“It is immediately apparent that if the implication of the fifth beatitude were put into practice with greater zeal and consistency the preaching of the gospel would be far more effective! What a blessing for mankind this would be!” – William Hendriksen, The Gospel of Matthew, p. 276

Here is the sermon skeleton from Sunday’s message:

Sermon Title: “A Conspiracy of Kindness

Text: Matthew 5:7

Theme: The blessedness of being merciful

Point: God blesses those who are merciful.


I. The blessedness of mercy extended (5:7a)

    A. The definition of mercy: compassion in action.

    B. The demonstration of mercy

        1. How: The manner of mercy

          * It is to be practical (Matt. 25:31-46).

          * It is to be continual.

          * It is to be humble (Matt. 6:1-4).

       2. When: The moments of mercy

           * When the hurting need sympathy.

           * When the poor need generosity.

          * When the guilty need forgiveness.

II. The blessedness of mercy experienced (5:7b)

    A. This is not a legalistic blessing.

    B. This is a midway blessing.

       1. We are merciful because we have received mercy.

       2. We are merciful because we will receive mercy.