– I was not feeling well today. I am battling the early symptoms of a cold. And I found it hard to pull myself together. But at no point this morning did I feel that I should not preach today, even though I was not feeling up to it.

– Crystal did not rest well last night. But she felt strong enough to attend service this morning. I am always more relaxed (in contrast to anxious) when Crystal is present when I am preaching.

– There seemed to be quite a few guests in worship today. I saw many new and unfamiliar faces. This is always encouraging.

– I preached Psalm 23 today. I called the message “Living with Confidence in God.” I argued that the Lord watches over (vv. 2-3), walks with (v. 4), and welcomes in (vv. 5-6) those who trust in him.

– I seemed to have a lot of quotations in my sermon today. My studies notes were quite extensive. And it seemed like of my reading slipped into my sermon manuscript.

– For the fourth week in a row, I have written a sermon manuscript that was more than nine pages. My sermon manuscripts are typically seven or eight pages long, single-spaced. But for some reason, I have done a poor job of editing them down over the past few weeks. I will have to work harder at this in the weeks to come.

– I preached with a sore throat today. But, by God’s goodness, the more I preached the less it bothered me. God be praised.

– Today was a beautiful day. While the news reports of snow and storms throughout the country, today was a typical sunny day in Los Angeles.

– The final episode of one of the few TV shows I like aired tonight. I am sad.