Here is the sermon skeleton from my message yesterday.

Title: “What a Fellowship!”

Text: Philippians 1:1-2

Sermon Series: Philippians: Partnership in the Gospel

Point: True Christianity binds believers to Christ and to one another.

Theme: The relational elements of a healthy church


I. A healthy church is marked by servant leadership (1:1a).

    Paul teaches a lesson about servant leadership through…

    A. The omission he makes: He does not identify himself as an “Apostle”

    B. The association he shares: and Timothy

    C. The designation he embraces: servants of Christ Jesus

II. A healthy church is marked by a consecrated membership (1:b-c)

    What it means to be a saint is seen in…

    A. Our relationship to Jesus Christ: saints in Christ Jesus

    B. Our relationship to the world around us: at Philippi

    C. Our relationship to godly leadership: with the overseers and deacons

       1. Overseers serve by leading

       2. Deacons lead by serving

III. A healthy church is marked by true fellowship (1:2)

    A. The basis of true fellowship: grace

    B. The result of true fellowship: peace
    C. The source of true fellowship: from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ