This is the “Sermon Skeleton” of the opening message on Psalm 119 I preached last night in our Midweek Worship Service.

Title: “Living by the Book”

Text: Psalm 119:1-8

Theme: The blessedness of devotion to the word of God

Point: The word of God is totally sufficient to meet every spiritual need in your life


I. The Delight of Living by the Book (119:1-3)
A. God blesses sincere devotion to his word (v. 1)
B. God blessed steadfast devotion to his word (v. 2-3)
II. The Duty of Living by the Book (119:4-6)
Verses 4-6 gives us three ways to develop and maintain a life of obedience to God’s word:
A. Acknowledge God’s authority (v. 4)
B. Confess your transgressions (v. 5)
This exclamation teaches us three elements of true confession:
1. Honesty
2. Desire
3. Petition
C. Remember the consequences (v. 6)
III. The Display of Living by the Boook (119:7-8)
Verses 7-8 gives us two characteristics of true devotion to God’s word:
A. A true devotion to God’s word is marked by praise (v. 7)
B. A true devotion to God’s word is marked by prayer (v. 8)