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Tomorrow is Ministry Emphasis Day at the Shiloh Church. A big-shout to all of our volunteers for your service and sacrifice. You make it happen!

Shout-out to Elder Benard Yates and the Primitive Baptist Church Convention for the opportunity to speak at their board meeting and institute this past Monday and Tuesday.

10 Ways to Avoid Indecent Exposure in the Pulpit by H.B. Charles, Jr.

The Concord Church has published information about the 2013 E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference. I am honored to be invited again to participate as a speaker & lecturer.

Praise God for the life and ministry of Howard G. Hendricks!

R. Albert Mohler: Tebow’s Big Fumble 

W. Robert Godfrey: The Word-less “Church

Check out this blog site: Don’t Waste Your Wedding: Thoughts on Proclaiming the Gospel on Your Big Day 

Paula Hendricks: 25 Years of Evangelizing My Husband 

Sherry Allchin: Help! I Just Discovered My Husband Is Looking At Pornography?”  

Sherry Allchin: What Do I Do If My Child Is Looking At Pornography?

Pyromaniacs: When you become an Evangelical rock-star, remember this.

Trevin Wax: 10 Sure Signs We’ve Love Our Minds 

Ron Edmondson: 7 Common Energy and Time Wasters for Leaders

Kevin DeYoung: Why Pastors Should Read Over Their Heads

Lukas Naugle: 7 Things Pastors Should Teach Those in the Marketplace

Brad Whitt: 20 Ways to Tell Your Children You Love Them

Service is an act; servanthood is a lifestyle. – LeBron Fairbanks

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