Dr. Rudolph Waldo McKissick Sr. is a legend in the Jacksonville church community.

Dr. McKissick has been a part of one church all of his life – the historic Bethel Baptist Institutional Church. It is the church where his family attended when he was a child. It is the church where he met the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the church where he began his ministry. It is the church where he has served as senior-pastor for 46 years.

The Lord has used Dr. McKissick to lead the Bethel Church from strength to strength. He has been a respected spiritual leader in Jacksonville. And he has been a godly influence on pastors across the country.

Bethel is also a unique church in that for the past 16 years, the congregation has been led by the father-son duo of Rudolph Mckissick Sr. and Rudolph Mckissick Jr.

Dr. McKissick is a wise, godly, and gracious pastor. His family adopted us upon our arrival to Jacksonville and have been a great benediction to us.

Here is Part 1 of my interview with Dr. McKissick about his personal story and ministry experience.

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