Happy Birthday Natalie!!!

Today is my daughter’s – Natalie Marie Charles – 7th birthday.

I woke up this morning thinking about the moment Natalie was born. And the first time I got to hold her, seeing for the first time the baby I had been singing to for the past six months. If I only knew what I was starting. Now, she is daddy’s living “Juke Box” that makes up a song for everything.

I am grateful for the privilege of watching Natalie growing up. She is very bright, full of personality, very talented, and extremely beautiful. Crystal and I are very proud of her and thankful for the gift she is to us and our family.

May the Lord bless her to grow as Jesus grew: “”And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52, ESV).

Happy birthday, Lee! Daddy loves you.

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  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Natalie! You have always been the sweetest little girl. When i’d come to LA you’d call me uncle Chad. So your Uncle Chad loves you very much! I hope you had a great 7th birthday.


    Quinton Chad Foster

  • Rev. Barney

    I have 12 sisters and 7 daughters, I can truly say you are blessed to have here. Happy Birthday Natalie!!!!

  • Ronald

    Natalie, happy birthday! I see a music cd in your future, keep singing!!!


  • Pastor Lance A. Mann

    Happy Birthday Natalie!!!!

    Your New Jersey Family wants you to enjoy the rest of your day.


  • Ms. Whitfield

    What a beautiful little girl!

    Happy Birthday Natalie

  • Anonymous

    Happy 7th Birthday Natalie

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Natalie, May your day be filled with happiness and thankfulness. Smile on, you have a beautiful smile. Glory to God for your 7th Birthday.


  • Anonymous

    Happy 7th birthday Natalie! We love you and that BEAUTIFUL smile!

  • LTSG

    I wish Natalie a most joyful 7th birthday! :0)

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Natalie,

    You are a very lovely birthday girl.