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John A. Reed Jr. Interview

John A. Reed Jr. has led the Fairview Missionary Baptist Church of Oklahoma City for more than fifty years. It is his first and only pastorate. Dr. Reed is also a local community and national denominational leader. When I was a boy, Pastor Reed was “Uncle John” to me,...

James E. Washington Interview

James E. Washington is the Senior Pastor of the historic Phillips Temple C.M.E. Church in Dayton, Ohio – where he has served for the last twenty years. Under his leadership, Phillips Temple has grown to be one of the largest and most influential congregations in his...

Catch Up On 2015 Interviews

I periodically have the opportunity to interview friends and colleagues. These conversations about faith, preaching, and ministry have become one of the features of this website.   I was fortunate to have some great conversations during the first half of...

Jarvis L. Collier Interview

Jarvis L. Collier is the Pastor of the Pleasant Green Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas. We are home boys from Los Angeles. Collier served two local churches in Los Angeles - one historic and the other planted - before taking the helm of the Pleasant Green Church...