Armor Bearer is NOT a Biblical Church Office!

He picked me up from the airport. We headed straight to the church.

I wanted to look over my manuscript once more before I preached. But I took a few minutes to chat with my driver.

I asked my standard questions, including, “Where do you serve in the church?”

“I’m pastor’s chief armor bearer,” he said proudly.

I summoned all the self-control I could muster. But I couldn’t resist. I had to ask. “What does that mean?”

He explained the various ways he serves his pastor. “I am basically pastor’s right-hand man,” he concluded.

I changed the subject.

But there was another question I wanted to ask: “You do know that armor bearer is not a biblical church office, don’t you?”

This time, self-control prevailed. Thankfully.

I read Terry Nance’s book, God’s Armor Bearers, when it was first published some years ago. I found it interesting. Then I forgot it. I never expected it would get so much traction. Yet there is a now a movement of “armor bearers.” And I am not sure it’s a good thing.

Let me clear. It is good for men to have hearts and hands to serve in the church. And it is good when men are willing to serve their pastor. Every man should have another man in his life that he submits to. But I wonder if all this “armor bearer” stuff is taking things too far.

Christians are commanded to honor their pastors. At the same time, however, pastors are commanded to be servant-leaders, not celebrities.

  • Do you really need security with earpieces to protect you from interaction with your congregation?
  • Do you really need someone to carry your Bible, manuscript, and anointed handkerchief to the pulpit for you before you preach?
  • Do you really need the men in your church who have a servant’s heart to be used as your chauffeurs and butlers?

But there is a bigger question: You do know armor bearer is not a biblical church office, don’t you?

There are two biblical offices in the New Testament church: elders and deacons. Elders serve by leading. Deacons lead by serving.

Unfortunately, many pastors and congregations resist the hard work of developing biblical church leadership. Most would not dare consider establishing elders. And pastors and deacons often have a love-hate relationship, as they wrestle for power. (Trustees are not in the Bible. And they should NOT have final authority in the church, just because they handle the money.)

Brothers, if we are going to disciple men for Christian growth, service, and leadership, why not use the terms and offices the Lord has ordained? The church needs godly elders and faithful deacons not ecclesiastical rent-a-cops.

Come on, if you are going to fight what that armor, can’t you carry it?

As pastors, we should model Christlike humility and servanthood. We should labor to nurture biblical church leadership. Our goal should be congregational health, not personal comfort. We need Christian soldiers that will lead the army of God into spiritual warfare.

And may we do so dressed in the whole armor of God (Eph. 6:10-20), so we won’t need anyone to bear our armor for us!

What do you think? Do you have armor bearers? How do armor bearers fit into the development of a healthy church?

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305 thoughts on “Armor Bearer is NOT a Biblical Church Office!

  1. Who said anything about an armorbearer being an office in the church Sir.It’s not an office it’s a ministry.You say that it is not bibicail but it is.In 1 corinthains 12 we have a thing that we call HELPS!!!You can’t but the ministry of THE HOLY SPIRIT in a box or limit him in your own Lil thinking.HELPS!!!!!LOl.Can be any service of HELPS that’s needed.You know like HELPING the Pastor,his WIFE,,etc.So it is biblical just because GOD didn’t say armorbearer doesn’t mean it’s wrong.GOD didn’t tell them to put deacons in place but they did and GOD honored it because deacons are also HELPS AND ADMINISTRATION.Since HELPS flows from THE HOLY SPIRIT it can manifest in different ways.Remember their are many OPERATIONS of THE HOLY SPIRIT.Some people don’t really havd an understanding about this subject and they dont mean aby harm when they speak against it but some people just HATE Pastors od their WIFE receiving any kind of help.Presidents have helpers,business owners have helpers,drug dealers have helper Lol.You mean to tell me if a pastor od his wife have a helper than its not biblical just because they call thd person an armorbearer?Come on people their are more important things for us to focus on and to be doing in thd BODY OF CHRIST then to be angry that thd armorbearer got pastor or his wife some water.

  2. Pastor Charles you are right on point. Yes we should all be willing to help out one another, but when it gets to the point of “People Worship” that’s the time to say enough is enough. The Only one we are suppose to worship is The Lord! People get so caught up in promoting the “Traditions of Men” and venture away from the Biblical commands of God. We are to be focused on the “Marching Orders of the Church” as you have actually preached about Pastor Charles. To go out and make disciples, Baptizing them, Teaching them in all that the Lord has commanded us to do. Great Topic! God Bless You…..

  3. I agree with the statement that amour bearers are not a church office to hold as well as trustees. We have Elders, Ministers and Deacons who hold leadership positions. The amour bearers and trustees are people who are appointed to do a certain task. They don’t attend leadership meetings or training, etc. So, I guess I’m trying to understand why so many people are hung up on the term. I am my Pastor’s amour bearer. I cover her in prayer, I stand with her on the battlefield of spiritual warfare, I stand with her before, while and after she ministers. Not trying to start a debate but if a person has a true calling to cover their leaders and serve them, then so be it. I agree in that they don’t need “body guards”, people chasing them around wiping their brow, etc. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. All Pastors should have a armor bear and it is in the bible they are just not called armor bears in the bible the bible uses the word wife instead. 1 Tim 3: 1-2

  5. It’s sad to see you ranting about something so small.
    Sometimes pastors are hurting, their backs or legs or arms . Pain can cause them to become distracted about their personal items. Many life problems can cause them at times to be forgetful.
    Pastors age yet their ministry continues.
    Please return to the heart of a servant and resist pride that comes before a fall.

  6. There was a time that I served as an armor bearer for my pastor’s wife. I am a servant, that is my gift and calling. I served her, my pastor, the elders, the whole congragation. From young to old, position to no position. I carried her Bible, books and bag and saw to her encouragement, growth and covering her in prayer. GOD through THE SPIRIT would cause my spirit to be troubled when she was fighting a spiritual battle. I would begin to pray in specifics and sure enough, that would be exactly what she was struggling with.

    But here is some clarity on the above: I forced her bags from her because she struggled with carrying them because she had a medical condition. She was in and out of the doctors and at times could not close her hands or grip anything. I would massage them to help with the pain. I prayed her through that and GOD saw fit to heal her. She is now able to carry her own things.

    I did not follow her everywhere and acting as a bodyguard. I was there to help just as I moved to help others. Often there were times when I had to correct her ways and mindsets or ways of thinking. I know my WORD and was a great help to her in her ministry and still try to be. I have seen her grow tramendouly. She is more powerful and confident in what GOD has called her to and what THE SPIRIT is doing through and in her to minister to broken women.

    People miss the fact that Johnathan and his armor bearer went into battle together. I agree with this article wholeheartedly. The office is not Biblical but the position (when administered correctly) can be. My pastor’s wife is my friend and I love her. My heart is tethered to her’s and I feel the need to cover her and my whole family in prayer. I believe this must be the heart of the church as a whole. But most don’t do it. Most people come to church broken and hurting, not mature enough to bandage their own wounds. I have been given that burden to not only uplift my Kingdom Family but to train them to become Kingdom Soliders who are equipped to do the same.

    Oh, I should also mention that both my Pastor and his family do the same for the whole congragation. They have been movers, feeders, babysitters, driver, lenders, been to the courthouse, picked members up from jail, given food, driven members to and from the airport, turned their home into a shelter for memebers needing a place to stay and a bathhouse. Our small church operates like a family because we take care of one another. We are not perfect but we love each other. No one in the body is allowed to go without so long as someone else has to give. You will often see us driving each others car, staying at on another’s house, taking up donations to help out another member in need and going to the hospital to welcome and new life or encourage a ill member of the flock. And both our pastor and his wife lead the charge. When one hurts, we grieve together and are often attending the funeral of a member’s loved one. It is not unusual to receive encouraging text from my pastor or songs from his wife when I have been in a dark place.

    No armer bearer is not Biblical. So if you are going to have a helps ministry, be sure to examine the intentions of those being placed in that or any ministry. So many use GOD HOUSE as a way to gain recognition that they could never receive out in the world. I should never have to be concerned that approaching my pastor without going through the proper channels may cause me to be tackled to the ground. This is out of order and non Biblical. And my heart hurts for the Body who don’t know any better and for the lost who are turnned off by the evil spirit of pride that is over taking the church. Why can’t JESUS’ example be enough? Why must we always add to? People, let us perfect the things GOD has charged us with instead of adding something new. That alone will take us a life time.

  7. I really need some guidance. My husband’s pastor does not use the title Armor Bearer instead, he uses the title Adjutant, which carries the same duties as an Armor Bearer. Nonetheless, I asked my husband to come home as I needed him, instead of driving his Pastor to their second service out of the state. His response to me was “I am his only adjutant, he does not have another one.” I feel abandoned, as I have tried to explain that his first ministry is home. He seems to always choose his pastor over helping me whenever I need him. We attend separate churches, and I have never asked him to stop serving the Lord.
    Pls advise.

  8. Is armor barer the same as members of the church following their Apostle around the pulpit. While he or she is delivering the word and wiping the sweat from their Apostle face?

  9. They don’t fit at all. i feel like if God has given you limbs to use then you should do exactly that and not use some one for you comfort or puppy dog…well at least that is what it feels like. i sometimes don’t go to church because i’m looked at funny if i don’t get my pastors bag and carry it into the pulpit and that’s one of the reasons why i am leaving.

  10. Dr. Charles, like you, I read the same book years ago. As a young pastor then (in terms of pastoral years), there was the temptation to designate ‘willing’ brothers in the role of armor bearers but God convicted me to disciple them in serving God first and foremost. Since that time, several of these brothers are now FAITHFUL servants in the diaconate and realize that our ministry is to lift Christ through our service. Thank you for this courageous and provocative article!

  11. While it is true that there is no New Testament reference to armour bearers, they are mentioned though the Old Testament. They were not people selected to fawn over their masters, but were warriors on par with those they were called to serve. Their job was to walk with their leader into battle, and to fight by their side in order to protect them, and if it came to it to lay down their life so that their leader was able to carry on.
    Just as today they are not called to pamper to their leader, they are called to stand with them so they are freed to minister in the way that God has called them. They are called to pray for the minister they serve. They are also there to support and encourage their brother in Christ. To act as for want of another term a “Spiritual Bodyguard” protecting them as they minister at home and away.
    It is not and “office” they seek, but a burden given by God to shore up the ministry of an individual that God wants them to serve.
    Jesus sent the twelve and the seventy out two by two, if it was good enough for him to send them out in twos to minister not just to the people but to support each other, it should be good enough for us.

    • If the pastor is the shepherd and his job is to lead and feed the sheep and protect them from wolves, why does he need a “spiritual bodyguard”? Isn’t HE in some respects, the congregation’s spiritual bodyguard?

      This comment seems to highlight to me why this “office” is unbiblical.

  12. Pastor Charles this is very well put. I really believe that to many leaders have become celebrities rather than great and faithful followers of Christ. We all need to stay grounded in the Word of God and teach biblical truth.

  13. Praise God! Praise God!
    I am a female Christian who loves the Lord. I am in no way a Pastor or figure of authority outside of my own home. 🙂 In full disclosure I did not read the book. I have only heard sermons about the armor bearer (as if it is a scripturally-based position) and known of pastors who promote and use a person as their, “armor bearer.”

    Pastor Charles, I am not sure if people see this as a new Biblical office as in your experience, but if they do this concerns me even more. What I have noticed is what appears to be an ungodly submission to authority. Like any good idea or cause, there are people (only due to sin) who tend to sway to one end of a pendulum or another. I do not know the intent of the writer of the text mentioned here, but I will say that I support my pastor through prayer, financial support (through the church) and affirmation (I verbally let him know how he is helping me through his preaching).

    That being said, what concerns me are my family in Christ who support this office or position as a place of uniqueness to be close to the pastor. I have heard of pastors using people who are mentally ill to hold this position to simply give them a job in the church. In my experience it appears as if pastors are using members for their own gain (picking up laundry, chauffeur, cleaning office, etc) and I think it is appalling. I am in no way saying this encompasses the norm for all who support this idea, but I would ask as a layperson who wants to totally follow scripture that my brothers in the faith be careful. Please help us learn and live by scripture because of what we see in how you operate. Take cues from God’s Word, not from books. We need truth and clarity as the world is confusing enough. Coming to church is the last place I want to have to bring an “extra map” to figure out where you are headed and where you got a new idea.

    Despite bearing my or your own burden, you (we all are) servants of the most High God. I am excited and passionate about fulfilling my OWN calling as a servant.

    God Bless

  14. Greetings,

    I do believe you missed the point of the series. It does not establish an office of armor bearer, nor does the book instruct readers to follow their pastors as celebrities. Terry Nance states clearly, we should support our pastors faithfully rather than allowing ourselves to be disgruntled over minor disagreements. Terry states clearly, as long as the pastor is reaching the lost and doing kingdom work, we shouldn’t allow our minor human differences to cause distention. Terry, also talks about putting God first, before your own desires which might mean not being a senior pastor but an associate in support of a senior pastor. I am not sure where you got the idea that Terry suggested that people worship the pastor. I do believe you need to revisit the book. First pray about it.

  15. As a pastor and former adjutant/armor-bearer to my leader – we never called it an office of the church. I was part of a group of individuals who helped the leader in his ministry to the people. In the same way, as senior pastor, I don’t require those who work with me to carry my bible (I carry my own bible); I don’t require them to drive me (I drive my own vehicle); I don’t require them to do things I can very well do myself. What we teach is that the armor-bearer in making sure that the leader is sanctified in the eyes of the people – meaning that we assist wherever the leader needs us to assist. Just the other day, one of the armor bearers asked if I had a handout that I had mentioned the previous week to be distributed this week. I was grateful for the bit of notetaking on his part – and to assist me in serving the people the Lord has assigned my hands. We teach our armor bearers to ‘love the Lord and to love the people.’ Armor bearers/Adjutants are very helpful in done in the right context – where God gets the glory and the people are blessed. We are all servants at our church.

    • Thank you for your words, you are so right that Ajutants/Armor Bearers isn’t a office in the church and like anything dealing with man sometime are used in the wrong way. My pastor has asked me to be his Ajutants and I really enjoyed helping the man of God and anyway I can.

  16. Thank you Pastor Charles for this article on Armour bearers. I’m with you that we have to stop expecting our men to do things that a re not biblically correct as it relates to supporting the Pastor of our churches. I just wished the church would stop acting so much like the world and the world would start acting more like the church.

    Thanks again for a helpful article/

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  18. When I walk behind my Leader as she prays for people…through the grace of God and gift of Holy Spirit I feel their burdens as well it is not hidden from me. It’s not about me but what I have been called to do! Glorify God that people might know him and be saved.

  19. As one who stands in this position…I can say to you all don’t limit God. I do agree that a lot of Church Leaders misuse the gift. When you say ArmorBearer is not a church office…1 Cor 12:28. Are you all God that you know ALL his gifts. Some have not even manifested yet. The Spirt has pressed upon me to write a book on being an Armor Bearer and I can see why. May your eyes be enlightened in the truth of our Lord. The role of the Armor Bearer is important because through the grace of God and the Holy Spirit they sense the atmosphere of the church. The demonic does not get past them if they are truly walking in their calling.
    Be blessed

  20. Respectfully, I don’t personally know of any church who says that armor bearer is a church office, none. It is simply a title given to one who supports the man of women of God in the hour of need. So if you came to our church one would be assigned to you to perhaps make sure you are where you need to be in a timely manner, make sure your resource table is set up and attend to whatever need you may have to ensure that you deliver that Word power. I am not foolish enough to believe that there aren’t preachers that are out there mistreating that role but more than likely they are mistreating their office too. I believe that the Pastor sets the tone for his armor bearer. Where I am if you are visiting unless the Pastor leaves the pulpit you would never know who the armor bearer was. Those that serve in this role don’t deserve to be referred to as “ecclesiastical rent-a-cops”. When you spiritual gift is service you will help anyone. I’m not an armor bearer but I would pick your wife up from the airport (I’m a woman) I’d get my Pastor a glass of water or the custodian with the same vigor because I serve. For those who are guilty of your accusations shame on them but for those who use this as an opportunity for ministry good job. At the end of the day whether it’s the role of an armor bearer or the church office of a Deacon it is the Pastor who should set the atmosphere and attitude of that person or team. This like any role at the church can glorify God, it’s up to us. Peace and Blessings Pastor.

  21. Also I think there are enough people out there putting the church down as Christians we need to life up the church ., if the man is happy in doing his position that’s what counts as I’m sure there are other positions used in the church that’s not in the bible.

  22. I feel as long as things are kept in context it’s fine ., as a leader no I don’t need a servant as we all serve but I do understand the role of a amouer bearer and when done correctly it’s more for them than the pastor.

  23. I was an armorbearer for years & I was a fool! Took way too much time from my family & money. This 2 bit pimp pastor wouldn’t even pay my way too travel but would have me miss days of work. All in the name of being obedient & serving God. Most of the stuff we see in church today is traditions of men that hinders people from really experiencing fellowship with the body & in Christ. These men want to be seen & in competition with other preachers. I have been around some well known preachers across country,. They ain’t what they crack up to be. I’ve seen a lot. Teaching each other how to pull money, who fine in that particular church etc etc.

  24. Pastors are not God,nor are they kings. That is the bottom line. And if you call yourself a child of God? Why do you feel that you need to be protected. The Pastor is suppose to be the Shepherd and we are to be the Sheep. SO WHO IS WATCHING OVER WHO??? AND WE ALL SHOULD BE SERVANTS.

  25. This is really good timing that I found this. It has been in my spirit that Christ did not have an armor bearer, where did this come from and is this truly biblical. I’m not against people serving, I feel like Jesus served. But to me sometimes it appears more people oriented than God.

  26. I agree that this is a great post; but could use a bit of balance. I was never a fan of preachers having armor bearers; but in my observations I saw two things that stopped me shy of judging it too harshly: 1. Some preachers who are spiritually neat at the pulpit are conspicuously clumsy ascending to and descending from it; for many valid reasons. (And, I thought to myself, “I wish someone was on standby to help them out”). 2. Some who serve are sincerely passionate about the doing what they can do to support the spread of the gospel. (They understand that a valuable ministry asset is a target for distraction and sabotage and want to become the preacher’s offensive line so he/she is not sacked while trying to deliver God’s Word). Pardon the analogy to football. Of course, for any example of benefit there are several more examples of abuse. I would like to have seen this article consider the few who have not approached this “position” as an opportunity for significance rather than service; and the few ministers whose embrace of it acknowledges their need for assistance rather than their desire for service. I would also have liked to know if the authors observation of “adjutants” are similar. Otherwise, I am glad the topic is being addressed. As for things not in the bible, the word “Trinity” and the word “rapture” is not in the bible but it doesn’t stop Christians from teaching and preaching it.

  27. I’m an Associate Minister at my church and I have a genuine respect, love and admiration for my Pastor Emeritus. Me and the other Associates do our very best to uplift and support our Pastor but he has never EVER considered us his Armour Bearers. He would never allow it. He said the same things you pointed out. “I’m going to war. What do I need you carrying my sword for?”

  28. Just my two cents, not all pastors do use the men of God that loves to serve as slaves and not all servants serve to be seen by men. If you love God and you love and respect your leader then you wiil serve whether you are recognised or not. Whether you carry a title or not, but it is important for the man of Godto have an “assistant”. Someone that will serve, be the ears,eyes and mouth piece in his absence. Remember the bigger the church grow, the pastor or leader is not always in a position to see and hear everything. So although the Armor bearer title might not be the correct word to use but I feel the pastor need someone that can serve in the smallest to the biggest of tasks, being it physical or in the spirit by praying for the man of God which is much more important than carrying a bible,driving, carying water etc

  29. I have t let the Pastor know yet that I wasn’t meant to carry anyone’s bible , bring them water, carry her bags etc. Pastor’s are servants if God ..nit the people to them …they obviously haven’t gotten right yet. For those who wNt to learn about the foundation of the church . The Altar of God’s Government, order and gifts. Please read Ephesians 2:28, Ephesians 4:11-12, Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:7-11. I read the whole chapters, to get a better understanding. May The Lord guide you to a better understanding of His knowledge, as you seek Him. I will be meeting with the Pastor to let her know…I know The Lord will guide me every step of the way. God Bless …every one …forgive my typos . Typing to fast…with so much to say.

  30. God has giving me the wonderful gift and annointing to minister in dance…I do do as The Lord leads me… I went to a church and ministered in dance about two times . The pastor called me and we met and she wanted me to help her start a Dance Ministry for her church .i told her I would as that was another gift the Lotd had given me. Not to long after that she called me and said to me she wanted to talk to me about becoming her Armor Bearer ..I did explain to her from the beginning that I wouldn’t be part of her church …that my ministry is to build God’s Kingdom . The church should have the gifts Jesus left behind ..which are the Apiosttles, prophets , evangelists , pastors, teachers … all servants of God ..this is his foundation for the churches he left behind ..Jesus is our chief cornerstone over all ..without him we can’t do nothing ..he annoints the people with his gifts and appoints them …as these gifts are in the church the all the others will be given by God to the congregation.. Teaching ministry prophecy exhortation , giving, ruling, mercy, words of knowledge
    Of wisdom, faith, word of knowledge, healing , discerning of spirits , interpretation of tongues, miracles and divers tongues. This wil only occur when the five fold gift that Jesus left the church has been established and not by anyone’s will but God’s. And so I did speak on this topic to her and her leaders ..I am not sure if they got it… They asked how will I know what my gifting is …I told them if the five told gifts are operating in the church and there is no sin of self , we put our goals first, our own ministries, our prejudices, our compromises, our own business, trying to build our own kingdom, (it’s God’s Kingdom and he prepares us to build his Kingdom,) our pride, our tithes, the biggest one ourselves….we must lay it all down before his throne stripped away …burn up everything that us not it God. When the pattern is right …then The Fire will Fall

    • I agree, we are to build up God’s kingdom and not our own. This is the problem with the churches of today, we have to much “fluff”, clubs (in the church), title and status seekers. Also, I disagree with the title “First Lady” What happened to the term the Pastor’s wife? which is very appropriate. All of the married women in the Bible were always addressed by their name. I have visited to name a few, Caucasian, Seventh Day Adventists, Lutheran, and other churches and I have never heard this term addressed in their place of worship. I wonder how this is going to fit into God’s plan when we all get to heaven if we make it .Where will all of the other ladies fit into the Kingdom? Is he rewarding us by first lady, second etc., or by our works? God is not selective. He loves us all.

  31. Very interesting and I think a point worth considering. I think of amor bearers more of those in training for ministry. They are given a front line view and hands on experience of what ministry is all about. They get to see the good, the bad and the ugly. Also get to see the spiritual man and natural man of God. Just as a side note, you mentioned there are two Biblical offices in the New Testament church, well if you exclude what is called the five fold ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher there would be three composing New Testament church government, namely Bishop, Elder and Deacon. I enjoyed the article.

  32. I have known a few men who were armor bearers and they were sincerely humbled by the opportunity to serve their pastor. They went to great lengths to serve well. When they subsequently discovered that the pastor cared more about his image than discipling them as spiritual sons, they were badly hurt. I wonder if the phenomenon of the armor bearer as a lauded position in black churches is indirectly tied to the wide-spread absents of fathers/father figures in the lives of black men?

    I know this may sound as if it comes from left-field per se. But I am reminded of a fellow elder who got himself into a little troubled and was literally driven to tears when he confided that the pastor did not even call. He was the pastor’s chief armor bearer. He took pride in knowing what the pastor wanted by the expression on his face. I thought to myself the only men I knew that well or cared to know that well were my father and grandfather. He was like a boy rejected by his dad. A position that was not unfamiliar as he grew up without one.

    Sure this is a generalization, but food for thought non-the-less.

  33. you do know that it is a biblical place in the bible. like Elisha and Elijah. or Moses and Aaron. Jesus and Paule. all of these are armor bearers and are biblical.

  34. Interesting…….I do not agree with the name armor bearer…..nor for most “Titles”unless they are worked for and earned. I will cut to the chase. Our Pastors
    are human. From reading this blog it seems that there is a lack of
    understanding of Protection…..every human deserves protection from
    harm. Some persons receive more threats than others. Our Pastors have
    more exposure to the public than most of us, therefore have more
    threats. Our Pastors are an asset…….! In order to erect an intelligent defense/offense a Threat Assessment needs to be preformed.
    Google church fatalities/shootings….it is just common sense that security is put in place for Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Get Training…..try CPPS in Spokane Washington, Academi in Moyock, North Carolina or R.L.Oatman and Associates in Towson, Maryland. I have training from all three and others. I also provide protection for our Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Aloha!

  35. Normatively, it is churches that use many OT models out of context,
    that, fight for self aggrandizing initiatives in the church. When it
    comes to money, they point you to Abraham or the Shunammite woman. When
    it comes to signs, wonders, miracles they point you to the “The axe head
    did swim,” or that Jesus pulled money out of a fish mouth. When it’s a
    pastor with his wife as co-pastor they point you to Priscilla and
    Aquila. (As if the Bible records Priscilla shepherding the corporate
    assembly) And for armour bearers its Jonathan and David or Elijah and
    Elisha. Yet in the NT church we do not see the Word being implicit nor
    explicit relative to the apostles being “butler-ed.” In fact when it
    came to the art of “customer service,” men served the congregation, to
    make sure the congregational needs were met. (Book of The Acts?

    I don’t see where the apostles had a cabinet of armour bearers
    carrying the scrolls or parchments for them, cleaning mud off their feet
    as they walked, fetching water out of wells to give them drink, sewing
    their robes back together after a “beat-down” for preaching Christ,
    walking to the temple with them daily to make sure Agrippa, Felix,
    Nero, some Caesar or some Corinthian thug didn’t “step to them,” to do
    bodily harm. Where was Paul’s armour bearer when Paul was stoned and
    dragged to the outskirts of the city and left for dead? Where was
    Peter’s armour bearer when Peter was crucified upside down? Where was
    John’s armour bearer when banished to the isle of Patmos?. “I say and
    say again, ya been had, took, ya been hoodwinked, bamboozled, run amuck,
    led astray.”

    In India, faithful pastors are accosted in the middle of the night
    and their arms are hacked off for proclaiming Christ. Right in front of
    their families. I wonder how many African-American church armour bearers
    would stand with “da Bishop,” if gunmen entered the church looking for
    “da Bishop” to murder him for proclaiming the gospel. If the gunmen
    shouted “where the heck are the armour bearers?” “Line them up first, so
    we can execute each one of them” How many of them would walk briskly,
    efficiently and importantly to the front and proclaim, “I be da Bishops
    CHIEF armour bearer?

    • Hi Larry;
      I lived in China for 4.5 years and co-labored with many brothers and sisters from India and where our church did missionary work in those areas that you speak of.
      There were times in China were we were in gatherings and doing the work of the LORD and pastors, teachers, prophets and evangelist had men of GOD assigned to them to protect them and get them out quickly if need be. We didn’t call them armor bearers but in essence that is what they were doing. They drove them around, took them to dinner, set up lodging for them and many times in their own homes…
      In many cases we did not know if the government was going to come in a bust up the place or not…deport, imprison or persecute…but we all were at some level of risk, but we did it for the Kingdom.
      I believe in many cases here in the United States or any other hemisphere of the world there are consecrated minister/servants of armor bearers doing the work of the LORD and I believe we should honor those who do a service for GOD’S Kingdom.
      The words of Paul drops in my spirit in regards to our Kingdom assignment: Philippians 1:12-2:1-18.
      GOD Bless you dear brother.

      • Giselle, no one is against servant-hood. We all should step forward at anytime to serve. I think we are apples/oranges on this. My point was here in America is a stark difference of “protecting” the pastor with an entourage in his own congregation. Muscle bound church “bouncers” acting as if they would take a bullet, ear pieces, etc, and overall distraction in the corporate worship setting. In contrast, as I was saying how many of the western church amor bearers would run to the aid of the pastor if some recalcitrant armed men entered the church to apprehend the pastor? How many would come forward if they said they will start the killing by shooting the armor bearers first? That was my point. Pastors in China or India are ALWAYS at extreme risk by the government/law enforcement. There is no comparison here in the West. You know what I mean. 🙂 Big lush churches with comforts, privileges and budgets and I’m wiping sweat off the preachers forehead? When pastors in China gather shoulder to shoulder with people for hours in 100 plus degree spaces or have to worship covertly?

  36. Normatively, it is churches that use many OT models out of context, that, fight for self aggrandizing initiatives in the church. When it comes to money, they point you to Abraham or the Shunammite woman. When it comes to signs, wonder, miracles they point you to the “The axe head did swim,” or that Jesus pulled money out of a fish mouth. When its a pastor with his wife as co-pastor they point you to Priscilla and Aquila. (As if the Bible records Priscilla shepherding the corporate assembly) And for armour bearers its Jonathan and David or Elijah and Elisha. Yet in the NT church we do not see the Word being implicit nor explicit relative to the apostles being “butler-ed.” In fact when it came to the art of “customer service,” men served the congregation, to make sure the congregational needs were met. (Book of The Acts? diakonos?)

    I don’t see where the apostles had a cabinet of armour bearers carrying the scrolls or parchments for them, cleaning mud off their feet as they walked, fetching water out of wells to give them drink, sewing their robes back together after a “beat-down” for preaching Christ, walking to the temple with them daily to make sure Agrippa, Felix, Nero, some Caesar or some Corinthian thug didn’t “step to them,” to do bodily harm.

    In India, faithful pastors are accosted in the middle of the night and their arms are hacked off for proclaiming Christ. Right in front of their families. I wonder how many African-American church armour bearers would stand with “da Bishop,” if gunmen entered the church looking for “da Bishop” to murder him for proclaiming the gospel. If the gunmen shouted “where the heck are the armour bearers?” “Line them up first, so we can execute each one of them” How many of them would walked briskly, efficiently and importantly to the front and proclaim, “I be da Bishops CHIEF armour bearer.”

  37. Amen! It’s time for the church to get back to basics…. Lifting up Jesus Christ and not man. To reach the lost with the gospel and love of Christ who exemplify servant hood.

  38. LOL! at all of this. Funny thing is, in many (if not most) churches, lots of things are preached and adhered to- the least of which being the bible. I agree with H.B. There are plenty of scriptural practices that allow for servitude. There are plenty of scriptural practices that make sure pastor gets the chicken leg or the thigh he wants, without ‘over-honoring’ people or creating positions that exalt and amplify man. Black church is in trouble, because we let the radio, and the TV, and the internet, and even other people BE our bibles, instead of reading them for ourselves, and actually doing all we can to put in practice only that which is promoted in the Word.

  39. there are many positions in the “church” that are not biblical and I totally agree these positions shouldn’t be in the “church” or as some call the ministry

  40. A dose of genuine humility and a servant’s heart would resolve many of the church’s modern problems. It must be found first in our pastors.

  41. I suppose I must move in the wrong circles. I don’t know anybody with the title or office of “Armor Bearer”. I read “God’s Armor Bearers” several years ago when I was serving as the Associate Pastor of a church of several hundred people. I found the book enlightening and encouraging and helped me understand and define my role in the church, and with the Senior Pastor, who by the way, was ten years younger than me. Nine years ago my wife and I left that church to plant a church in a small rural community. I am the sole pastor. When we have a church dinner, I am as likely to be moving tables and chairs or emptying trash as anyone else in the congregation. during the week, you’re as likely to find me on top of a ladder changing furnace filters as you are to find me leading a Bible Study. The idea of having “Armor Bearers” who are treated as personal servants is strange and unnerving, and if it is as prevalent as some of the comments seem to indicate, then I agree, it is not a Biblical Office. But, I’ve never seen it. What I do see is a Biblical Truth of supporting those in leadership by sharing vision and engaging in spiritual warfare alongside them. I just returned from Haiti, where I saw the concept in action in a beautiful way. The Haitian Pastor we work with oversees about twenty churches, all of which he was involved in planting. He has a number of young men who travel with him who he is training for pastoral ministry. Sometimes they carry his Bible or briefcase and he often sends them on menial errands he is too busy to do himself. But he doesn’t treat them as personal servants, he treats them as disciples. In the assignments he gives them, he is teaching them to be servants, just as he is a servant. You are more likely to find him sleeping in the bed of his truck or on the floor of one of the churches or schools than in a hotel or home. Most of the young men traveling with him had more and better clothing than he did, and they ate more regularly and got more sleep than he did. I don’t know if he calls those young men his armor bearers, but they were living Terry Nance’s concept. I agree, Armor Bearer isn’t a title or office, but don’t throw out the concept because a few arrogant pastors are abusing their authority and office.
    For those who commented complaining of high and mighty pastors, find another church. In my experience, there are at least as many churches where the Pastor ought to be relieved of some of the time consuming tasks of the church in order to clear the schedule for sermon preparation and prayer than there are churches where the Pastor has become “Lord of the Manor”. My guess is that many to most of the pastors leaving Pastoral Ministry every year are doing so, at least in part, because they are simply worn out by congregations who expect them to preach an amazing sermon every Sunday, visit the sick, infirm and elderly, change the burned out light bulbs in the sanctuary, pick up the trash in the parking lot, and live on less than a first year public school teacher. That expectation is far more common among churches and pastors I know than having a lackey who carries your Bible up the aisle.
    Again, maybe I just move ion the wrong circles, or maybe I’m fortunate enough to move in the right ones.

  42. what shall we say? It is all in the name of Jesus. But the day is near, yes the day of the Lord. He will reveal the hearts of all men. Let the upright stand firm in the Lord, watching and praying. He is coming soon.

  43. Ok. I hear you. A lot of things are out of hand. But just becuase some abused the kindness of others, does not remove the need for their services. There reasons men of GOD may need these services. For you to throw this out here without thought of the ramification is bad. I would love for you and I to talk…then, you can come on our Radio-SHOW. There, we can have a productive conversation that will benefit us all. Much love from Brother D. of the PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW!

  44. Offices and titles are given because of the egos and need for people to feel important. This is where the church has wrongly followed the model that the world sets. A true servant does not need a title. I always chuckle to myself when these men or women fall all over themselves to deliver the pastor’s pen, Bible, note, etc. Then they throw that little finger up and other behind their back and move with this sense of urgency that I never quite got. I often shoo others away because I got here by carrying my own bag and Bible and I am going to continue to do it. It is by the grace of God that I am who I am today.

    Sometimes appealing to people’s sense of belonging will allow the church as a whole to get the best out of those people. The ministry leads/heads, offices, titles, they all serve a greater function. If a person is proud to serve others, including their pastor then what is the evil in it. Yes, people go over the top and make up several offices with names that you have never heard of, but without the extreme nature of how some people fulfill their roles, it is pretty harmless. I agree that the focus should be on bringing the congregation and those outside of it in relationship and closer to Christ. This should always be our number 1 focus. The major issue that happens in a lot of churches is the politics that go along with these offices. It is funny that so many people jockey to be the most prized of the pastor’s people. Being a good servant does not mean that you make yourself into a flunkie to be used over and over again. I thank God that I don’t treat people that way and I certainly don’t want people serving me in this manner. I had to distance myself from congregants and pastors that act in this manner. It is not how Christ lived and it is not what He has called us to do. We are disciples, no matter our calling or anointing, not the Messiah Himself.

  45. I hate to say this but it remains fact, that what the church has done is taken positions such as Armour Bearer spoken in the old testament and redefined it for modern use. Armour bearers were for the Kings in the old testament to help suit up going to battle. I agree with the Pastor, Many leaders aren’t showing the people a servant but rather a service. I am a pastor and I don’t feel any different to drive myself to church the same way I did before I became a pastor or to carry my bible the same way I’ve always done. The five fold ministry gifts are servant – leading gifts. Jesus said let the greatest among you serve all. Our responsibility is to generate disciples not a generation of title hungry people who desire the celebrity of the call rather than the servant hood. Example: If you’re the pastor why are you complaining about the people need to be on time and your always the last one to come in? Don’t just teach it, lead it. The objective of church offices is to bring balance to the leading of the church and maintain order in it. The Pastor should not remove himself from the daily responsibilities as a man/woman because they have a calling and a title. Eye opener Pastor….

  46. Pastor Charles I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have always wondered what happened to leaders who uses Jesus who was is true servant leader. I am so glad for people like you who dare to speak up and remind the church how far we have erred from the truth and have allowed the same pride which caused the enemy of our souls to be rejected to run rampant in the church. We are to honor our leaders not worship them.

  47. I agree with my brother on this topic. The offices that were named are Biblical. I think some people forget we are sheep not “Personal Service” or “Flunkies.” I went to Terry Nance’s seminar and it was outstanding. God called all of us to be servants not to make people our servants. Let’s get back to reading the Bible and following Jesus example and trying to set us ourselves up as some great who -I-am. I can wipe my own sweat and carry my own Bible. the question is will you carry, ” But will you carry your brother”s or sister’s for them?

  48. Everything that’s needed isn’t biblical. Keeping your throat moist while preaching isn’t biblical but it’s necessary. As a pastor, who has been run up on at a moment in my life when I was dead set against armor bearers, I can attest to the fact that when ur local notoriety begin to rise it’s wise to NOT roll by yourself!!! Christian Conservatism has it’s place but articles like this one push the conservative button to almost being silly.

    Wearing a black suit, white shirt, and black tie isn’t biblical. But preachers opt to wear it as a symbol of humility to show that their ministry focus is God. There is nothing sinful or wrong about this practice although you won’t find it in the bible. An article proving having an armor bearer is sinful would be useful. But just saying it’s not biblical is kind of an unnecessary divisive opinion.

    • Eric,

      Please for your consideration,

      I posted this previously….please, for your consideration.

      Interesting…….I do not agree with the name armor bearer…..nor for
      most “Titles”unless they are worked for and earned. I will cut to the
      chase. Our Pastors
      are human. From reading this blog it seems that there is a lack of
      understanding of Protection…..every human deserves protection from
      harm. Some persons receive more threats than others. Our Pastors have
      more exposure to the public than most of us, therefore have more
      Our Pastors are an asset…….! In order to erect an intelligent
      defense/offense a Threat Assessment needs to be preformed.
      church fatalities/shootings….it is just common sense that security is
      put in place for Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Get Training…..try
      CPPS in Spokane Washington, Academi in Moyock, North Carolina or
      R.L.Oatman and Associates in Towson, Maryland. I have training from all
      three and others. I also provide protection for our Pastors, Staff and
      Congregation. Aloha!

  49. As I understand your post, you are referring to people that are not spiritually serving the pastors and leaders. Those who have taken the role as “Top Flight” security and all that entails. I also see that problem. I have no issue with those who choose to be with their leader, pray with them, and support them when they are away ministering. But, when it takes on the form of Secret Service rather than Spiritual Service, I have a problem. As a congregant, I’m thinking, so you have security? For what reason? What about the rest of us? Do we not deserve to be protected, if you feel protection is the way to go??? Either way, operating out of order in the church is becoming a regular thing. How are we to effectively minister to those God calls us to minister to when we are stuck in fleshly-gear? Lord, help your people. Help your leaders!!

    • Angeleina,

      Please, I posted this earlier, for your consideration.

      Interesting…….I do not agree with the name armor bearer…..nor for
      most “Titles”unless they are worked for and earned. I will cut to the
      chase. Our Pastors are human. From reading this blog it seems that there is a lack of understanding of Protection…..every human deserves protection from harm. Some persons receive more threats than others. Our Pastors have more exposure to the public than most of us, therefore have more threats.
      Our Pastors are an asset…….! In order to erect an intelligent
      defense/offense a Threat Assessment needs to be preformed.
      Google church fatalities/shootings….it is just common sense that security is
      put in place for Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Get Training…..try
      CPPS in Spokane Washington, Academi in Moyock, North Carolina or
      R.L.Oatman and Associates in Towson, Maryland. I have training from all
      three and others. I also provide protection for our Pastors, Staff and
      Congregation. Aloha!

      • I see what you are saying. In what I see, the term Armor Bearer is being used when the people are actually providing security, only for the Pastor and his/her inner circle, not the staff nor congregation. The rest of us are to fend for ourselves. Those I see working in that office are not holding up the spiritual end of what it means to be an Armor Bearer, I have been one and would know. My point is: If it’s security, then call it that. If it’s both then I should see spiritual fruit (and I am not, nor are others). Also, make provisions for the safety of those who see the church you believe you’ve been called to shepherd as home. It’s fine to serve in differing capacities in the church, but call it what it is, and not what it isn’t.

        • Aloha,
          Good! It is like giving a person a title of “Police Officer or Carpenter” Without the proper training they will not be able to preform the duty they are called/asked to do. And even within those two roles their are sub-categories of differing responsibilities or refined expertise that they may have.

  50. Did you have a conversation with the pastor that invited you or did you just question the man that picked you up as a courtesy?

  51. Really Good article! Although there are other offices of the NT that he left out! I do agree with this a lot at the end of the day.

  52. Awesome post MOG! I have been preaching against this flunky stuff or I apologize I mean armor bearer stuff for years!!! Kudos to you (y)

  53. Eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil has encouraged man to decide for himself what is good and evil. Bible says faith is good and lack of faith is evil. God puts no other constraint on man. So if you want to be an armor bearer, you’re free in the spirit to bear arms, only do it unto God. But if you don’t eat meat, don’t eat meat unto God. Whatever you do, be convinced in your own mind.

    Scriptures teach that if you’re more mature than another, don’t use your spirituality to cause another to stumble. Why? I suspect it is because knowledge puffs up, while only love edifies.

    Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. That’s liberty to eat meat or not to eat meat. There is no NT scripture for or against being an armor bearer, but do all things in faith. But when you attempt to restrict others via your bible doctrine, you also take away their liberty. This cannot be inspired by the Holy Spirit or Christ, who has come to set people free. Preach all things in grace and encourage faith. If there exist a lack of understanding, God will bring the increase.

  54. Amen showtime but not Hollywood this show is at the local church. Help Lord whelm will we realize activity is not anointing we need to get in the presence of the Lord stop trying to look the part and be the true leaders GOD ALMIGHTY wants us to be Is 42:8 God will not share the glory due His great name.

    • @Gwen. The ideology behind Biblical exegesis or hermeneutic is not to take or find scriptures to endorse an activity. The preachers job is to explain what the Bible means by what it says, outside of our desires. When Jesus ascended into heaven, 12 apostles were left on the earth as an example how to “do church.” They didnt have adjutants or armor bearers, picking them up on donkeys to get them to the temple. No one was on hand to dip well water when they were thirsty or wipe their brow when perspiring. No one protected Paul from mob violence when he was stoned and left for dead. No one made sure the apostles robes were neatly pressed and/or sewn back together if they caught a “beat-down” for preaching the gospel. Armor bearers provide valet services for the pastor. Nothing else. What the “church” perhaps needs is armor bearers for the ministry to head Evangelism, Prayer, Discipleship, Goldy service to the widows, elderly and single women, (if needed). But a pretend FOI? probably not.

  55. Ok, let me prove Brother Charles right, before I prove him

    He’s right that there is a spirit of the
    Pharisees, which Jesus rebuked in Matthew 23, which has infected and infested
    church leadership in epic proportions, to the point that leaders desire the
    privilege and prerogative of leadership without purpose, power, purity, or

    In purely scriptural terms, armor bearer is not
    a New Testament office, and even though the Old Testament reference, strictly
    applied in a New Testament context, has theological holes in it, as described

    Deacons and elders, along with (and he didn’t
    say this, don’t know his belief on the five-fold), apostles, prophets,
    evangelists, pastors, teachers, and bishops, are all mentioned in New Testament
    leadership hierarchy. Armor bearer is not, and Trustee is not.

    Now, let’s prove it wrong.

    Along with armor bearer not being a New
    Testament office, there are a lot of other offices in 21st Century
    church that did not exist within the 1st Century church:

    o Usher

    o Greeter

    o Church Janitor

    o Minister of Music

    o Grounds keeper

    o Liturgical dancer

    o Youth Pastor

    o Prison Minister

    o Or even driver for the guest speaker…maybe he
    should have picked you up on a horse or donkey, so he could be more scriptural.

    You see there has been, and always will be, some
    level of contemporary application to classical truth. That is both necessary and fitting, as long
    as we stay within both the letter and spirit of the original intent of

    The classical truth that must be made
    contemporary, and this is a problem with scriptural offices and officers, along
    contemporary additions, is that we disconnect from the spiritual power source
    and power force behind the offices.

    For instance, what spiritual gifting should flow
    with any office?

    o Leadership gifting of Government and Rule,
    mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 should go with elders.

    o Evangelists should flow in working of miracles
    and gifts of healing. Not just do great
    sermons to believers.

    o Ok deacons, and by the way, all of those
    additions of armor bearers and other contemporary expressions can fall into the
    Acts 6 definitions of servers who free up the men and women of God to give
    service to the body through the Word and prayer, should flow in the gift of

    The interesting thing in 1 Corinthians 12 is,
    that when the Apostle Paul lifted the gifts in the end, he rhetorically stated
    that all can’t be apostles, prophets, and other gifts, but he left out helps
    and governments. So the scriptural
    implication is that everyone can find some place to lead, and some place to
    assist in ministry.

    o It is interesting that some of the deacons ended
    as deacons, but others, like Stephen and Philip, used their deaconate as
    stepping stones of service to greater ministry.

    o Stephen didn’t live long enough to be recognized
    for any other office, but it is clear that the working of miracles was highly
    evident in his ministry. And his sermon
    is clearly articulated in Acts, next to Peter’s and Paul’s, and was punctuated
    with a standing ovation by the Lord Jesus Himself.

    The armor debate, and its abuse is raging to
    epic proportions today. I am reminded of
    the classic tirade between Bishop Clarence McClendon and Minister Detrick
    Haddon on The Preachers of LA reality show.

    o Minister Haddon questioned the need for set
    honorarium amounts, and entourages. He
    challenged Bishop McClendon on how Bishop should conduct his ministry.

    o Interestingly, while Minister Haddon challenged
    Bishop McClendon on his entourage, in a previous episode, he was seen rebuking
    a group of paid musicians that were serving with him at Bishop Noel Jones’
    church for a concert. Leads me to
    question whether or not he had a set fee for his “ministry” in music. An entourage by any other name smells the

    o Just wondering is Minister Haddon going to start
    showing up at churches of all sizes and shapes, and take whatever comes across
    the offering plate for his music, like he was telling Bishop McClendon to.

    While there is not an office called armor
    bearer, assistant pastor, executive pastor, there is a scriptural precedent,
    principle, and practice, both Old and New Testament, of people who served the
    man or woman of God. In some cases their
    seed, service, and submission was harvested at a later point of life in their
    own ministry. In other cases they simply
    served, and received their reward in eternity.

    o Joshua was known as Moses minister. Do a word study, and the term armor bearer,
    chauffer, or butler, would give higher dignity than the specific tasks assigned
    to Joshua. (At the end of his ministry, I
    think he was happy that he had served so well.)

    o Elisha was known as the one who had poured water
    on the hands of Elijah. (I can see the OT
    blogosphere now: preacher makes puppets of his protégés.)

    o David served as Saul’s armor bearer and personal
    musician. (We would freak out today if a
    pastor had a person on staff just to play music for them. Again, it worked out well for David.)

    o Apostle Paul stated of Timothy, as a son with
    his father, so he has served with me in ministry. (And by the way, this was 1st
    Century service of a father to a son, which is more involved and in depth than
    21st Century service. Just putting the text back into context.)

    o And of course, the classic, the piece de
    resistance: Jesus had 12 disciples that went with Him along with women who
    ministered to Him of their substance.

    The Jesus example deserves special discussion and
    recognition. Ok, let’s call them
    disciples, not armor bearers. But:

    o They surrounded Jesus when he walked through the
    crowd. Remember when the woman with the
    issue of blood pressed her way through the crowd?

    o They pushed away the Canaanite woman who wanted
    her daughter healed of a devil. And oh,
    by the way, Jesus wasn’t very kind to her neither, calling her a dog. (That wouldn’t preach in our seeker
    sensitive age.)

    o They pushed away parents and kids who came to
    receive blessing from Jesus.

    o Jesus told His disciples to get swords. Yep, He told them to be armed. I know the counterargument where He told Peter
    to put down the sword. But let’s be
    clear, the sword He told Peter to put down is the one He had told them to pick
    up. Peter didn’t slip past the ministry’s
    metal detector, no Jesus had given him a CCW, a license to carry a concealed

    o As with all these experiences, they were being discipled,
    trained for what they would need for their later stages of ministry.

    o The pattern of seed, service, and submission as
    grace channels then is the primary order of ministry.

    This backlash against excess has exacerbated the
    decline of honor in the church.

    o Jesus described a statement true in the first
    century that is more true in the 21st century. A prophet is not without honor, except in his
    own country, and among his own kin. I
    call that the home court disadvantage.

    o It, in fact, limited the ministry of the
    Limitless One, our Lord Jesus, who could not do great works because of their

    o It was true in the Old Testament as well, where
    children referred to Elisha as a bald headed preacher and eaten by bears.

    Jesus went on to declare the power of an honor
    system for the men and women of God He commissions:

    If you receive them in the name of the office He
    called them to, He will reward you on their level, even though you’re not
    called to it.

    And His statement on honor described what you
    say and how you pay.

    He further goes on to give a heavenly reward for
    just giving the man of God, a glass of water.

    As a pastor, I am so pleased with the heritage of service
    that is in my genes, as I can trace back generations on both sides of my family
    that have served men and women of
    God. As I make steps of greater
    ministry, I am believing not for armor bearers, but for an army to help me
    fulfill my assignment. And I intend to
    train them in hands on discipleship, as I was, then recognize the promotions
    that God avails them to as a result.

    Let’s hold people accountability for the silliness that
    parades around as real ministry, yes.
    But let’s not cut down contemporary expressions of classic truth, and
    dishonor God and His messengers in the process, and thus cut us off from the
    grace that happens through their hands-on impartation, as a result of our

    • Awesome and truthful reply! Thank you. You probably won’t get mauch feedback from the HB fanclub (very wierd and misguided folks) but speak truth to power!

    • Great post and wonderful reading. I found this topic to be interesting, because some people don’t like transparency and don’t want nobody knowing what they do. No armor bearer, no trustees, confusing….they are both serving the church. One oversee the condition of the pastor and the other see the condition of the funds. I found that Pastors who has control over everything, tend to bring the church into a demise. Fooling the people and taking the money and using it for personal and/or special interest. There is no more bring your tithes so that there will be meat…meet the needs of the people who serve in their church or communities. Those number envelops is the very numbered system world uses to control and manipulate those who receive it. Christians say they give unto the Lord’s house and want to collect taxes off it, but it is all not so with the word. There seems to be a collections of thoughts that God don’t mean what He say. That the very word written was meant to say something other than what it says. He said His word will not return to Him void, what parts we think He mean? He didn’t say some. But that servant part gets to the flesh and we don’t like it…I praise Jesus for not complaining, but DOING THE WILL OF THE FATHER. And now there is a nerve to shun the very thing Jesus did. He was our armor bearer, He stands in the gap, before God almighty and wipes our tears, pains, worries away and covers us with His blood. And when a man or woman of God want to serve as humble as Jesus did we have the nerve to point them out as flunkies….not so. Who is willing to was anothers feet? Who is willing to get spit on for another? Who is willing to serve his brother like Christ? And those that don’t….won’t.
      Thank you so much for your post sir, may God add a blessing upon and yours. The TRUTH is what sets us free indeed.

      • Pastor Charles, I agree and encourage you to stay biblical. The Laodecian Church is moving farther and farther away from the Word of God. But stay strong for there is a reward for them that overcome.

    • you said all i wanted to say and more. thanks. BUT, it is not about title, and being a servant leader. I think he takes more issue with the control issues in the church, regardless of the names of offices.

    • Pastor David, your rebuttal arguably amounts to pulling whatever is available to “stack the deck.” What does ushers, greeters, church janitors and landscapers have to do with “amour bearers/” As a pastor would you address a conference of faithful, Biblically expositional pastors, with what you wrote, as a means of validating the role of what the church has come to know as an “armour bearer?”

      • Pastor Larry,

        The context of what is written is for pastors. I think it is regrettable that the full statement of what I wrote was inaccurately summarized in your reply.

        My intent was neither to validate or invalidate the role of armor bearers. It was to provide an alternative point of view that is biblically based.

        If you want to challenge that point of view, at least take as much time to read and reply to the full statement, as I did when I responded to Pastor Charles.

        Should a faithful, biblically expositional pastor do any less?

        • Pastor David, our “practices” need to be validated or invalidated as it relates to Biblical corporate worship. Why our African-American churches create many “serve me” initiatives is beyond me. Unless a pastor is disabled or infirmed, there is no need in corporate worship for pulpit nurses, phones in the pulpit, hand sanitizer stations, “sweat wipers” hot tea and Gatorade hawkers, Secret Service, FOI, entourages. We can make any excuses we’d like but “we” specialize in all these corporate worship distractions. I realize I was being a bit facetious, but the “pew” is so forlorn about this stuff. Its just too much emphasis on a pulpit production on Sunday. No one should have to volley scriptures back and forth for this. I aint atcha either bro. I’m jes sayin.

    • Amen and Amen, Man of GOD…Honor to you and blessings to you, your household, the ministry and all that GOD has called you to…legacy wealth and blessings.
      These words of wisdom come with seeds sown in experience and by the guise of the Holy Ghost.
      You have echoed what was on my heart. I also believe that we as a Body of Christ have to begin to see things with GOD’S eye and hear with HIS ears (Isaiah 11:4).
      I definitely believe GOD spoke through you…honor and blessings to you.

    • Pastor Johnson;
      I learned a lot here and that is I still have a lot to learn and I thank GOD for the grace and HIS mercy allowing me to get there. I was reflecting on your post and I saw GOD and how HE is ever watching and how HE does not want us HIS people to perish without knowing HIM.
      I learned honor in a greater dimension, I saw GOD’S love given to all on this blog and I saw how GOD reveals what HE will have us to know and I saw where the eye of the Body of Christ is and where it should be and where sometimes we put our energies and interest in things other than the Kingdom of GOD. And I say this with no disrespect to anyone on this blog but it brought me back to what is happening in our community right now.
      I live outside of Flint, MI and there is a family in our church whose 19 year old daughter who has been missing since Nov 1st and right now our church is preparing this Saturday to go out and do a search for this young woman (plz all who are reading pray that for the family and pray that this young woman be found) and we are having a prayer service for the family, the daughter and our community.
      Right now Flint is known as the murder capital of the United States and there are churches that oversee communities in the Flint area and I know this is the consensus all around the world and my heart cries out that while we (I am guilty to some degree because I am here on this blog) go back and forth over the small things, things that GOD is already starting to bring judgment in…what are we doing to preserve the land in which GOD has set us over to take authority?
      We as a church, as the Body of Christ have to do better than what we are doing…we have to invade the spiritual realms and invade the regions and take back what is GOD.
      GOD Bless

      • Giselle, I’m also in Flint. What church do you attend? I pastor New Generation Holiness Center. I agree with your assessment of the need for regional authority.

    • Pastor Johnson,

      I posted this previously….please, for your consideration.

      Interesting…….I do not agree with the name armor bearer…..nor for
      most “Titles”unless they are worked for and earned. I will cut to the
      chase. Our Pastors
      are human. From reading this blog it seems that there is a lack of
      understanding of Protection…..every human deserves protection from
      harm. Some persons receive more threats than others. Our Pastors have
      more exposure to the public than most of us, therefore have more
      Our Pastors are an asset…….! In order to erect an intelligent
      defense/offense a Threat Assessment needs to be preformed.
      church fatalities/shootings….it is just common sense that security is
      put in place for Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Get Training…..try
      CPPS in Spokane Washington, Academi in Moyock, North Carolina or
      R.L.Oatman and Associates in Towson, Maryland. I have training from all
      three and others. I also provide protection for our Pastors, Staff and
      Congregation. Aloha!

      • Chazaq,

        I appreciate your comments, and will investigate. As Jesus stated, one of satan’s strategies is to “Smite the shepherd so the sheep can be scattered.”

        • Pastor,
          Mahalo for your encouragement and direction.

          Matt 26:31
          31 Then Jesus said to them, “All of you will be made to stumble because of Me this night, for it is written:
          ‘I will strike the Shepherd,
          And the sheep of the flock will be scattered.’
          Zechariah 13:7 MSG
          The Message
          “Sword, get moving against my shepherd, against my close associate!” Decree of God-of-the-Angel-Armies. “Kill the shepherd! Scatter the sheep! The back of my hand against even the lambs!

    • Yes kdavis, religion CAN be BS, but not Christianity. RELIGION can stretch from worshipping Budda to the devil. Unfortunately, some people don’t know the difference & refer to Christ in the same breath as ‘just religion’.

    • @kdavis. Point taken. Thats why the the authority of the scriptures is paramount when dealing with things Godly. “Religion” is actually Biblical, 🙂
      Have you ever seen this? “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” THAT’s in James 1:27

  56. Very interesting read! I don’t normally comment on things like this, but because I did a scripture study a few years ago, I thought I should share.

    Armor bearer is biblical according to Judges 16, Judges 31, 1 Samuel 14

    Simple break down:
    1. They were referenced in the bible in time of Battle and Opposition

    2. To stand watch/cover to keep the king alive

    3. To LIFT UP the kings countenance in distressing and discouraging times

    4. To be ready to draw the sword at the kings command

    So most of the real armor bears are behind the scene. As for the bible carrying, and water getting ect… That could fall under a Pastors Assistance! It’s not just the pastor’s that go over board at times, but it’s also the ones that are serving. They are doing it with the wrong motive, they are looking for validation, or it helps their identity. Some are more embarrassing then helpful!! Bottom line.. PRAY for all leaders at all times!

    When you serve, do it as unto The Lord! Need a model….JESUS!

  57. I thank you for this. I do agree that men should have servants hearts, BUT it is really not about that from what I have witnessed with the whole armor bearer system. I’ve seen pastors who have the sense of entitlement, and armor bearers who worship these men/women and become no more than “yes” men and free labor! Why can’t a Pastor who doesn’t frequently travel pick up his own dry cleaning? Why do you need someone to carry your Bible? Why can’t you pour your own glass of water? I do understand that when a Pastor is giving the Word, then a certain amount of help is needed and helpful. But I have seen where the Pastor has an entourage…he can’t go ANYWHERE alone! He needs an escort everywhere! It’s ridiculous if you ask me. It is also misguided and taken out of context. It supports the celebrity mentality and most armor bearers see some very unbiblical behavior by the Pastor and they do not hold them accountable! It’s not the example that Jesus gave. Jesus washed the disciples feet. Now days, the so many Pastors expect their feet to be washed, dried, and socks and shoes put on their feet! They feel that their only job is to stand behind the pulpit and preach the Word. Isn’t the leader supposed to serve first?

  58. A visiting pastor here in Fort Worth entered the church on his way to change to bring tge message. Behind him were 3 men, 1 carried his shirt from the cleaners another carried his suit and the third carried his shoes in a shoe box. Along with that as he passed thru each one of his visiting members stood until he had exited. As my wife was giving the church history as this was supposed to be a church annivesary but instead was really a pastor and wife appreciation service, this same visiting preacher entered again in the middle of her recitation and his congregation again stood until he was seated. This was all followed by a call of offering but not to the church but ibstead to the host pastor and his wife as everyone was told to stand and bring around money to them. Traditions in the black church dont die they just Morph into stereotypical actions of the greedy and self absorbed.

    • @ Anthony, and this was the ‘visiting preacher’? Where was his respect for the Under Shepherd (Pastor) of the house that he did this? OUT OF ORDER!!

  59. I am an armor bearer; and during training we were never taught it was a Biblical church office. Our role is to “Sanctify the leader in the eyes of the people.” There are many Biblical references, without saying “Armor Bearer or Adjutant,” that substantiates the role. For example, Elisha served Elijah, and Aaron served Moses; the disciples served Jesus. I do believe some take the role too far. In my role I assist, advise, serve, and keep confidences. My supervisor and bishop serve a jurisdiction of over 44 churches. Both positions require armor bearers. What is not necessary is someone who requires an armor bearer for minimal membership or leadership capacity; you simply want someone to run your errands and carry your purse. That is only a portion of what we MAY do. The article relates to men, but as a woman, I am certainly no one’s rent-a-cop, I do believe some leaders require security; and that is not the same position; the two are not the same, but we do work together. Some of his statements are far-reaching. There are many men and women who have no desire to promote to deacon, minister, elder, etc. Personally, I feel we are too quick to promote to those positions out of formality. Dad was elder, so the son should be one, etc., with no concept of what it means to serve under someone else for a period of time.

    • @CLK…at what point did you become a “sanctifier” of the pastor? Is not that a usurping of the authority of Christ? (hmmm..thats a new explanation for an armor bearer. COGIC?)

    • CLK,

      Please, for your consideration, I posted this earlier.

      Please, I posted this earlier, for your consideration.

      Interesting…….I do not agree with the name armor bearer…..nor for
      most “Titles”unless they are worked for and earned. I will cut to the
      Our Pastors are human. From reading this blog it seems that there is a
      lack of understanding of Protection…..every human deserves protection
      from harm. Some persons receive more threats than others. Our Pastors
      have more exposure to the public than most of us, therefore have more
      Our Pastors are an asset…….! In order to erect an intelligent
      defense/offense a Threat Assessment needs to be preformed.
      Google church fatalities/shootings….it is just common sense that security is
      put in place for Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Get Training…..try
      CPPS in Spokane Washington, Academi in Moyock, North Carolina or
      R.L.Oatman and Associates in Towson, Maryland. I have training from all
      three and others. I also provide protection for our Pastors, Staff and
      Congregation. Aloha!

  60. The only ‘armour bearer’ a pastor needs is a good receptionist who can discern when callers really need to speak to the pastor as opposed to those callers too lazy to deal with their issues and so want to make it the pastor’s problem. 🙂

    But yeah… there is not 1 bible character INCL Jesus who ever had body guards.

  61. I think the higher pastors climb the more corporate and untouchable they become. The outrage with the whole “armor bearer” fiasco is now the wives and children have them as well. It’s almost epidemic, especially in mega ministries…..

  62. I really enjoyed this post. I’m an armorbearer to my pastor and I’ve never thought about it that way. Currently, I’m a Minister now and I agree with everything you’ve stated. I don’t need an entourage to carry my spiritual tools (Bible, handkerchief, etc.)

  63. As a wife of an armor bearer this was something i never understood. The church is suppose to promote family ,but if my husband could not follow his pastor to an event it was frowned aponed. Here it is you have a man spending all his time with the pastor, the church and meeting the needs of someone else”s family, but neglecting his..which cause so much stress and conflict within my family. Why do a man need someone to hold his bible,get water,drive him around etc. He’s a pastor not a celebrity.So body help me out!


  65. 1.) What or where are the scriptures that commands me to honor a and / or my pastor ???

    In 2013 – I AM not about to honor any title holder to their title until they have proven and shown to me that they are living, preaching and teaching THE TRUE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. Too many are living, preaching and teaching the gospel of man and / or satan and claiming it is of CHRIST.

    So bluntly saying christians are commanded to honor their pastor – without EXACT instructions on this matter – will mislead and misguide any and / or everyone to believe, follow and trust any title holder, and that is just not right.

    Not all title holders “”rule well and not all title holders labour in the word and doctrine”” of CHRIST.

    Any position / non-position can be pushed and taken too far ….. from the pulpit to the lawn service – the missing element I see going on today is the lack of RIGHTEOUSNESS, lack of LIVING RIGHTEOUS and the lack of teaching RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    It’s ok for a pastor to have an assistant ….. but much these days are taken way too far. It helps a pastor to not forget important things that he needs when preaching and teaching. I AM sure that some preachers have ran late and forgot something important behind and so on …… anyway …

    The FOCUS SHOULD BE on LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS – it’s on everything else but that as a whole in america.

      • RIGHTEOUS AUTHORITY is the only authority I seek to be under.

        1.) I reject authorities being over me of “”evil principalities, against wicked powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.””
        2.) Don’t pray for me – I don’t need or want your prayers – for I would rather have someone who LOVES me to pray for me – not someone like yourself who bears false witness against me or someone who is a false witness.

        Proverbs 6:16-19
        16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
        17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
        18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
        19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

        3.) If you are going to believe, follow and trust any and everyone because they say they are a christians or because they have a title – you’re going to be misguided and misled away from CHRIST more than you are guided and led to CHRIST’S LOVE, CHRIST’S TRUTH and CHRIST’S WAY.

  66. The bible does speak of the two biblical offices in the church. As the church has grown and developed the church has adopted offices to over see the many its needs so that all the work is not on just one or a few. The bible does speak about each member of the body having different Gifts of the Spirit and we are supposed to use them to advance the kingdom.
    Having read a number of articles such as this one I find it interesting how we spend so much time focused in the politically incorrect titles used by people who are at least serving in the kingdom and yet there are so few articles (with such passion) addressing those who do not serve in any way with time, talent or treasure. We spend too much time judging the faithful and ignoring the sinner…

  67. Interesting! I was a part of the Armor Bearer movement in the early 90’s. I read all Ted Nance’s books, got the video of this training sessions, and attended one of his sessions, and served as Armor Bearer in my church. It’s just my opinion that all should have the spirit of an Armor Bearer, for with it, the load would just be a bit lighter. True it’s not part of the 5 fold, or church office, but it would be an asset if some would have the spirit and heart of the biblical Armor Bearers.

  68. Great post and read, I agree completely.. only thing I will say is mega pastors might just need security because there could be so many people out to kill them or something…. BUT the Holy Spirit is our protection and God is more than able ot protect us… so I will say that..

    Another thing is, a lot of young guys want to become Pastors instantly or lead a church right away, which isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes its good to give them jobs like aiding the pastor, elders, and deacons, or helping the women out in areas, or just serving in general, carrying books, carrying food, opening doors, cleaning, and learning a lot of responsibilities and letting them know the importance of service and things like that.. Perry Stone makes young future pastors clean bathrooms and such lol… because people who become pastors and such can get really arrogant and forget what a pastor truly is… so I know a lot of young men end up doing those things on their way to becoming future leaders and life changers… but agree with this article completely..

  69. I want to know where the ‘Gifts’ are in the Body…Pastors were never meant to ‘rule and reign’ over the sheep alone. God gave Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers to grow the body. That would cut down on some of the abuses we see. But, there were Aaron and Hur to hold up Moses’ arms when he became too weary to do so himself. I agree that leaders should not be seen as idols to be worshipped.

  70. I am not going into a dissertation on armor-bearing, but it seams that the definition and purpose of an armor-bearer has been misunderstood and of course as with anything else, has been abused by some. It may not be an “Office” of the church, but it is Biblical. Any humble pastor or leader will quickly let it be known that they can and are able to carry their their own Bible and get their own water. There is nothing wrong with serving your leaders in the capacity of an armor-bearer or any other area of service. Additionally, an armor-bearers’ service is not just in deed in the natural but is just as weighty in the spirit. I would encourage anyone to study the scriptures in context re: Jonathan, David, Saul and others, re: lightening the load of your leader to make their service to the Body of Christ easier, re: holding up the arms of your leader (hence the term “armor-bearer”) to receive a greater understanding. If a pastor chooses not to have an armor-bearer that’s fine. If they choose to have one that’s fine too.

  71. That isn’t really what an armor bearer is, look at Jonathan for example. His armor bearer was a companion who fought side by side with him. An armor bearer is simply a person who stands in the gap for a minister. Sometimes even acting as a bodyguard. It is silly to those who minister safely here in the US but I know many armor bearers and ministers who preach in some very delicate areas. If you are preaching you can’t be watching everything that’s going on and especially in these areas of the world you need an extra set of eyes and hands that is trusted and in line with your vision. Driving and serving said ministers needs are more like busy work during the armor bearers less exciting moments. They are not superfluous servants to be a personal gopher.

  72. You’ve actually addressed separate topics. Having someone to assist the Pastor doesn’t mean a Pastor can’t train Elders & have Deacons also. I love your style of writing. Please continue in sharing this gift.

  73. Armor Bearer is Ministry of Helps not an office and should be led by an ordained minister. It is a ministry just like the choir, ushers, sunday school and every other ministries / auxiliary nurse. Armor Bearers should not be looked at or treated like flunkies. Although, sometime we /me in the past looked at them like Flunkies). Believe or not even Pastors of small churches have threats on their lives. Especially, if the Pastors are helping pull people from the darkness of this world. A Pastor can be like a Quarterback, the leader but the most dependent on help to excellent at managing tasks, being free to stand strong in the pocket as he/she serves God’s people. So call the ministry what you want it is what it is. the Pastor armor is the bible, his oil, and his ability to pray and lay hands on those the Lord leads him to without worrying about where is left this or that or if the help around him cannot be trusted. Interestingly, we don’t see anyone lining up to perform the task of the cup bearer. LOL
    Here is my Biblical reference; 1 Corinthians 12:28
    And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.
    1 Corinthians 12:27-29 (in Context) 1 Corinthians 12 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

    • Pastor J44143,

      Please, I posted this earlier, for your consideration.

      Interesting…….I do not agree with the name armor bearer…..nor for
      most “Titles”unless they are worked for and earned. I will cut to the
      Our Pastors are human. From reading this blog it seems that there is a
      lack of understanding of Protection…..every human deserves protection
      from harm. Some persons receive more threats than others. Our Pastors
      have more exposure to the public than most of us, therefore have more
      Our Pastors are an asset…….! In order to erect an intelligent
      defense/offense a Threat Assessment needs to be preformed.
      Google church fatalities/shootings….it is just common sense that security is
      put in place for Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Get Training…..try
      CPPS in Spokane Washington, Academi in Moyock, North Carolina or
      R.L.Oatman and Associates in Towson, Maryland. I have training from all
      three and others. I also provide protection for our Pastors, Staff and
      Congregation. Aloha!

  74. Ok…Let’s not call them Armor Bearers, but LABOURS as Luke 10 1-37. 10:4 Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes: but please read the whole chapter. Labours are their to assist, help, takecare of even clothe, shoe or pay because the Lord instructed them to take nothing with them. Who will care for them if nobody does? Now as far as carry their bibles, hanky, scrip…it gives them the space, time to pray and ask God for guidance in leading his people to the Word. You have some preachers who people will hate for no reason, Martin L. King Jr. for one and some unstable person can try to hurt them. So, as far as a Pastor having a Armour Bearer/LABOURER, whichever you want to call them, the bible says LABOURER and there are FEW, but the harvest is truly GREAT. And if you read the whole chapter it does explain why. I am not an AB but I do understand why there is such a position. Jesus had to appoint seventy and send them two and two to every city and place before his face, whither he himself would go/come. The Labourers are their to HELP, ASSIST, PROTECT etc. the man of God. All I saw in this dialog was an attack on a position that is humbling and submissive, which most churchgoers are NOT. But you will accept all these ANNIVERSARIES, FIRST LADIES, MENS AND WOMENS MINISTRIES etc.??? smh It don’t suit your need so being a servant to another is a flunky. The question should be how does anniversaries, first ladies, mens and womens days and all these other NON BIBLICAL things develop a healthy and not WORLDLY church? And the trustees should have final say, because if it was up to most of these pastors, those tithes and offerings will be in their personal spendings. Look at the whole structure of the church…God said you have PULLUTED my sanctuary with STRANGERS. People all out of order, none of it is God’s order and you want to pick out the very submissive position in the whole church….lol Guess washing of another’s feet are out the question. Lord help us to return to our first LOVE.

  75. I do agree with this article and this concept. To many Churches and Pastor in the African American community are become celebrities. Either on a local, state, national, and more and more international level; but the question is are the aiding in ushering souls into Heaven?

  76. Armor Bearer is Ministry of Helps not an office and should be led by an ordained minister. Just like the choir, ushers, Sunday school and every other ministry / auxiliary nurse. Armor Bearers should not be looked at or treated like flunkies those sometime we (me in the past did) do. Believe or not even Pastors of small churches have threats on their life if they are helping pull people from the darkness of this world. Pastor’s do need a trust persons to gather, organize their bible etc as they work and serve the people of God. Many prophets had assistance. under study who stay with them and help the prophet help others write letters and local some affairs. Now, whether you those ministers Armor Bearer like the King did referring the Bible and anointing oil as Armor or a gun that what it is. But interesting enough, we don’t see many lining up for the duties of cup bearer. LOL
    Here is my Biblical reference; 1 Corinthians 12:28
    And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.
    1 Corinthians 12:27-29 (in Context) 1 Corinthians 12 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

  77. Good article. I agree that an there is no role of “armor bearer” in the church and “armor bearers” is a military role. They carried armor (you can see if someone is an armor bearer today or back thousands of years ago by seeing if they are carrying a whole lot of very heavy and expensive armor…this role in the military is no longer needed either).

    You mentioned 2 roles in the church, I was wondering what your take was on “Bishops” (1 Tim 3:1, Titus 1:7 and others), “Pastors” (Eph 4:11), and “apostles”.

    Thank you for your time.

  78. We have one armor bearer at our church. This person assist with the time management of the pastor (makes sure that they are on time and have everything that they need), and serves in the deacon office. I do believe that it is a necessary position. Pastors need quite time, and some one to be attentive to there needs. Our pastors care a lot for the congregation, and can get distracted (by happenings) if some one is not there to take care of the miniscule things in the days events. Thus the big picture can get off focus. So i thank God for the armor bearing position.

    • That why the pastor has a wife or should… the wife can do all that you say or husband for that matter…If they Serve in the Deacon Office then they are Deacon are they not? or Deaconsess” The Young Pastor might like this attention but its not an Office from the Bible but an Office in your Church…

      • Then who will look after the wife’s children while she is doing all that for her husband/pastor? I still will refer to Luke 10…especially those priest who didn’t assist that man and the other man took full responsibility of assisting. Such a NT version of the Armor Bearer. And for all those that think that some of these pastors are taking it too far…it is very true…because Christians in a whole have taken it too far and God is not pleased. Christians have a problem with the Will of the Father and Jesus didn’t, but they claim to have the Spirit of the Lord. What Lord are they serving???? God’s word is plain and simple, He says what He mean and mean what He says. But the END result is what’s gonna count….Those that are filthy, let them be filthy still, those that are liars, let them be liars still and those that are holy, let them be holy still….He is coming quickly and His reward will be with Him. There will be no CHANGING of what HE MEANT. Sorry, an when a man or woman of God choose to humble themselves and serve another no matter what it may look or feel like….denying themselves and taking up their cross daily…God loves that. And those of us who cannot see ourselves doing it..whoa to us…we just not that humble, but don’t frown upon the ones who do. Now for those pastors that lead God’s people wrong with a deceitful heart…whoa to them….God is NOT a respector of persons….He said it, I believe it and that settles it for me.

  79. At Grandma’s funeral the pastor shared the first interaction he had with her. Before his first sermon she asked if he would like a glass of water. No one else had thought of that. She wasn’t a deacon, elder, or any other fancy title holder. She was the church janitor.

  80. There are lots of positions in the current church that were not in the church of Paul and Apostles. Their church was just starting up and the positions that are in place now were not necessary. I’m sure there were no treasurers or mothers’ board (women weren’t even allowed to speak publicly in church) in those times but they have a place in some churches today.
    I don’t get into the whole armour bearer fiasco but it does give men something to do and if it furthers their walk with God and helps the church…why not?

  81. I am a bishop of a church and many others felt I needed an armor bearer. I never was down with that concept because I am a grown man, and I can carry my own armor. Besides, I don’t like people following me around… At all! They would follow me everywhere, even to the restroom. Finally, we got rid of the armor bearers for good. I was so happy. Now, I can go pee in peace. Praise the Lord!!!

  82. Great post! Would love to see a biblical discussion on the difference between OT kings and prophets and NT pastors. I believe that’s where the confusion lies. And the difference between Israel and the church. I’m just sayin

  83. I have been in the ministry for 30 years and have seen a lot! Your article is excellent. I think there needs to be a return to sound Biblical teaching as to the offices and roles those offices play in the Body of Christ. We don’t need all the attention that ends up being focused on leaders when, according to Jesus, we are supposed to be servants. I don’t mind being helped, but I don’t need to be coddled and served like I am some kind of celebrity. Just live the life of Christ, preach the Word, and love people.

  84. We must understand that there are Two Groups that runs the Local Assembly. The Called Offices (5 fold ministry) and Administration Offices.

    Yes an Armor Bearer doesn’t have a biblical origin neither do:

    The Usher President but we have them!

    Minister of Music, Transportation & etc.

    In this society calls for the church to be ran as a corporation for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. There is a great need for Armor Bearer in the Church. The Pastor/Priest is not just that but he is an Executive and in order for a pastor to concentrate on being an Effective Pastor/Priest he must have a Admin Team assisting him. Admin team which consist of:

    Board of Directors

    Board of Trustees

    Department Heads

    Executive Assist.

    An the list goes on! We can’t say “We need Christian soldiers that will lead the army of God into spiritual warfare.” If our General is not allowed to have assistance because even in the Military there are adjutants that assist & serve. It is important to keep an open mind.

  85. While what this article says is true about it not being an office, it is biblical… Let’s not get it twisted… Our beloved King David was Saul’s Armor Bearer before he was King…

  86. If Jesus wouldve had 50 security detail, 25 armor bearers, 25 adjudants….THE WOMAN WITH THE ISSUE OF BLOOD wouldve NEVER GOT HEALED…because she wouldnt have never got a chance to touch Him….As a matter of fact if He’d had just one…..JUST A THOUGHT! …pastor pope

    • That woman with the issue of blood got through hundreds, even if they were not security detail, armor bearers etc. Her faith took her to the Lord. Just my thought….Sister Denise

  87. I disagree that trustees should NOT have the final authority in church. There comes occasions, where they MUST. As experienced by my husband and I and the wives of other trustees. As trustees they can be held PERSONALLY liable for the deeds of the pastor and others. THIS from a lawyer defending the trustees against a lawsuit brought against the church. If PERSONAL liability is the ultimate payment for a lawsuit. Then on those occasions, the TRUSTEES MUST have the final authority. Nobody should be at risk for losing their home, etc. because of someone else’s misdeeds.

  88. To me being an armor bearer falls under the ministry of helps- if having this type of personal assistance is necessary to get the work of preaching the Gospel done more effectively and ONLY if it doesn’t turn into pastor worship….(ie. It has to be ministry as unto the Lord ) I say no harm no foul

  89. Is an armor bearer a biblical office? that was the question…No it is not. Is there anything wrong with loving and helping your pastor? Absolutely Not but i ask myself this question, if Jesus was living in this day would he have someone wipe his face, carry his Bible etc? Honestly i cant see it because he was humble n his focus was the lost and helping others … Let us not lose sight of why we are here…let’s be careful that we don’t aid in the downfall of our beloved pastors because it definitely takes a lot to stay focus and eyes fixed on God with all the attention. If you believe that God has given you the “gift to serve” only the pastor or his wife and not the local church then do the best job you can. Blessings

  90. I also have served in this capacity in my church, what is really missing is letting the Holy Spirit lead these men to serve as armor bearers if they so choose, though it is not a church office it is a good way to teach servant hood to those who need to learn how to be good servants. Elijah had Elisha do all of the things he did not want to, he actually made him do task such as wash his hands and carry his coat, I know that Elijah was capable of doing this himself, but into Elisha life came a sense of finding his purpose through serving. While this may not be a biblical office it is a good principle to teach men how to submit to authority, as they become what it is god is calling them to be. One other thing I have seen the threats that have come in to our pastor and his family and it left me physically shaking to know that people could feel this way about a man of God who has done nothing to them, on one occasion at our church a snake was found in the offering plate, another day we came to church and someone had sacrificed a chicken and spread his blood in the front doors of our church so to answer your question about security yes it is very much needed. maybe not for all but for some yes. So my brother it is nothing wrong with this in it’s place and with God as the lead you learn to serve with the heart of a servant and when it is time for promotion God will see to it that you are promoted

  91. Amen my brother. When does carrying your own bible, holding the Sunday scripture while you enter the pull pit, placing a hanky on the lap of the Pastor is someone holding themselves in a higher esteem greater than deserved. No money nor position with a devoted armor bearer gives them a closer place next to Maker. The Work serving the people does.

  92. No one even considered the “armor barer” until after Terry Law’s book in the late 1980′ to early 1990’s. The bible mentions the job of armor barer only in the Old Testament and their function was just that – to bare armor. When you study secular history it was just a secular job, a normal person that a noble had employed. To use the mentality and understanding of the armor barer and what it entails for those who believe this is some sort of biblical office then one would have to state that Jesus was an armor barer to the Father, This is just not so because it states in Mark 10:45, KJV “For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to MINISTER, and to give his LIFE (psuche – intellect, emotion, and will) a ransom for many.” “TO MINISTER” (DIAKONEO) = “to be an attendant or a domestic; to wait upon (menially or as a host, friend, or teacher); to relieve one’s necessities; to attend to anything that may serve another’s interests; to act as a Christian deacon.” It is derived from DIAKONOS (compare the English, “deacon”) and DIAKO (to run an errand). JESUS CHRIST is the CONSUMMATE DEACON who came down here to RUN AN ERRAND for the Father! Therefore those that function in what is thought to be an “armor barer” should truly be functioning as a deacon.

    So as far as “armor barer” being an office, no – as the author states the offices include deacon, elder and I would add apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, and teacher. Someone below mentions that there needs to be “more Godly spiritual fathers and mothers raised up to reproduce men and women of valor” and I agree with this statement. However, that is exactly the point – spiritual parents should reproduce into spiritual children but that has nothing to do with an “armor barer”! This has to do with the true government of the Kingdom of God which is based on family structure that produces people to fill offices. Thank you my brother for dealing with this issue!

  93. Pastor,
    Thanks for your post. I was in a culture that was full of “armor bearers” myself for more than ten years. I was so sickened many times as the pastor would talk more about this than Jesus!!! Every blog, every tweet, & and every series had this message “God called you to serve your leaders in order for you to obtain a blessing”. I do believe in honor and serving. I believe we should serve three ways, those over us, next to us, and “under” us (although I don’t like to use the word under, couldn’t think of a better word). Anyway, this should be modeled by the main leader. If it’s only modeled that “you serve me as the leader” there is a huge EGO issue and someone thinks more of them self than they ought. Thanks for the blog, i’m with you on this

  94. I leave this message humbly. My pastor has an armor bearer and didn’t really want one at first. But my pastor also does Gods work in the projects and slums of our city. He started out in the streets with the prostitutes and crack addicts (literally). I don’t believe he is a celebrity or requires someone to hold his precious handkerchief but I do believe his “right hand man” is his second set of eyes. He doesn’t perform any minuscule task but he is there for my pastor should anything happen. Whether or not it’s in the bible, I believe some who are called for special works require special help.

  95. I would love this article except it is male oriented and excludes the fullness of God’s ministers…I do not agree with the concept of armor bearer nor do I agree with referring to minister in male pronouns because that is not all of who we are…..

  96. I think the bigger point that the article is making is that our leaders are finding new and inventive ways to be less assessible to the followers. These tactics in my opinion lessen the commissions that Christ has given to shepard/pastor and make way for souls to be loss. At the the end of day that’s what it all should be about.

  97. WHO ever said it was a biblical office!? Who thinks that?! I haven’t met a person who thinks that! I am a servant and proud to be one and never thought of it as a biblical office.

  98. Amen and Amen!!! I thank God that some people of God see’s the mess we have made in the church of Jesus Christ today, by changing bible standards to suit our self pride. Pastor Charles, you are not alone in this, but I want you to know that when A so called or self appointed man or woman of God does not have an anointing they go for worldly ways. (1) What fear do you have in the house of God if it is not the fear of God!!! I told one young preacher one day with his amor bearer that Jesus whom we tell people that called us to this work has disciples and not armor bearers. (2) Instead of training these young men and women how to serve the Lord in truth and in Spirit they hire them for security in the house of God. The bible said that because of the anointing yokes will be broken and bordens will be destroyed. So the question is where is the anointing in the church leader??? I have served God on a full time for forty years this year as an Apostle and never needed any man to help me with my bible or anything. Many churches leaders no matter what they called themselves must learn Jesus leadership style and not worldly system. Some of those young men don’t even look like they know the Lord of the preacher, who is our Saviour!!! Bless your heart man of God for speaking out on this issue!!!!

  99. Thank you for your post! I completely agree with what you have written. We sometimes abuse the word and use it for our personal gain. I was taught that service to the church does not need a title!

  100. Not all armorbearers are treated as chauffeurs and butlers. I am an armorbearer and I have learned so much being one. I am also a minister and in the school of the prophets! My leaders are of the office of the prophets(ettes), therefore I am serving that the portion that they carry will also fall on me. I love my God and the fact that He chose me to serve in that I am deeply humbled!

  101. While I agree somewhat with your comments, an armor bearer is not a personal assistant to the Pastor. He is there as his eyes and ears while he is ministering the “Word of God!” Simply put “to protect him” should something stupid, done by a stupid individual breaks out. He is an extension of the security team in place at the church, nothing more. You are right though some people have the wrong idea about what the position entails. It is not a position to make me feel proud or look good, or feel important, it is simply a position of humility and service.

    • A lot of the pastors that have been harmed while doing God’s work would still be here had they had an armor bearer in place. If you take a real look at the position and the biblical significance, you will see that it is biblical. Our biggest and best example is Jesus and the twelve disciples. They were in my opinion his armor bearers first, while becoming his disciples, then his apostles. Twelve men that changed the world.

  102. I have been upset about this for YEARS!!! I first served in a church also were we had to do everything for out Pastor like He was Jay-Lo or something. It messed with me and I felt that something was off and wrong with it. The more we served as little slaves, the more the Pastor’s ego grew. Many people who serve in these ministries are being spiritually abused and they are not aware of it. They serve with loving hearts as Pride prevails in their leaders. Thank you for speaking up and saying something about this. I dare you to write a book!! It will be a best seller….

  103. The Prophet Elisha had Gehazi as his assistant, He had a school of the Prophets and the students learned ministry by serving. Armor bearer is a term borrowed from King Saul’s servant. Frankly, I don’t quibble over the title, the office is valid–that of the Prophet’s assistant. If you serve well, one day you can become a prophet too..I think that’s Biblical.

  104. Call him an armor bearer, personal assistant, deacon or assistant pastor it should be about someone who is a helper to the pastor these people are refreshing and give great support in ministry.

  105. For years I have wanted to write on this subject but did not have the nerve to do it. I’m so glad someone nailed it to the bone. All I can say is thank you Jesus.

  106. Pastor Charles with your stand on this topic and the humble way in which you addressed it. We cannot be the church (ecclesia) that God is calling for except we continue to come in alignment with HIS Word. Continue to Stand Strong GOD Bless

  107. God bless you, my brother. Timely and Biblical admonition – and needs to be proclaimed. The Word says, “Pride god before a fall;” so-called “armor bearers” are the “stumbling blocks” that makes it happen. Selah!

    • Pastor J,

      Please, I posted this earlier, for your consideration.

      Interesting…….I do not agree with the name armor bearer…..nor for
      most “Titles”unless they are worked for and earned. I will cut to the
      chase. Our Pastors are human. From reading this blog it seems that there is a lack of understanding of Protection…..every human deserves protection from harm. Some persons receive more threats than others. Our Pastors have more exposure to the public than most of us, therefore have more threats. Our Pastors are an asset…….! In order to erect an intelligent defense/offense a Threat Assessment needs to be preformed.
      Google church fatalities/shootings….it is just common sense that security is
      put in place for Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Get Training…..try
      CPPS in Spokane Washington, Academi in Moyock, North Carolina or
      R.L.Oatman and Associates in Towson,Maryland. I have training from all
      three and others. I also provide protection for our Pastors, Staff and
      Congregation. Aloha!

  108. Hi Pastor Charles

    My concern here is that it seems you are more concerned about the title. I see no problem with the pastor having someone who travels with him and assist him when needed. Of course there are those who may do things that are quite extreme but that should not deter us from making the pastors job as pleasant and as easy as possible since many of them are underpaid, extremely busy and worn out.

    Yes, deacons and elders are positions within the church but if this is the premise on which you stand to justify roles in the church then, secretaries, drivers, youth leaders, office managers and sound engineers should all resign from their positions because it isn’t ‘biblical’.

    As it relates to security with ear pieces; it all depends on where you are pastoring. Everyone who goes to church isn’t a christian and some of them come with ungodly motives. There are some places in the world where persons would attack a preacher of the word of God if they got the opportunity.

    I know of missionary base directors who were kidnapped more than once. I was in Haiti as a missionary and pastors there had firearms for protection. Where i live this would be quite foreign but in other countries it isn’t.

    All authority in heaven and earth has been given to us the redeemed and saved by God to wrestle against principalities and powers and rulers in high and low places. Yes, we are to put on the whole armor of God but yet we use wisdom and also put locks on the doors to our homes and security systems in our cars.

    We must understand that as the world changes so should the way the church operates. The methods of God changes but his character remains the same, therefore the methods of the church must change but its character which is founded in Christ should not.

  109. On point. There is no question about the “armor bearer syndrome that took shape because of Terry Nance’s book. I, too, read that book when it first came out. At first, I accepted the “revelation.” Years later, I observed that people took it and ran with it against the heart of the Father.

    I used to teach it that every Elijah needs an Elisha. Every Moses needed a Joshua. Every Paul needs a Barnabas.

    Not realizing that in the right set of circumstances, it was more about bonding in relationships than carrying a pastor’s Bible, run errands, and be the “right hand man” “go for” for the mand of Gawd.

    We need to be delivered from titles. Carrying over OT terminology into the NT church.

    Armor bearers in the OT were officers that dressed the kings and commanders for battle. They were personal bodyguards as well. They were trusted. In the military, they would be called “aides.” Generals and Admirals would have these junior officers to do the menial tasks so that the flag ranks could concentrate on their job of leading.

    We have also abused John 13, where feet washing is a form of proving servanthood.

    Anyway, your article hits the spot. May we recover from BRD “bad revelatory disease” that does more harm than good.

    Thanks for your timely article.

  110. I have had the honor of serving as armor to my original father in the ministry and his wife who was in ministry as well! I would carry their bags with their robe in it and my pastor I would go with him when he was finished ministering to help him changing and to collect his wet clothes and for her i would catch people when they would fall out from prayer!!! I feel that sometimes pastors do take it to the extreme

  111. I would say it’s not necessarily about the title of “armor bearer” that make us who we are, but the fact a person wanting to serve & serving with their hearts, wanting to serve in their ministry, & serving your Pastor, is what a true servant is about. The bible has many examples of this. Look at all those who served someone or somebodies that were called of God in some capacity, its a great work. There are some strong points they have made, but I beg to differ in a lot of it. There our stories about serving as an “armor bearer” such as of Moses, Aaron & Hur; Elijah & Elisha; David & Uriah. Even Jesus said himself in Mark 10:45 “”For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” I believe that serving in the capacity of an “armor bearer” is a good thing.

  112. I’ve been saying this same thing for a while. Especially some of the silliness that I see “armor bearers” doing. I saw a minister who did not even carry his bible to the pulpit but his “armor bearer” did it for him because the armor bearer carried the king’s gear to battle. This guy even wiped the sweat off the preacher’s brow. I’ve been amazed as to the lengths that it has gone.

    Where I would respectfully disagree with you is putting the blame at the feet of Terry Nance. Like you I read the book and put it aside. I mostly put it aside because it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know, at least the original book because I didn’t read his follow up books. In the original, he used the armor bearer as an analogy of how a good associate minister should be mindful of using his gifts as a way to serve the pastor and that how he served the congregation was not in a way that contradicted the vision of the pastor but to enhance the vision of the pastor. He was not there to build his own kingdom but to help enhance the vision of the pastor. As such, I think the Terry Nance book (the original again because sometimes the concept is carried to far in follow up books and since I didn’t read the follow ups I don’t know) is a good way to think of things. I think how it has come to be played up among some pastors is the real issue here.

  113. I think when someone tries to refute this post by citing that the Kings of Israel had armor bearers…that just points to the issue behind the issue. Pastors are not kings.

  114. I agree with men being taught to serve, but it’s hard to find support in the scripture for them serving the ones who should be serving them. I think it would be far more effective to teach men how to serve in their families, churches, and communities. Teach them to serve like a pastor should be serving. Not saying that they cannot provide assistance to pastors, but when your responsibilities are to carry pastors bible, handkerchief water wipe the sweat of his forehead, read the words in the bible for him while he teaches it, etc. I see how it could be viewed as teaching one to serve, but it only teaches one to wait on another hand and foot. Those aren’t the type of men we are trying to raise nor do we need in this present day. Teaching men to serve others, as you serve others is far more effective. I just think it is a better way to disciple men then this.

  115. My, my, my, thank you Pastor B for putting thing in a biblical perspective. This kind of teaching is rejected in some of new age teaching. Thank God for Pastor who are not to afraid to address these problems among our Churches. Bless you Pastor

  116. I really enjoyed this it is short and to the point. I have been grieved by this new position. I have watched it cause people to treat their Bishops and leaders as deity and not leaders but the untouchables. My heart grieves because as men try to put in place their protocols they begin to miss what the mission of the church is supposed to be. People are so quick to gravitate to what sounds spiritual but holds no weight biblically or is effective for Kingdom building. Looking at it from a wide view and not just a local view it creates prideful leaders and followers that have missed the point of what our mission is supposed to be as the church. Like you said we need helpers and supporters but after looking at literature people have made the term Adjutant/Armorbearers something that should not be in the Body. It sad because the scriptures people use to support the position are totally out of context and they over read the text.

  117. If you are looking at an armor bearer as a “church” office, then you are probably correct, however the role of an armor bearer is Biblical as shown in the Bible in 1 Samuel 31:5
    And when his armourbearer saw that Saul was dead, he fell likewise upon his sword, and died with him. So I would be mindful of discounting the things that God felt was inspiring enough to have mentioned in His word. This is how so many people are misled about what is in the Word of God, and also why God is wise enough to tell us to study to show ourselves approved!

  118. Saw your article on my FB feed and was intrigued. LOL. I agree with your article. I see in the comments that many feel that it a justifiable position as seen in the OT, correctly stating that it was a position for the king service. It is from this premise that I state, until we are in the kingdom, we are still in our priestly position here on earth…and the OT priest didn’t have armor bearers…although some did have servants, but I don’t think the title ‘servant’ will go over well. 🙂

  119. Because we are to WEAR our armor, someone carrying it, makes no sense. They one is carrying your armor, that can ONLY mean one thing. YOU are naked!

  120. First, let’s understand the original question; is the office of armor bearer bibilical? This question must first be examined. Is Pastor Charles calling the armor bearer a office or a ministry? I don’t know of any learned spiritual leader who calls this an office it’s a ministry. If this question is one of theology significance than it should be used across the full spectrum of the inner working of the church. A church clerk or secretary is not a biblical office but ministry. I believe that our theological denominational heritage causes us to question ministries that serve purposes that enhances ministry. Our personal perferences is not a place of doctrinal debate. Second, it has been my experience that serving my pastor or leader is a honor and is not to enlarge his ego or mine. Although, I am a pastor, I am delighted to serve. For me it is not about my pastor ability to carry his own bible but evidence of my heart toward spiritual leadership. Thirdly, any ministry can create over blown sense of self, however is base on what is in your heart not who serves you. Fourth, the work of assisting leadership is as old as joshua serving Moses, it is liken unto teaching believers the word and the church and using Sunday School to fulfill this purpose you will not find the term Sunday School in the bible. Finally mature leadership acknowledges, mentors, and pours in those who serve and both are bless. The idea of a flunkie is not biblical and any service can be abuse but the possibility of abuse reminds us of training for the pastor and having pastors who are servants at heart.

  121. My husband is a chief armor bearer in the church he attends where I was a faithful member for 14 1/2 yrs and he joined 7 yrs ago and now him being faithful to the pastor and forgetting about his family has caused our marriage to end up in divorce court and the pastor he is so faithful to have not called us in for no type of session to reconcile, restore, or rekindle anything between us and the sad part about we have a 12 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter. Anything that exalt itself higher than God needs to be cutoff. When you think so high of a man and it cause problems with the order of God that needs to be removed from ministry. I think some pastors began to think they have the power and abuse their position and become selfish, manipulative, and hungry for the attention and forget why they were called to do the work. Many were called but a few were chosen and in the end God will get the glory.

  122. Coming from another denomination… in the Anglican church we feel similarly about offices: it’s important to maintain Biblical church offices as the main authority in the Church. The difference, of course, is that we believe in a third office, the episcopate; and that we believe God’s given us freedom to appoint other offices to assist the bishops, presbyters, and deacons.

    In the Anglican church, we have a position called the bishop’s chaplain. The bishop’s chaplain is an assistant and sometimes even a permanent secretary for the bishop; but in my experience it’s usually just an ad hoc position. When the bishop visits a church, a congregation often appoints one of its lay members to be the bishop’s chaplain for the weekend, who welcomes the bishop to the church and to his lodgings for the weekend, makes sure he’s fed, etc. During the service, he holds the bishop’s mitre and staff at appropriate times, and makes sure the bishop has water to drink. Also prays for him, gives him godly counsel if needed, etc.

    They don’t wear mics or act as security, and they don’t flank the bishop everywhere he goes like some kind of entourage. And there’s only one. It’s a simple act of hospitality for an often exhausted man who typically spends every weekend on the road.

    I’ve never heard of an ordinary priest having someone like this, let alone a whole group. Kids will serve as acolytes during the service, but again they’re there mainly for convenience, and have a mostly liturgical function, i.e., they’re *not* personally attached to a pastor, but to the church as a whole.

  123. I so appreciate this subject, when I came through the church, we served in the capacity due to being committed to the work of ministry without the Title.
    Though I believe in the ministry of Armor Bearer, there are circumstances tat ave warranted the need for safety of Pastors. Much as to do with location of that ministry or church.
    It’s vital that any person who serve in ministry should include their family to bring much needed balance in ones life. And finally it’s vital to have a servants heart regardless to what capacity in ministry we are privildeged to serve. It’s all about bringing Glory and Honor to God. Again thanks so much for this thought provoking subject.

  124. I came out of the “church” system, however I listen to you on TV. If I can say nothing else I can say that you are a blessing to your assembly, as I have NEVER heard you TEACH anything other than what God’s written word teaches. If I were to visit any church here in Jax, it would be Shilo!

  125. My thoughts are this: Show me bible. I don’t have any
    Armor Bearer’s but I think if we are going to address such an important issue, and heated thing, that could potentially cause some brothers and sisters to feel miss placed we need to go just a little bit deeper. Show how they may have come up with the terms, what the history of the position may have been, and how it came to be in place today. And then of course some biblical information that speaks for or against it. Not just a blanket statement like, it ain’t in the bible? just a thought….

    • I think this is so key with what you said…we need the foundational truths to support this statement. And as a church we have to be like Bereans and stand solid on the Word of GOD. Let’s get to the resolutions of the church instead of keep pointing out what’s wrong (in which we are good at doing) and build an unified Body. I agree that the abuse and spiritual manipulation is there, but those are character issues which has nothing to do with the ministry and/or the “office.” More godly spiritual fathers must be raised up so that there can be a reproduction of men (women) of valor. If we studied David, who had many armor bearers, this is what he raised up…men of valor…hence the type and shadow of Jesus Christ which was all throughout HIS ministry…You shall know them by their fruit…a fruit starts with a seed, then the tree, later the fruit…is the seed of the enemy or seed of GOD?

    • But, if there is no mention of armor bearers in the Bible, how would you be able to find biblical information on it? There are absolutely zero scriptures that mention priests, prophets, pastors, or preachers of any kind having armor bearers. I’m not against the principle of men serving, as Pastor HB has said, but his assertion in the title of this blog is beyond reproach.

      • My dear brother Ernest there are scriptures that mention armor bearers specifically. And to add, David was a priest, prophet, pastor (shepherd) if you will even more so because he was a type and shadow of Jesus Christ. The are many different sites and concordances that you can so that you can search out the scriptures for yourself to find these things. There is a terminology that is used in theology called “first mention” and ‘in general the first time when a thing is mentioned in Scripture it carries with it a meaning which will be consistent throughout the entire Bible.'”

    • Pastor Sonny, I posted this previously….please, for your consideration.

      Interesting…….I do not agree with the name armor bearer…..nor for
      most “Titles”unless they are worked for and earned. I will cut to the
      chase. Our Pastors
      are human. From reading this blog it seems that there is a lack of
      understanding of Protection…..every human deserves protection from
      harm. Some persons receive more threats than others. Our Pastors have
      more exposure to the public than most of us, therefore have more
      Our Pastors are an asset…….! In order to erect an intelligent
      defense/offense a Threat Assessment needs to be preformed.
      church fatalities/shootings….it is just common sense that security is
      put in place for Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Get Training…..try
      CPPS in Spokane Washington, Academi in Moyock, North Carolina or
      R.L.Oatman and Associates in Towson, Maryland. I have training from all
      three and others. I also provide protection for our Pastors, Staff and
      Congregation. Aloha!

  126. Bishop John Baines I
    suggest the reading and studying of Called Alongside Ministering in the
    Spirit of an Armorbearer Understanding the Ministry of an Adjutant
    (Pamela R. Smith, PHD). Armor Bearer can be utilized under the Gift of
    Helps as noted in the Bible. Also armorbearer was an office in the OT 1
    Samuel 16:21. It is strange how the church use the title and duties
    USHER and it does not appear in the Bible but we use it as an office to
    serve. When we see the word gate keeper in the bible it refers to
    someone as a janitor etc but not usher. I do agree that some of our
    religious organizations do go too far with certain titles/positions in
    the church but who am I to say if it’s not what they need to operate in
    their ministry. In conclusion if what one does is for the benefit and advancement of the Kingdom work it will workout greatly with the correct training. Keep in mind we use the ushers which is not a biblical term but they are used in the role of a servant.

  127. At what point or under what circumstances do we determine that Armor bearers/security is necessary? An Old Testament example of an armor bearer was Jonathan’s servant. New Testament -None? Got that. However, I would suggest that ALL ministry is born out of a need. Acts 6 indicates that not until there was a need that the office and ministry of deacon was created (emphasis on created). The times in which we live are drastically different and dangerous. From church robbery at gun-point on Sunday morning, to Pastors being threatened and/or attacked, and pastor’s wives being viciously attacked in restroom of the church while worship is going.
    I guess my point is this: If there is a need for armor bearers, allow them to function as all other ministries. But just to have armor bearers for the sake of is NOT ministry.
    All ministry is born out of need.

    • I think I’ve read about as much as I can without replying to some of these comments. This one in particular, I question who ever has the need to look important in the House of God, wants special status? Every time it comes back to man, in his own flesh, which we know is not to be trusted, it deceives us let alone others Ph 3:3. OT, offices ( God ordained) were so different than those operating today in the NT.

      Also they have reopened an office that’s no longer to be occupied by anyone of our day, because it gives explicit qualification to obtain and hold. That’s the office of Apostle, Acts 1:21-26. I attended a church and had been going there for a while as a new member of the body of Christ, with my three small children old enough to recognize junk when they see it. We arrived very early and seated ourselves before the building began to fill up. We were asked to move to another place to sit, because this was a certain couple’s sit that friends with the pastor and his wife.

      I sucked it up and moved my children and myself to another place only to have another woman almost move me over and sit in my lap to move me down, because that’s where she sat. When do we own places in the church as our personal space in God’s House of worship? Mk 10:35-45 give the account of the two brothers that wanted a special place to sit with Jesus. “When the sons of Zebedee, came to Him, saying to Him, Teacher, we want you to do for us whatever we ask You. And He said to them, What do you want Me to do for you?

      We know they asked to be granted seats on the right and left of Jesus. But the Lord’s, reply was are you able to drink of the cup which He was to drink, or be baptized with the baptism with which He was to be baptized. This may be granted but the position they were asking for The Lord said it was not His to give, because it had already been prepared for those intended. They answered, we are able.

      We see this type of attitude brings other attitudes in the body, as with the other ten. The Lord, reminded them of His purpose for coming, wasn’t to be served but to serve. Who ever wants to be become great among you shall be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you shall be the slave to all. Bottom line, Christ, the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.

      we have already received a special place in His kingdom, and may I add we didn’t deserve it. Thank God for His undying love towards mankind, and I thank the brother for being so bold and bringing this issues out. There’s much in the church that doesn’t belong, such as first lady!! since when did God call a first lady to the body of Christ?. Even Mary wasn’t give this title, we are looking to much like the world to me and it hurts my heart.

  128. I think this is at the heart of what our dear brother Charles is trying to say:

    25) Jesus said to them, “The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them; and those who exercise authority over them call themselves Benefactors. 26) But you are not to be like that. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves. 27) For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves. ~ Luke 22:25-27

    Now if you can reconcile the MODERN DAY practice of securing an “Armor Bearer” with the above passage then that’s between you and the Lord. As for me, I can’t do it with a clear conscience.

    • To Christ be the Glory for you sticking to the word of God, I like you have such a reverence and fear of the Lord I dare not. We don’t need to change His word, we just need to obey it…that’s where our focus should be. God bless you and may you have continual sensitivity toward the things of our Abba Father

  129. What the what? Since when does anyone allow someone other than themselves to touch or handle their anointed holy objects? Armor Bearer? Sounds like another idiot giving himself a title he hasn’t yet earned. I NEVER allow anyone to touch my Bible, rosary, incense burner or communion cup. No one save but the Lord.

  130. Thank you pastor Charles for your post. l have seen armor bearers kneeling for their pastors as they pass by and l have always had unanswered questions regarding that. This post has just shed some light. People tend to worship pastors in the name of being an armor bearer, l have heard a pastor saying ” My armor bearers kneel for me because they respect the anonting of God on my life”. May God help us !…

    • What’s sad men will knock others over to get their pastor a glass of water but one get their own wife a glass of water at home.

    • Before anyone miss understand my position, I reverence whole headily the word of God, where it states a man should be the husband of one wife, and woman can not head a church because she’s not the head of household. 1Tim 3:1-7

      • and sadly some will do more for their pastors then for their own wives. They will paint and fix up the church or the pastor’s home and let their own house go. I have known that to happen.

        • This is funny because women are guilty
          of the same neglect when trying to serve the pastor and, yet, neglecting their
          own homes. Furthermore, I’m so tired of other women supporting their own
          oppression. That’s why they have no problem quoting 1 Tim 3:1-7. But in the
          words of Zora Neale Hurston, “women are the mules of the world.” Now,
          that’s one armor bearer, nobody seems to have a problem with. I never
          hear anyone complaining about women over serving and the world is always using
          Scripture and sexism to justify it. Isn’t it ironic that the only
          complaint is about men serving other men? Why doesn’t the same thing
          apply with the Pastor’s Aid, which is usually a bunch of women and the ushers,
          etc. Remember, it’s only men in the world that should be served, because
          that’s who the real leaders are. Yeh, right! So, glad I can read for
          myself and I’m not bound up in all this bondage. I’m free….praise the Lord,
          I’m free no longer bound…..

          • Rev. Crews, I kept reading the responses and marveling that no one seemed to have picked up on the fact that only men were mentioned. What about women in leadership roles? Amazing!

  131. The title “armor bearer” is simply a term used in some churches to describe people who exercise their gift of serving by helping leaders. I’ve never thought of it as a New Testament “office” just illustrative name with some spiritual roots in the Old Testament stories of Israel’s Kings and national leaders.

    I pastor a larger multi-cultural and multi-generational church community. We have elders and deacons. We also have Ushers we refer to as Service Hosts, Guest Services volunteers we call “Ambassadors”, and volunteers we call “Servants”. And yes we refer to some of the men and women who help the senior leaders as “Armor Bearers”. Nobody thinks its an “office”. Its just how we refer to the way they faithfully serve.

    The use of the term armor bearer is not intrinsically wrong or unscriptural. Most of the serving members who directly help the senior leaders wear the name proudly. There certainly are (particularly among some church cultures) traditional offices and serving roles that can cater to the celebrity mindset and nurture unhealthy hierarchy in some leaders. But this exists under different names and forms nearly all historic churches of all cultures. I think your blog is written as an allergic reaction to a mindset in some traditional urban, charismatic, and culturally monolithic church communities that needs to be addressed. But the problem isn’t the term used for people called to directly help busy pastors and senior church leaders. I think what you are reacting to is the entitlement and status obsessed mindset that’s behind title.

    • My comment to you sir, I would not think you’d find anything wrong with this use of an office that ‘s not N, because as you stated it’s used in your church. First receive the true mind of Christ and you will see the issue as it really is one. You are changing titles that God has already has ordained, where were you when He stretched out the heavens, I know He never asked for your council as to when to change what He already deem right in His eyes. The world is confused by us and rightly so, if we’re confused guess what they are feeling. I wish above all our leader would get over themselves and just do the word, live it and teach sound doctrine for once before Christ returns. Rev 22:20 Come Lord Jesus!!!!! 🙁

  132. Thank you for speaking up. You’ve finally said what I’ve been thinking all along. This idea is in many Charismatic mega-churches. It’s crazy and manipulative. Prideful at the very least and maybe even bordering on spiritual abuse.

  133. Thank you, Pastor Charles, for you biblical integrity. Unfortunately, it is far too rare in this time. This has been a subject that I have had many discussions because of particular it’s ever-evolving nature and lack of biblical relevance. I don’t have a problem with people serving their pastor but I can say that I have a great deal of respect for those pastors that aren’t looking to be celebrated or waited on but yern to serve.

  134. It is amazing how some may show markers of offense, to truth being
    brought to bear. The post plainly articulated an “armor bearer is NOT a
    Biblical church office.” What rational, even casual Bible reader would
    disagree with that? Go to any of “our” churches with an “armor bearer”
    or “bearers” and you will see brothas, “jockin” all during service,
    feigning busyness on behalf of the pastor. My question is “why are you
    so busy?” you’re @ church to worship a gloriously, risen Christ and
    humble oneself and tremble at an expostionally preached Word. Yet there
    is constant motion and/or commotion, up, down, in, out, checking the
    phones, looking outside, looking “urgent,” “rubber necking” the pulpit,
    looking at the watch every 5 min, scanning the audience, like you’re FOI
    (lol). I mean…..just put on a black suit, white shirt and black tie
    and wear shades, inside the church and drive a black Chevy Suburban.
    I’ve known dudes making $10 an hr put $79 polyester suits on lay-away
    trying to keep up appearances to remain an “armor bearer.” No pastor
    needs someone “personal assistant -ing” him during the service. He, as
    well should be in “bowing the knee” mode. I’d argue, whenever you attend
    a church with a pastoral “armor bearer” dude is a gopher, yet enjoying
    the notoriety and the pastor is ego-driven. In my younger years, I was
    one. (lol) Sunday was a trip! Standing at the door of the sanctuary,
    like the Nittany Lions of Penn State football, waiting for the cue from
    the usher. (lol) Walking behind the “mand of gawd” toting his bible and
    face cloths, ascending the pulpit with him as he knelt in prayer as I
    stretched my hand toward him, “in agreement.” Then off to my “busyness.” Keep on, keepin on HB!

    • Not always Larry. I’m serving as an armor bearer. There are days I hate it. People see you walking with the church leader and they think its a glorified position. Its not. There’s not a week that goes by, that I don’t think about stepping down. Do leaders need protection. Yes. In this day & age – Yes they do. Do they need butlers? Maybe not. On days when I’m away from the position — people say — our leader was looking for me. After coming in late on a few occasions I understand why. I serve with my heart. If its pouring tea in a cup, I do it unto Christ, with love. When I come into the church and things are out of position. I notice it and we try to fix it right away. It makes me angry that people just walk by something and don’t fix it.

      It makes me angry that you can walk by paper, cups and other trash and don’t throw it away. But you can sit there and see the sin and wrong in what other people are doing. My goal is getting our leader into the church, onto the pulpit and back into his vehicle with as little distractions as possible.

      I think you may agree that there are sick people sitting in the pews. Fact, I care less for the junk that goes on in the church.That’s a different topic. But the fact is, I do love Christ and I do go to church to worship, pray and receive the word. There’s more I could like to say — but…lets end there. Be blessed my brother. Do me a favor, the next time you see someone serving as an armor bearer, give them a Christ-like hug or hand shake for me. You never know what a person may have gone through or is going through to serve.

      • Armor-Bearer, I hear you loud and clear. The fact that you feel
        conflicted about what you do is indicative of a mis-managed servant
        model. Why we do not just be honest about us is beyond me. Armor bearers
        are butlers in our churches. I was one as well. “Bishop here’s some
        extra handkerchiefs, a pack of gum, give me your keys and I’ll fill your
        tank with gas, your car looks dirty, I’ll go wash it, nice shirt and
        tie bishop, Go ahead, I’ve got your Bible, I told them you like room
        temp bottled water, I’ll get the leaves out of the parking lot, Bishop, I wanna thank you for lettin me serve, Are you ready to go in? Bruh? trust me, it’s unnecessary. No one is
        negating “serving.” All of us should have a heart to serve. But a
        public church butler in the name of “armour bearing” is a “black thing,”
        and we need to move beyond that type of modeling. Usually when the
        black church contends with something the ones trying to “hold fast” are
        usually the ones that need to “let it go.” When we grab the same ole
        scriptures to validate something, it is normally a weak argument.
        Jonathan and David, or David and Saul, Elijah and Elisha, Moses and
        Aaron. As if in those texts, Gods GOAL was to teach the NT church the art of “bearing arms.”
        Bruh, we need to do better. Keep your head in the Word, stay on your
        knees, love the people of God and serve at any opportunity. But the
        butler thing?

        • Thanks for the replying. You get no argument from me about the butler thing. hahaha.. I know, there’s more in me than being the Help or the Butler. No disrespect to people who serve…I’m learning — and soon I know there will be a break away point and my words will be used to uplift people.
          Blessings my brother.

          • God bless you brother! I can only sense that perhaps, you may feel a “call” toward a type of leadership in the local assembly? teaching? discipling? Well, one of the best ways to “discover” your gifts is to make yourself available in certain areas. Bro, make yourself available to your Sunday School or to Evangelism or see if you can get some brothas together once or twice a month on a Sat and use an hour to go over a passage of scripture and prayer. Try your hand at some street evangelism. A pastor that has “armor bearers” to get him water, carry his Bible, make sure he gets the biggest piece of chicken and the coldest soda, IMO is not a model for Biblical ministry involving servant-leadership. Man, ya gotta break from THAT and move toward the “real.” Bless u.

        • Aloha Larry,
          I posted this previously. Interesting…….I do not agree with the name armor bearer…..nor for
          most “Titles”unless they are worked for and earned. I will cut to the
          chase. Our Pastors
          are human. From reading this blog it seems that there is a lack of
          understanding of Protection…..every human deserves protection from
          harm. Some persons receive more threats than others. Our Pastors have
          more exposure to the public than most of us, therefore have more
          Our Pastors are an asset…….! In order to erect an intelligent
          defense/offense a Threat Assessment needs to be preformed.
          church fatalities/shootings….it is just common sense that security is
          put in place for Pastors, Staff and Congregation. Get Training…..try
          CPPS in Spokane Washington, Academi in Moyock, North Carolina or
          R.L.Oatman and Associates in Towson, Maryland. I have training from all
          three and others. I also provide protection for our Pastors, Staff and
          Congregation. Aloha!

      • Sir,
        Much Mahalo for your faithfulness and service. All that it takes for evil to prevail is for a good man to do nothing. We understand this…..and we humbly serve. I would like to submit to you that if you have not already obtain formal training. Academi in Moyock, N.C. or R.L. Oatman in Towson, Maryland.
        Aloha, In Christ….

    • OK, And so is a church accountant and office assistant, but that doesn’t
      mean there aren’t needs for those positions. Some people just want to be
      right.. when they are wrong though.

  135. I was JUST telling my sister this the other night! I think it has been grossly taken out of context and has been way overdone. Nailed it!

  136. Thank you for these observations, it really hit home for me because I served as armor bearer for my pastor out of a true willingness and desire to serve. As a young minister at that time it provided my with an opportunity to observe and learn. But as time went on other brothers thought that being that close to the pastor would put them out ahead of the pack. It became a sick race to see who could do the most; biblical or not. Now the “armor bearer” wipes the sweat from the pastors head and hands after he preaches. The sad thing is that the pastor doesn’t discourage this exssecive behavior, yet he has come to expect it. I have long since stepped out of that role, yet at the same time I don’t feel that it’s not altogether a bad thing. There are many things we do in the church that isn’t literally sanctioned in the Bible, yet we do them with total reverence to God. I believe that herein lies the key. The moment things like this become more about the men and less about God it is bound to become a stumbling block for that entire congregation.

  137. man of God i love this and how u profoundly spoke….. been thinking about this for sometime now on armor barriers and other stuff within the church that’s not in the bible

  138. Greetings, I hope you don’t mind me getting in on the conversation, but there is so much falsity and foolishness in the church that “armor bearer” is the least of our worries; however, you are correct that it is not an office in the church.

    I am reminded of the Scripture: Revelation 22:10-13 (Jewish Bible Translation)

    10 Then he said to me, “Don’t seal up the words of the prophecy in this book,[a] because the time of their fulfillment is near.

    11 “Whoever keeps acting wickedly, let him go on acting wickedly;
    whoever is filthy, let him go on being made filthy.

    “Also, whoever is righteous, let him go on doing what is righteous;
    and whoever is holy, let him go on being made holy.”

    12 “Pay attention!” [says Yeshua,] “I am coming soon, and my rewards are with me to give to each person according to what he has done. 13 I am the ‘A’ and the ‘Z,’ the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

    I think that we should focus our attention on “preparing the way” for the coming of our King Jesus by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of Heaven,
    and making ourselves righteous and blameless for that Day. I think there’s been much said about the condition of the Church and Christianity, so it’s not like there’s been no warnings; we already know through the Word, that many will go the way of the world lusting after their own desires.

    Your Servant In Christ,
    Minister Glenda

    • King Saul’s armor bearer was literally in charge of carrying his armor when kings went to war in those days. He was a king not a pastor

  139. Wow. …sometimes I read something that I wish I had written. Even in small churches this is still an issue. One pastor I know insists on getting his coffee, and being ‘served first’ as soon as he enters a room full of people. I always find it scary when a pastor starts referring to the congregation as ‘his people’…

    • Thing is.. a church accountant and office assistant are also not specified in the bible, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t needs for those positions. Some people just want to be
      right.. when they are wrong though.

      • Timothy Jones I agree with you. The “modern church” has a lot of postions that are needed. I do understand today preachers sense of entitlment that they should be pamered but somethings shouldnt be overanalyzed.

      • Great perspective man. But if you look at the specific verse where deacons and apostles were first brought into fruition you see there purpose was to take care of the overall church. As viewed in Acts 6:1-15, you see the Apostles coming together to appoint men to take care of the church. This being a need considering the strenuous work that came from being an Apostle chosen by Christ himself. Not only were they commissioned to preach the gospel, but also to do some things that are specific only to Apostles, like write books of the bible lol. Now to address your statement as humbly as I possibly can. It is true that there are many who just need to be right. At many times I am one of those people, and I’m sure you are as well. The one thing that we cannot argue with however is scripture, and that is exactly what he built his foundation upon. Those positions are needed positions in the 21 Century Church, it is true. However, the way we have strayed away from the biblical framework when going about making these positional decisions is insane. We, the modern church, often times look at the change in culture from then and now and come to the conclusion that the methods used during biblical times are outdated. To the point that titles such as deacons and elders do not suffice for the positions needed in a fully functioning Church. Because of that we don’t hold our trustees to the same standard of deacons, or our Media team to the same standard. We create loopholes based on the fact that these positions aren’t in the bible. So now our media team only needs to be good at there craft, and our finance ministry only needs to have a good credit score and a history of tithing (which……nevermind lol). All positions of leadership or oversight of the church should be handled in accordance with the qualifications for either deacons or elders. Why? Because those are the frameworks given in scripture. So I humbly present to you a biblical response to your statement. I am not a bible scholar by any means, I just see what scripture says concerning the new testament church. If there are any verses or passages of scripture saying otherwise I will gladly repent and observe those things just as I’ve observed the things I had written above. Grace and Peace !

  140. Why do you have to muddle up everyone’s fun with calling us back to literal biblical statements? Shouldn’t we be able to give ourselves big titles and important positions so that we can feel better about our perceived holiness and not have to actually walk after Godly character and sound biblical doctrine?

  141. Pastors too often have been to lazy to serve anymore, they want to be served and have trained with the wrong words and actions. PCH said should we get rid of all the church functions not in the bible YES then we would be truly biblical instead of religious

  142. For the most part, I fully agree with the assessment of the celebrity
    aspect and attention that this role brings. And I feel the pastor has a
    major role in developing this attitude. Years ago, I provided
    assistance for my late pastor. He was completely against the celebrity
    attention and never once referred to me as an “armor bearer”.

    As he got older, there was a need for someone to help him with driving out
    of town, carrying bags, etc. He never demanded the help and often
    preferred trying to things alone.

    Our relationship was never Leader-servant/security guard. Only when he became severely ill did I ever feel a need to “protect” him from anyone because he was such a people person. It became evident as years passed that as I was helping him I was actually being groomed by him for the ministry.

    I too prefer to do things for myself. But I am appreciative of what I learned and would pass it on just the same as he did with me.

  143. I believe in people can be anointed to be armor bearers, however Pastor Charles is right in that it is not a ministry gift unless you look at it as being a part of the ministry of helps(1 Corinthians 12:28). In some churches security is needed, especially in light of some preachers getting attacked(Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty comes to mind). Anyways, I’m not nit picking because this brother is right on n his article.

    • Show me bible. I don’t have any
      Armor Bearer’s but I think if we are going to address such an important issue, and heated thing, that could potentially cause some brothers and sisters to feel miss placed we need to go just a little bit deeper. Show how they may have come up with the terms, what the history of the position may have been, and how it came to be in place today. And then of course some biblical information that speaks for or against it. Not just a blanket statement like, it ain’t in the bible? just a thought….

  144. I agree. But I do believe “armor bearer” falls under the ministry of helps like; ushers, greeter, praise and worship, etc. I think the problem this individual faced and others have is that it becomes a “stature” position. They begin to say look at what I do for my Pastor. That’s when they loose site of their real purpose. For the last 15 years me and my wife have considered ourselves as “armor bearer” for our Pastors (Pastor and his wife). As Worship Pastors for 15 years and now moving into an Associate role, we still consider ourselves armor bearers for them. We serve (do things) for them because we want to HONOR him, which the majority of the church does not understand. So in the end, if a Pastor is requesting this kind of service, well we all know what pride can do to you. If it is done because people want to serve and HONOR the pastor in that way, I believe it is being a true armor bearer.

  145. Your article is so true instead of 5 fold ministry in the church today we have seven fold, we have added 2 more in the modern era, we added Armor Bearer and then First Lady, we’re the heck does this come from, no wonder Mallenials are leaving the church in droves, they are tired of all our ego stuff, in fact we started the security with the radios and all the paraphernalia in the church in South Africa during the very dangerous years of the 1980’s and 90’s when we had church invasions in a church in Cape Town Pastores by Frank Relief armed terrorists invaded a church and shot and killed many, all of a sudden the Pastor and Televangelist became like the President, over all the years I think we have one fertility, one to many but we spend millions on this security circus.
    For hundreds of years during the time if the great Gospel crusades no armor bearers, no security detail, and no first lady, we need to chill and get real again, I have a Pastor friend who was the travelling companion to one of the Mega Pastors, the two of them traveled alone most if the time, never had an incident

  146. After reading the comments of Pastor H. B. Charles I would like to add to his comments, “Trustees are not in the Bible. And they should NOT have final authority in the church, just because they handle the money.” In the State of Ohio all non profit corporations according to the Ohio Revised Code, 1702.30, titled, Authority of directors,, “Except where the law, the articles, or the regulations require that action be otherwise authorized or taken, all of the authority of a corporation shall be exercised by or under the direction of its directors. For their own government, the directors may adopt bylaws that are not inconsistent with the articles or the regulations.” If organized legally the Directors/ Trustees should have final authority in the church. Although this is secular law we are still obligated to abide by these statutes because failure to do so for religious reasons will result in secular penalties.

    With that said, about amourbearers not being Biblical, didn’t King Saul of Israel have an amourbearer as recorded in 1 Chronicles 10:1-4 (KJV)? Seems there is a great commitment if it is Biblical. Whew LOL Often it is not what we are taught but what we are not taught that does much harm. Some Christian leaders honestly believe that they are entitled to be served in various ways by the anointed of God and the persons serving believe that their service is in line with what God expects.

    When being the objects of high esteem by the Lycanoians, Barnabas and Paul, “Tore their clothes and ran in among the multitude, crying out and saying, ‘Men, why are you doing these things? We also are men with the same nature as you…: (Acts14:8-18) Paul often referred to himself as a servant to the people. Jesus referred to Himself as a servant as well.

    But sometimes egos get in the way when the response should be “NO” is most difficult to say. Remember pastors, bishops, apostles, elders, reverends, elders, district elders, etc. are just humans “with the same nature as you.”

    • Thanks for your comments, Philip.

      Of course, many states require some form of Trustees for non-profit organizations. But this should be viewed as a matter of “rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” not as a trump of biblically ordained church leadership.

      If pastors cannot be trusted around money, he should not be trusted to care for souls.

      I do not agree that the fact King Saul had an armor bearer makes it a legitimate office of the church of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

      Thanks again for joining the conversation.

      • The King Saul comment was a sound bite, you know only a small piece of information to justify and add credibility to something that is as misleading as Amour bearers.
        Also, secular laws, guidelines, rules, etc., must be considered when developing the organizational structure of a church. Some pastors ignore their responsibility to be aware of them and to render unto Caesar what is Ceasar’s, which may result in, but not limited to, being fined, serving jail sentences and enduring public shame. A Biblically ordained church leadership is fiscally accountable, pays taxes, establishes budgets, abides by its own Bylaws, writes plans, engages professionals, i.e., attorneys, accountants, investment brokers, pay debts on time, bankers, etc., control debt and not believe prayer alone is the answer.
        Great discussion…

      • I agree with the general point of the blog regarding the spirit of servant-leadership. However I also agree with some of the earlier posts regarding us exercising care with our critiques, less people mis-understand a blanket statement of “it’s not in the Bible” or “it’s not bliblical” to mean it has not valid place in Kingdom ministry.

        I do believe that God has given men and women of God, particular people who have proven works in apostolic offices, even in modern times, things that are effective and potent parts of Kingdom ministry, though we cannot in a pure Theological sense find them in the Bible. Many things are based however on biblical principles and are geared towards building the things of God. You dont find “Sunday School” anywhere in the Bible, but yet the fathers of the modern church who gave this to us, and many of us who still use it today, find it to be a God-ordained area of ministry, effective for Christian Education and instruction in the Word, which is in fact a necessary function of the church.

        Similarly, you do find many instances in the Bible of persons serving the leader, as in Exodus and again in Joshua, it called Joshua, “Moses’ minister” where the word minister simply meant to serve or servant. However in this Biblical model, I agree with others who have noted that this primarily fed into training for future leadership or “training for reigning”. At the end of the day, any leader who is working for the Kingdom should understand the basic model of leadership which Christ taught, is in fact “Servant-Leadership” and that all who would be chiefest much be “servant of all.” If we do this we will stand in good stead. And when the Lord connects people to us who want to serve with us and assist us in our Kingdom assignment, we should be cautious not to put them in a place and end up utilizing them in a way that does not follow the principles and models of Servant-Leadership.

  147. I see the people playing out these roles and it sickens me, as if what they are doing is going to elevate them to a higher place in heaven. I have seen them trip all over themselves and jump over chairs on stage to get the pastor a cup of water. They foolishly carry the pastors brief case as if the pastor was suddenly not able to do such a thing. For me, AS a pastor, do not serve me, but serve God along side me, to build the kingdom.

  148. Great statement…’There are two biblical offices in the New Testament church: elders and deacons. Elders serve by leading. Deacons lead by serving.’
    A Gentle Answer Ministries

  149. Thank you for posting this! I’ve had this complaint for years. The “armor bearer” role no matter how dressed up it is and how deep you make it is a prideful one. All the Pastors with them know only kings had them, but write it off as that’s how it’s always done. I’ve seen where they talk about praying for the Pastor, covering etc. in the areas that are not glorified slavery, those attributes are those of a minister. As Joshua was to Moses and so on. Also no biblical armor bearer’s job ever included intercession for the king. I understand the need for security, and other roles. Sadly armor bearers often end up offended they didn’t get the training and development they hoped for because their job was to simply glorify the celebrity who can’t wipe their own sweat? Great job but I’ll pass

  150. i totally agree, i have this same arguement with more insight. Crazy thing is i was made/called someones armor bearer. Once i grew in the word this changed. armor bearers served kings, we don’t, they killed what the king didn’t, we’re not killing anyone, they carried what armor the king couldn’t, but we are all told to put on the full armor of God. The bondage that churches put people in, our own people in, sickens me to a great degree. i will go forth correcting and presenting the truth of God’s word.

  151. I am in general agreement with your perspective. In the AME Church, Trustees do not have any financial authority, although most think they do. I would say, though, that given the security needs and realities imposed upon us by society, congregations need to have some sort of safety and security plan. I don’t know that Armor Bearers meet that need, however. Personally, I want to be able to touch my congregation, and I want the congregation to be able to touch me. I’m just saying…

    • Melvin, I agree that the need for security is a real part of the world we live in. But the security should be securing more than just the pastor!

      Likewise, I don’t think pastors should act like they are afraid of their members. I don’t walk around with security anywhere else, I especially don’t need to do so among the people of God. My life is not in constant danger. No one will take me out until God’s appointed time.

  152. You are a blessing to the body of Christ. These “armor bearers” are security guards. As brother Roy mentioned armor bearers were not assigned to prophets. Thank God for servants.

    • The Biblical Gehazi served Prophet Elisha and Prophet Elisha himself had previously served Elijah before Elijah’s translation to Heaven. So in agreement with previously read comments, the armor bearer term fits under the gift of “Helps” as outlined by Apostle Paul in I Corinthians. The term “usher” today could be synonymous with “doorkeeper” in the Old Testament and Psalmist David applauded being a doorkeeper in God’s House over dwelling among wicked. So in short, I wouldn’t knock the role of Armor Bearers because all good gifts come from God. Yes, the Pastors’ helpers should respect the “entire” congregation too and not become puffed up over their roles.

  153. A lot of people back that up because of how Elisha served Elijah, but went way overboard with it. I’ve saw churches with 20 members and 5 were armor bearers smh. However, security is sometimes needed. I attend a church of over 5000 members. You have to have someone watching in large crowds like that. I’ve saw people rush up to him as he was preaching and the security stopped them. I think the position of an armor bearer has its place in these times for reasons like that, but stuff like driving them everywhere, carrying their bible, and doing things THAT THEY CAN DO THEMSELVES is too much.

    • You are correct that some folks try to use this but it is not possible to use the Elijah and Elisha example because they were an example of a spiritual father and son establishing a Kingdom family structure of service that was mutually advantageous. These two finally broke the idea that only natural sons could be appointed as successors not to mention those natural sons that previous prophets appointed did evil in the sight of God.

  154. Armor bearers were for kings not prophets or priests so I don’t see any connection to pastors. Timely and accurate word!

    • Jesus who is our King, Lord and also who was a priest, a prophet, pastor (shepherd)(He preached the gospel) and HE had an entourage and had two armor bearers which one cut off the ear of one of the men that came to arrest Jesus. Dear brother we have to study just as the Bereans did so that we will know the scriptures for ourselves and so that we can walk out the scriptures how GOD will have us to. Everything has an order, and GOD has established order, a purified and consecrated order for us. GOD Bless brother.

  155. Amazing that you would write this now! I was just about to write a similar post for my blog. ( aka A Word In Season) If you don’t mind, I would like to re-blog this instead. You are right on target with your assessment. This idea of Pastors and in some cases Pastor’s wives, having Armor Bearers is completely contrary to the spirit of Christ. He is our example and model; he didn’t come to be served, but rather to serve! I really think it is an example of Pastors and churches adopting the world’s ideal of seeking celebrity status.

  156. I guess my question would be, should we get rid of ALL church functions and offices that are not in the bible as “an official office?” While I agree some of this perspective, I am grateful that I was taught to “serve” even without the title “Armor Bearer.” I also believe this might cause some who (out of a pure heart) are committed to simply assisting in whatever capacity they can to make ministry a little easier for those who serve as leaders. YES, there are many who take advantage of these kinds of people and that is wrong! But…this is a personal perspective that does not have to be subscribed to by all. One thing I do know….I am quite sure Moses appreciated the assistance of Aaron and Hur, etc! And I am sure they did a little more than just held up his arms in that one instance. There is a difference in “serving” and “slaving.” I think this perspective can use a little more balance, lest it ends up doing more harm to the Kingdom rather than good. Just my thoughts.

    PS: I always enjoy your post. Keep it up!

    • It seems the point is that pastors should be able to carry their own Bibles. Moses held up his own rod until he became tired and feeble. It’s a testament when I see pastors serving amongst the brethren and sisters as opposed to “sitting at the table” waiting to be served. It’s called Servant-Leadership. More pastors should walk in it.

    • Thanks for your comments. In the post, I do not object to men serving… or serving their pastor. I am only challenging pastors to model servant-leadership and do the hard work of training men for spiritual leadership, not personal using them as flunkies.

      • Dear pastor Charles; Thank you for the post. I say this with respect to you and with what you posted. I do believe that there are some abuses with the armor bearers and so many other things in the church where we have gotten off track.
        I also know that there are types and shadows in the Bible and that we are a NT church living out the OT revealed. There are so many “biblical positions” in the Bible and armor bearer being one of them (ex: Jonathan and David, Jonathan and his armor bearer).
        GOD has a reason why HE put things such as this in the Bible…I believe that we all are armor bearers (spiritually for GOD’S Kingdom). But also another body of text to recall is Jesus and his disciples in the garden before His persecution on the cross where a disciple was “bearing arms” to protect Jesus…even Jesus told them to go and buy a sword (which a msg can be taught on that).
        So my question respectfully, since you have stated “Armor Bearer is not a biblical office” then why did GOD mention it? And how do we purify the “office’ that is already set in place?…another example of what GOD has set in place in the earth because of HIS Sovereignty.

        • Please remember that though the bible is written for us everything written in it is not to us. The answers to your “questions” are simple. Jonathan and David had armor bearers because they were a prince and King who did actual physical battle with real armies. The roads in and around Jerusalem were quite dangerous in ancient Israel (no such thing as police patrol) so men traveling would carry weapons for protection. Jesus’ disciples were no different. Please stop conflating a vocation and a church position.

          The use of simple church positions (elders and deacons) is to keep the operations simple in order to focus on the preaching and teaching of the gospel and administration of the sacraments. A lot of these ” extra offices” are self serving of the people that want to obtain them or put them in place.

          • I feel that in my studying the Israelites were called to have armor bearers because of the times that they lived in and it was a duty of the armies that went out to war against God enemies until the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ became the Churches covering. We are called to “To put on the Whole Armor of God” and to stand against the wiles of the devil. We are the Church not the Israelites. Even all of the disciples weren’t in Jesus inner circle, but that didn’t mean He loved them less. We should all be armor bearers of prayer and building the Kingdom of God, but the correct word should really be servants that love to serve with a heart of Christ Jesus. If everyone has to have an office to serve,who is following Christ?

          • If you want to wear armor bearer equipment to serve in the Kingdom of God use Ephesians 6:11-18, and to keep advancing Matthew 5:3-12. Where were Jesus’ Armor Bearers when they were dragging Him to the kangaroo courts,beating, spitting, tearing out His beard,knocking a crown of thorns in His head and nailing Him to the cross?
            Rightly dividing the Words comes with different eras. In Old Testament they stone their children to death if they were disrespectful.Stone to death if you got caught sinning. They even married into their families to keep the lineage pure that Jesus would be born through.There was a time men and women could be in Church together, then they had to sit on different sides. Every thing for the Israelites is just not for us.The Israelites haven’t accepted Jesus yet, the Church has and shall be taken out.

          • My dear sister Mochafaire;

            I understand how certain things has been polluted, tainted and abuse…the book of Jude talks about this. BUT I do know that as a holy, consecrated people (priests) that it is our responsibility, duty and call to be the salt to preserve that which is holy.

            I am in agreement that the Bible was written for us and for us to abide by it and to allow the Word of GOD to govern us by the leading of the Holy Spirit…directly speaking…some things are not spoken directly to us but it is for us (different times and cultural experiences).

            When we were chosen into salvation, we were inducted into GOD’S army (Ephesians 6:10-19) that is why there are “soldiers” watchmen, gates, doors, spiritual shepherds and “armor bearers” because we are bearing arms and warring against the attacks of the enemy. GOD does not mention, speak, have scribes (Biblical writers) for nothing to give a cute story of history…It is for US.

            So to put some scriptural foundation behind your quote “Jonathan and David had armor bearers because they were a prince and King who did actual physical battle with real armies” of what I made reference to earlier, I encourage these scriptures that I pray that will edify and exhort us all to the identity of who GOD says we are. Blessings to you and all on this blog…GOD Bless you!
            Revelations 1:6, 5:9-10; I Peter 2:5-9; I Corinthians 6:2-3; Romans 8:15-17; Matthew 16:19 (which GOD has given us authority here on earth as HIS kings and priests, ruling and reigning).

      • I totally agree with you H.B. Charles Jr. That’s the problem now days. Men aren’t train for leader ship, especially when they are called into the ministery. when they go out to pastor their own church they have a hard time cause they aren’t taught. Like you said they are more like servants or flunkies like you said.

        • I think the Young Leader today when they are called to Preach the Word..Go out to get their own church without Proper Training as you have said Instead of training under a Elder Minister some times the Elder tells them they are not ready I have witness on Many Ocassion. They found a pastor that is willing to Ordain them..(4 ) God has allowed me to Witness to become Bishop whom Got their First training under Baptist Teaching Ministers, but left becuase he won’t ordain them now they are Bishop under some other Minster but their are no Bishop in the Baptist Church.. we just have to Keep Praying… and I when heard about Armor Bearers I asked what Is that I have studed my whole life I felt Like a fool for not knowing what this was and where did it come from! I could not find anything in the Bible about a Office Position for Armor Bearers. Only for Elders and Deacon… Many People Explain the Position to me but I don’t see it in the Bible this is man trying to share the Glory of the Lord for himself, I want no parts of this and it is not of God But Man..

      • H.B. You did an outstanding job of clarifying things. To echo your point, it is an honorable work to serve and we are called to serve. Your article simply aims to challenge pastors to exemplify the servant-leader model. There is nothing disrespectful or wrong about reminding church leaders of the requirement to be humble and serve.

      • I agree! The disciples served to lead. Where do we draw the line between becoming the Help or learning humility to lead? It takes a lot of humility to lead people; in addition to courage and leadership. I agree Armor Bearer may not be an official position in the Apostolic business of the church. But, some churches are not officially members of the body of Christ. But we recognize them as a church. Just a play on words. Flunkie or Servant-hood? Change starts when we — start the chain.

  157. HALLELUJAH!!! May we worship in Spirit and TRUTH! Thank you for this post. I was born and raised in church, in many churches i have witnessed this and it has always bothered me. I just feel like the pastors that have armor bearers, seem so helpless until they grab the mic and start screaming. why can’t you take off your own jacket, hold your own bible, etc. This is silly behavior to me and not a sign of humility whatsoever. God should be the Honored One, The Adored One…Pastors that want this reverenced position should be careful that their intentions are not like lucifer’s who wanted God’s Glory!

  158. Pastor Charles first of all…. AMEN!!!

    Approximately 12 years ago my first assignment was to be the armor bearer to my pastor. This was first of all a blessing and an unintended burden to me and more than likely to my pastor also. I was not a armor bearer in the sense that I was carrying His Bible around, not allowing the flock to touch him, or wiping sweat from his face with the hanky that had been ordained and set aside for the pastoral sweat ministry. This was a blessing to me because it allowed me access to his library and to him often. However I misunderstood the role and begin to get lost in it. Like the brother you referred to in the blog-post I was the one that did everything. The problem is doing everything for my pastor, his family, and the church family left my NEW FAMILY OUT. It left me unfocused and scrambling to do everything, leaving important things undone, causing me frustration, eventually being the root of conflict in meaningful relationships. I was soon terminated from my position as “armor bearer” which led to anger, bitterness and an unforgiving heart. Unforgiveness became a stronghold which took years to unravel.

    Armor bearers can be a good thing but that still doesn’t make it a biblical office. I have the gifts of both helps and service but they were tainted and didn’t glorify God because I used them with a perverted and sinful heart that said “I’m the senior pastor’s right hand man.” Some may look at this as a great thing and it is a great thing to serve the pastor, his family and the local church but serving for the approval of that pastor, his wife and the church in dangerous and sin when Christ isn’t the center and it’s not for His glory.

    I love the fact that you made mention of raising up godly elders and faithful deacons. I highly reccomend the book Finding Faithful Elders & Deacons by Thabiti Anyabwile.

  159. Why would you spend time studying and preparing a message for your flock, and then perpetuate and participate in being a distraction from the message itself. If you have a growing church with baby Christians, or unchurched lost souls right on the edge of accepting Christ, why would you cause them to stumble with this “show”? Who is being exalted in this case…Bishop Such and So or Christ? News flash—Christ didn’t have armors bearers…and He is a King of kings!!

  160. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! This is something that is so annoying to me. I see so many men running around like mice trying to “serve” the pastor. Funny thing though is that this is where their servants’ heart begins and ends. If anyone else should dare need serving, one can find no help.

  161. Amen, it seems as though the Discipline of Exegesis is an Unlearned Disciple or a Lost Art that has taken a back seat to so called Prophetic Words and Relativistic Preaching…

  162. Quick question Pastor Charles. When you spoke of Trustee’s, did you mean to say they ‘should’ or ‘should not’ have final authority, just because they handle the money?