Last night, we continued our study of Psalm 119 during our midweek worship service. I have not been there in several weeks. And I really missed the worship and fellowship. This particular section of Psalm 119 was not an easy nut to crack. It begins, in verse 113, with the writer declaring, “I hate the double-minded, but I love your law.” I meditated on that statement for days, before I remembered that I had seven more verses to study. On the surface, it seems that this opening statement sets a rather stern tone for the rest of the stanza. But, in reality, the section is not as critical as it first seems. The writer is talking tough about ungodly people in order to warn his own hearts about the consequences of disobedience to God. It really is a moving passage of scripture. Likewise, it is interesting that as the writer gets closer to the end of this psalm, his devotion, resolve, and passion do not wane. They intensify. May that be true of all of us as we come to the close of this year.

Here is the sermon skeleton from last night’s message:

Title: “Choosing Right and Rejecting Wrong”

Text: Psalm 119:113-120

Theme: Godly determination that overcomes ungodly peer pressure

Point: Your ability to say yes to God is determined by your ability to say no to no to the sins and sinners that hinder obedience.


I. Choosing right and rejecting wrong requires single-mindedness (119:113-115).

A. Single-mindedness towards self (v. 113).

B. Single-mindedness towards God (v. 114).

C. Single-mindedness towards non-believers (v. 115).

II. Choosing right and rejecting wrong requires trust (119:116-117).

A. Trust God to sustain you by his word (v. 116).

B. Trust God to sustain you for his word (v. 117).

III. Choosing right and rejecting wrong requires reverence (119:118-120).

A. You should stand in awe of God for how he deals with the ungodly (vv. 118-119).

B. You should stand in awe of God for how he deals with you (v. 120).

1. Fear the God of the word (v. 120a)

2. Fear the word of God (v. 120b)