be educational and inspiring. I recently renewed my commitment to read at least one book on preaching and theology each quarter. (the inspiration to do so actually came out of things discussed in these interviews, so just in that- you are blessing folk). But anyway- I’m thinking now that collectively, watching and listening to the wisdoms imparted herein should count toward my quota! God bless you all in your kingdom building efforts, brothers.

  • Wendell

    Pastor Charles,
    At the risk of being redundant, thank you for these conversations. They really benefit me and help me to stay focused. I was not unfamiliar with Dr. Watson previously but I was not aware of the depth that he has. This has really been wonderful.

  • PastorMelJHOW

    Pastor Charles, That Was Incredibly Edifying! Thank You Dr. Watson For Such Gracious Sharing & You Pastor For This Encouraging Platform.
    Father’s Favor To You Both.

  • Kevin Daley

    Pastor Kevin Daley
    Great, I am a sponge for knowledge and information, I appreciated the interview as Dr. Watson discussed Sermon Illustration and also Exegetical Integrity vs Creative Freshness. The books mentioned will become a part of my spiritual library very soon, “Deliberate Simplicity” and “Preaching with Freshness”, lastly the conversation about Treadmilling for Approval and do we as Pastors want to be Famous or Faithful. Loved It. Thank you again Dr. Charles, I appreciate your ministry and outreach.

  • Pastor James Thomas

    Wow! What a powerful and impactful interview with Dr. Watson. Ive had the pleasure to hear Dr. Watson many times personally in revivals and conferences, such a gifted and intelligent Pastor/Teacher. Thank you Pastor Charles for this Ministry.