Keelan Atkinson Interview

Keelan Atkinson is the founding pastor of the Word Fellowship Reformed Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC.

I have known Keelan for some years now. He is a diligent student and faithful preacher of the word of God. Originally from St. Louis, Keelan is a product of Covenant Theological Seminary. He planted Word Fellowship several years ago. It is a God-intoxicated, Bible-saturated, Gospel-loving church.

In this interview, Keelan discusses his testimony, ministerial call, and pastoral experience. We also talked about Reformed Theology. Keelan is one of the first brothers I knew personally who fully embraced the Doctrines of Grace. We have had many conversations about our convictions, in which iron has sharpened iron.

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One thought on “Keelan Atkinson Interview

  1. Thank you so much for this interview. I am senior in college and was introduced to Reformed Theology my freshmen year. It blew my mind. After digesting it and committing myself to that theological perspective I, too, have come to conclusion that what matters most is that the Main Thing is the Main Thing (Christ’s redemptive work on the Cross of Golgotha’s Hill).