Here is the sermon skeleton from my midweek sermon last night on Psalm 119:

Title: “Up from the Dust”

Text: Psalm 119:25-32

Theme: God’s word encourages the depressed soul

Point: The person who is devoted to the word of God may be down, but their not out.


I. The prayer of a soul that is depressed (119:25-28)

A. God’s word revives (v. 25)

B. God’s word enlightens (v. 26-27)

C. God’s word strengthens (v. 28)

II. The prayer of a soul that is determined (119:29-32)

A. The desires of the determined soul (119:29)

B. The decisions of a determined soul (119:30-32)

1. Choose God’s word (v. 30)

2. Cling to God’s word (v. 31)

3. Run after God’s word (v. 32)