I’m taking back everything the Devil stole from me!

“I’m taking back everything the Devil stole from me!” 

Have you ever heard this statement? Have you ever made this statement? Have you ever thought about what this statement means?

Spiritual catchphrases. Theological sound bites. Pulpit ear tickling. Harmful error set to beautiful music. Nonsense. These things are the order of the day. Consequently, many of our lives and churches are preoccupied with superficial things, rather than the God-centered, Christ-exalting, Spirit-empowered, life-transforming, and culture-engaging mission and message of the gospel.

For instance, there is a popular “Gospel” song that declares God to be faithful and holy. But the response to these divine perfections is this: “I’m reaching the harvest God promised me. Take back what the devil stole from me.” Well, at least it rhymes. I think.

I also think this way of thinking tries to make God our puppet.

The consideration of God’s attributes should cause us to respond with reverent worship, the confession of sin, and a passion to serve him. At least, that’s how Isaiah responded to the sovereign holiness of God (see Isaiah 6).

A true encounter with the majesty and supremacy of God will definitely not result in a militant determination to fight the Devil over the stuff he supposedly stole from you.

The Bible describes our great spiritual enemy in many different ways. It tells us that Satan is a murderer and a liar and a deceiver. The Devil is even pictured in scripture as a serpent and a roaring lion and a dragon. But the Bible does not say much about the Devil being a thief.

In John 10:10, Jesus says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” But the “thief” Jesus is referring to is not Satan. He’s talking about false religious leaders! And, if Jesus was talking about Satan, why it is that we are only concerned about what he has stolen? Shouldn’t we be just as concerned about what he kills and destroys?

Beyond what the scripture tells us about Satan, we should also think about what it says about following Christ. We are to fight. Stand firm. Resist. Watch. And pray. But the instructions the New Testament give about spiritual warfare do not teach us that we should try to take anything back from devil.

This is not the focus of the Christian life in any way. We should be preoccupied with the Lord Jesus Christ, not with Satan.

Bottom-line, I believe all this talk about “talking back what the Devils stole” only trivializes the biblical and historic Christian faith.

What stuff we are to take back from the Devil?

If you let the high-profile religious personalities tell it, we are to take back our families, health, wealth, joy, ministries, etc.

Let the church say, “Huh?”

This is really bad theology. It suggests that Satan is behind every adverse, difficult, or unpleasant thing that happens in our lives. And it fails to embrace the Lord’s sovereign authority, providential wisdom, and good purposes at work in our lives, including the bad things that happen in life.

This way of thinking about fails to recognize that some challenges we face in life are the result of sin – both others and ours.

Sometimes, we lose things because God will not be mocked. We reap what we sow (Gal. 6:7-8).

There is another important theological word that describes why some bad things happen: life.

Life happens to all of us. Following Christ does not guarantee happy marriages, financial success, perfect health, problem-free relationships, or carefree circumstances.

Christianity gives us resources for facing life challenges that unbelievers do not have. We can pray and trust and obey and wait and rejoice and love and forgive and give and serve in the midst of and in spite of life’s difficulties. But Christianity does not teach believers to attack the devil and reclaim stolen stuff from him.

The Apostle Paul declares, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places…” (Eph. 1:3)

Did you get that?

In Christ, we are perfectly, completely, and irrevocably blessed. And we should praise God for it.

But to neglect our great spiritual blessings in Christ and focus on things you think the Devil has stolen from you is to dishonor the unfailing promises of God, the redemptive work of Christ, and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. That’s like a billionaire crying because he lost one hundred dollars.

So I recommend that you let the Devil keep whatever he has stolen from you!

Friend, if the Jesus Christ is your Savior and Lord, you have too many blessings to enjoy and praise God for to worry about what the Devil supposedly stole from you.

What do you think? Please comment. 

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51 thoughts on “I’m taking back everything the Devil stole from me!

  1. I know God gives us the future, and to not look back what we don’t have! Half the things I don’t want back anyway if I think about it., I thank you, all my focus is going to be getting closer to God, I have no need for what the devil has of mine! I need not even consider that thing below! Thanks again! Thank you for freeing me of that New Years resolution!
    Angela Lee-Taylor

  2. You are so right that was going to be my New Years resolution, to get back what he stolen, and that would had been ten years of an unhappy marriage. And I wasn’t going to waste any of those days. Big thank you so much for straighten me out! Thank you soooo much! Angela lee-taylor! 907 441-0952. Thanks

  3. I disagree! What if you feel the devil has stolen your marriage, family, finances? It’s all throughout The Bible of restoration. There has to be a powerful prayer to restore all what the devil has stolen?…..

  4. H.b charles what are you saying. Did you praying and seek Gods counsel before you posted this. U are misleading Gods children. How can you say that in John10:10 jesus was not talking bout satan he was talking bout false prophet (who is the spirit working in the hearts of false prophets)
    Sir. H.b charles dont play like that

    • I disagree. How can you say the devil not a theif but its false prophets instead? Is not false prophets of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  5. Said Very Well! I am really blessed, and to be so petty is so dis-empowering. I know God has been with me in the most powerful ways, and have no real reason to complain.
    Just like our teaching that the Devil is out side of us, and how it is said “Quote the Devil did this.
    When it is from the inside I got into an agreement of the enemy of my soul.
    The Bible is an eastern book, and what we are calling the Devil is unreal.
    Thank you,

  6. Do u remember the fight between the Israel & Philistines, 1 Samuel, the Philistines wins the fight at the beginning but at the end the lose,’1 Samuel chapter 4& 5.We learn about’1 Samuel 6:20 and 1 Samuel 7:13 and 1 Samuel 7:14.

  7. As Christians, we don’t study for ourselves and we just accept these declarations as gospel. Thanks for giving clarity to this one. How do you feel about the declaration that , When praises go up, Blessings come down?” In fact that how I found you on-line. I was asking that question, and your article came up. Blessings

  8. 1 Peter 5:8 (KJV)
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
    This is a sound warning to Christians regarding an enemy whose work is to destroy. The same enemy is the one referred to in John 10:10 who has come to steal, Kill and destroy.
    His assignment is to devour every good thing in your life. Many people have die untimely, many have been tied down in one place, destinies have been caged etc., so that no body lift up his head and become something in life, see Zachariah 1:20-21. The thief is your adversary who has come to short change you, therefore, you must as a matter of urgency take back what he has taking from you and God will restore you full. Note: the enemy doesn’t want you to know his tricks, he doesn’t want you to know he is a thief so that you will not fight back. Remember the Lord says we should stand against the tricks of the devil. God has not stolen from you but the devil, therefore take it back by force now! in Jesus name.

    • I completely agree with you. Do you see how he tried to twist the word of God, to fit something that it’s not. John 10:10 says our enemy, since when is he talking about false prophets. We can see many times in the bible when God is speaking of Satan he says “enemy.” Satan doesn’t want us to know his tricks. When someone tricks you, they can do what? Steal from you.

  9. Amen! This is soooo the Word of God. Am very tired of hearing the ‘declaration’ of ‘taking back what the devil stole’ and ‘he has to give back 7 fold….’ Thank you for the straight Word of God. Have always felt blessed of God, even when our entire livelihood and investments were actually stolen….by a man. God is our source, regardless.

  10. Pastor you are so correct here. For me i do not focus on what has happened to me in the past. I feel all of the bad things that has happened to me has made me stronger in my belief in Christ. His sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin, my sins, my Christ. I believe the turbulence times of my life has deepened my faith, and molded me to be a better person. I see the wonder and awesomeness of God every day. I am in Canada, and i have talked to a wonderful couple from Cottam Ont. that have told me of your Ministry. I plan to visit your Church in the near future….God Bless

  11. Sometimes we lose things God meant for us because of other humans being jealous and stealing those blessings from us. Usually the devil is working through those people, Christian or not.

  12. I disagree. God does want to restore what satan has taken from us. You might want to read the book of job. That whole book is based on what was taken from Job and it also states that not only did God restore things to Job he restored him to a greater measure than before. It clearly states that satan deliberately came after Job in order to get him to curse God.

    • I do agree with the writer but I think the congregtions or christians we are lacking knowlege of all these teaching .we are barely relying and believing whatever the preacher told us to do so please teach us so tht we dnt perish thanks

  13. sometimes is not about focusing on what the devil has supposedly stolen from you, e.g. Judas trading his own life with the devil and ended up loosing it, so we need to take back what we have traded with the devil, Samson traded his power with the devil, he slept with a prostitute, and married someone out of his tribe despite the instruction given to him by God, he ended dying with those sinners.
    To me I think we need to go deeper with this topic and demand back what we traded with the devil.

  14. Thanks for the exposition. The statement in question has left some half baked in Gos knowledge while allowing worldliness in the Christian organisations. 1 John 2: 15-17. ‘love not the world……’

  15. I promise I’ve been saying this. …. Glad to hear it somewhere else. And for those who are referencing David in contention of HB’s point, remember that a theology can never be based on one scripture. Also the new testament church doesn’t enjoy the same promises as the old testament Hebrew people… whenever referencing a scripture, remember that its always talking to one of three groups of people. ..The Jews, Gentiles, the church 1cor 10:32…

  16. What if the enemy came into your house to steal, kill and destroy your family and family relationships? How can we be good stewards of the things God gives us, if we let the enemy do as he pleases. Let the Lord give and take away, and only He. I am not letting the enemy take anything unless its the Lord willing it through his providence.

      • So the devil wouldn’t have taken from Job if he had “God” with him? The devil gives but he cant take away? What was Satan willing to give to Christ at the temptation in the wilderness? If Jesus Himself would have given in to temptation (He cant being sinless) then He would have allowed Satan to take power and strength and many other things from Him. Right? So what about Peter? He didn’t allow Satan to cause him to deny Jesus three times? What about Agrippa? And so on and so on. Nice thoughts, but the ones who agree aren’t answering with scriptures, just feelings.

  17. I think what a sermon or song meant was to increase the faith of people that we can fight back through the power of Jesus the Christ..He said he made us more than conquerors through him that loved us..Don’t let your faith die, don”t let the devil talk to you, don’t listen..If he tries to steal your joy, put him behind you..etc…I think sometimes people nick pick over trivial stuff than trying to relate to others and help them get back in line or stronger..David went back to the enemies camp and took back what was stole from him..Through Gods blessing, he was blessed and retrieved all.

    • A song or sermon cannot increase faith it what it teaches is not in line with scripture. The New Testament says a lot about spiritual warfare. But it does not teach us to take back things from he devil. The David reference does not apply to New Testament Christians in this instance. I don’t think it is nitpicking to question if a teaching is truly biblical. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 exhorts us to “test everything.”

  18. powerful. Jesus knew us before we were in our mothers womb. He has wove us together in his image before being born. He is the author and the Finisher. The devil is a Liar and a deceiver. He wants believers to give him blame for supposedly stealing from you. number one He has Lost way before we were even conceived. Jesus payed the price on the cross. Jesus defeated all of satans lies and schemes. All of the worldly views that twist the voice of truth. Therefore satan has not stolen anything. As a matter of fact whats meant for darkness and bad Jesus Christ will use for His Good. there it is right there. Jesus is the Center and the King of all. He reigns over all. He is the first place finisher. He holds the world in his hands. satan wants believers to believe he holds your gifts and precious treasures like innocence and purity that listen too this, man has defiled. You see man chose to try to destroy what was alrealdy built and defeated ages ago. ages ago Jesus sealed the truth and when he resurrected listen it was a Deceleration that Jesus won death he won thieves he won lies he won. so if we were created in gods image and we accepted Christ as our lord and savior and we are new and fresh and the holy spirit dwells within we are set apart we are saved we are Christ like and we are to strive and be more like him amen. didi you catch that. we have been restored completely. there is no extra steps to collect back from the devil supposedly what he has stolen. We are kings and queens of Christ. its about time the church starts believing and understanding this. so simple yet so powerful. love you lord.

  19. But does take, he does steal and he is our enemy
    ” shall I pursue? Will I recover all? Someone — anyone remember God’s answer to David

  20. Satan..does not GIVE anything..only takes..steals..destroys and kills…okay..God almighty is the giver of all good things…salt..will not make your tea sweet…neither will an oak tree produce sweet apples for you..so ..satan..being evil..has nothing good to give..whatever he has stolen…?? probably isnt really gone at all.for God is all powerful and can just as easily restore all good things unto you in the blink of an eye….even in death..He can bring back life..He is God..who is satan but a stupid tricky little devil liar worm poop anyway…No…let us just keep asking God, giver of all good gifts…for what we need…devil can keep his phony pirate booty…God gives…devil takes…stop asking and demanding for the evil one to give you good things…besides..most of us..GAVE it to him anyway..by choice..by our sins…..no matter what…do not expect a worm…to give you anything more than a parasite……black will never be white…GOD IS THE GIVER! Dear sovereign Lord…please give unto us all good things and grace and mercy and mostly…the ability to see through the lies and backwards deceptions of the evil liar theif worm whom you have already defeated….In Jesus name…amen.Oh…and Lord…the things which I have lost to him through my stupid blind and sometimes deliberate sins…would it be okay if I had them back? I want another chance to do better? Im sorry for breaking the toys and throwing away all the cool gifts you gave me..and for trading them in for bad cheap things…I’m sorry now for I see the error of my ways..I just want another chance to accomplish what I was born for..some of the things lost and traded..i think I may have needed to get my job done…can I at the least…have those things restored?…amen

    • PS…your grace is sufficient for me…these are the things Im asking from you..that I want you to give me..basically..any and everything I need to accomplish the mission you purposed for me on this earth…You alone know what those things are..car? money to pay for the car? education? brain chemistry? I know better than to ask for what I think I need…for those things I think I need..are usually not good for me…just give me the things both spiritually and physically which You see from your throne on high..that i need to get this job of chain breaking done…so that I may best serve your kingdom..anything else…icing on the cake…just give me back ,,PLEASE…the things I need to accomplish your work through me…I want my hope back my future my love my soul..my brain chemistry..my ME! i love you Lord…and Im so sorry…In Jesus name…give me what You know I need…give me back the desires in my heart which You desire for me..then please..according to your word…fulfill them..amen

  21. Thank you so much. I recently heard a sermon about “taking back what the devil stole” and it bothered my spirit as I was listening. Do I really want anything that the devil has: sin, sickness, poverty, deception, etc. (all the negatives and the bad things that only come from him)? Truly, I don’t think so. May GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU for the clarity and spiritual understanding that you brought to this so much used statement. I also thought of the enemy as being Satan but religion being the enemy sounds much more reasonabe.

  22. Pastor, can you preach on a series about these popular church phrases, sometimes we say so many phrases that are cliche but really don’t understand if its biblical.

  23. Amen, it is so refreshing to hear a sound perspective. I stopped watching Christian TV some time ago and now very rarely watch it because there is so much Hollywood ear tickling error mixed with truth being preached. The church has been conditioned to just say ‘amen’ without listening to the message. I am so thankful that I had a pastor in my teenage years who constantly taught me not to accept something just because it is preached from a pulpit or comes from a ‘man of God’ he always said, “know God and His word for yourself”. I was speaking to a sister only last night about this same theology; we spoke about whether as Christians we should be taking a secular song and put Christian lyrics to it, she said that we are taking back what the devil stole. I know some secular music can be inspirational but when God is able to inspire his people to write songs of praise and adoration originally meant for Him why would we want to give him anything else?

  24. Thank you.  Ravi Zacharias has a radio teaching ministry titled “Let My People Think”.  The lack of Bible Study and thinking is exactly what you have addressed.  At some point or another we may have all been guilty of accepting something, as song, thought, practice or theology, that is not truely biblical.  We must use our minds illuminated by the Holy Spirit to evaluate everything, and embrace the true power og God.

  25. Pastor Charles this is a good editorial. It reminds me of my pastor back in Georgia who added that you shouldn’t want it (what the devil stole) back anyway. I was planning to blog about the stuff is said to hype people up but has no biblical support.

    Once again good piece Pastor Charles.

    • So, if a thief comes in your house and steal a valuable items. Let’s say, a diamond ring. Would you not call the police and report the missing ring and then want it back? The same principles applies here. We are dealing with a cruel devil with no mercy. One of his characteristics is that he is a thief, as John 10:10 admonished us. A thief doesn’t steal things that’s not valuable…it’s always the things with the most value to you. In this case our adversary (the devil), he wants to steal our love, Joy, peace, etc (Fruit of the spirit) Why? To keep us away from our creator…Jesus Christ! GB

  26. HB;

    is a prolific and yet humbling insight from God.  Thank you man, for so many years we have been
    guilty in our churches for of saying what sounds good however it has no
    biblical bases whatsoever. From the pulpit to the choir loft from the back door
    to the vestibule/foyer
    i.e. “God
    said, When praises go up blessings come down” another good gospel song.
    I am so happy that my blessings aren’t predicated on my praise. If Satan is in
    the business of stealing my earthly possessions then let him have it. God has
    another blessing in stored for me.

      • Said Very Well! I am really blessed, and to be so petty is so dis-empowering. I know God has been with me in the most powerful ways, and have no real reason to complain.
        Just like our teaching that the Devil is out side of us, and how it is said “Quote the Devil did this.

  27. Man  you just burst a lot of folks Holy Ghost bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the devil really stole anything from me I don’t want it back. 

    • There’s nothing wrong in personally addressing the Devil to give everything back he stole from you. Many time the Lord gave directions to King David on how to deal with the enemy. The crux of the matter is to always seek Christ first and put Him above all things but power is given to us to rule, reign and to claim everything that is illegally stolen from us. Luke 10:19. of course this can only work and be deployed if you and I are living a holy life. What is a holy life? Check out Jesus’s life and see if He not claimed and gave back to the people what the devil has stolen from them. Amen.

      • Kiko, I absolutely agree that the Lord Jesus Christ exercised complete authority over Satan and his demonic forces. But that is my point. He has already won the victory for us (Rom.8:31-34). What spiritual blessing in Christ can Satan take away? Ephesians 6:10-20 is the fullest statement about spiritual warfare in the New Testament. And it does not teach us to do what David did. Could it be that we have simply take the David reference out of context?