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Jerry D. Black Interview

B. Lockhart and R. Johnson were members of my father's church, when I was a boy. This brother and sister had relocated to Los Angeles from Little Rock. They loved my dad and faithfully served our congregation. But they constantly talked about their former pastor and...

Paul Felix Interview

I have known Paul Felix for some years now. We were both born and raised in Los Angeles. We are both the sons of pastors. In fact, our fathers knew one another, as they served in the same city. Years later, in God's providence, our paths would cross, and I am grateful...

Dan Dumas Interview

Dan Dumas is a teaching pastor and elder at Crossing Church in Louisville, KY. He is passionate about leadership, expository preaching, biblical manhood and being an idea-generating, transformational ministry architect. Dumas is the author of Live Smart, and the...

Tellis Chapman Interview

Tellis Chapman is the Pastor of the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, where he has served for more than thirty years. He is also the President of the Pastors' and Ministers' Division of the National Baptist Convention, USA Inc. A much...

Michael Duduit Interview

Michael Duduit is the Dean of the College of Biblical Studies at Anderson University in South Carolina. He is also the Dean of the Clamp Divinity School at Anderson University. And he is the Dean of the chapel. Yet Duduit spends his life training men to preach both...