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A big birthday shout-out to my daughter, Natalie, who turns 11-years-old Monday (3/4).

Both of my daughters were born in March. Hailey’s big day is coming at the end of the month (3/24).

Shout-out to all the men of Shiloh who studied with us the past 6 weeks for 33 The Series (Part 2).

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Thanks to Ray Pritchard for sharing 52 Sermons for Good Friday and Easter.

I had the opportunity to meet Anthony J. Carter of the East Pointe Church this weekend. I was very encouraged by his wisdom on the subject of being Black and Reformed. Buy Carter’s new book, “Blood Work.” by Anthony J. Carter

Ligonier 2013 National Conference Audio & Video.

Michael Horton: Pilgrim Theology: Applying the Coordinates to the Key Doctrine

David Murray: Top 200 Preaching Resources 

David Powlinson: The Local Church is THE Place for Biblical Counseling

Thom Rainer: Seven Questions a Pastor Should Ask a Church Before He Says “Yes” 

Ed Stetzer: Debunking Megachurch Myths: Especially the One About Sheep Swapping

Ed Stetzer: The Problem with Arrogant Pastors &  5 Ways Not to Be One

Pyromaniacs: The Most Offensive Verse in the Bible 

Stephen Miller: Hey, Church Musician, You’re Leading Worship Too! 

Micah Carter: 25 Ways Men Can Be Servant Leaders

Kate Conner: Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Girls 

NAMB: SBC ethnic congregations up 66 percent since 1998

A dedicated Christian home is the nearest thing to heaven on earth, and it starts with a Christian marriage. – Warren Wiersbe

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