Grateful for Cutting It Straight 2016 Sponsors

The 2016 Cutting It Straight Expository Preaching Conference if now a month away. And I am grateful for all of our guest speakers, hardworking staff, and faithful volunteers who will serve us during this year’s conference. I am especially grateful for our ministry friends  who have supported and sponsored Cutting It Straight this year. We […]

On Generational Curses

I was introduced to the subject of “generational curses” some years ago in a strange way. I was sitting in the pulpit of the church I served, listening to an encouraging sermon by an out-of-town friend. He ended the message with a personal testimony of divine healing. He had been very sick. And the only […]

There Must Be Factions

Pastor, I am having an issue with my mate – or a relative or friend or coworker or fellow church member or whoever. Should I be taking Communion? Should a church in conflict be taking Communion? I did not take Communion today because I knew there were things in my heart that are not right. […]

Don’t Settle for Soup

I preached a youth service at Shiloh last night. I worked hard to prepare myself. An there was something specific on my heart to say. I preached a message entitled “Don’t Settle for Soup” from Genesis 25:29-34. Here is the sermon skeleton: Title: “Don’t Settle for Soup” Text: Genesis 25:29-34 Theme: Do not negotiate the […]

An Exhortation to Hope in God

Yesterday I took a shot at one of the great texts of the Bible. In what is arguably the darkest book in the sacred scriptures, there is this great statement of faith and confidence in God. I know that there are many people in my congregation who are facing various dangers, toils, and snares. And […]

Seven Sins of Dying Churches

I have just begun reading Essential Church?: Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts by Thom S. Ranier and Sam S. Rainer III. Actually, I started it about two weeks ago. But I just finished the first chapter tonight. I got stuck in opening paragraphs of the first chapter. I am not big on statistics. And when […]

The God of the Wayward Child

Yesterday, I continued my series, “Lost People Matter to God.” I preached on the third parable of Luke 15 – the Parable of the Prodigal Son . I labeled the message, “The God of the Wayward Child.” Here is the sermon skeleton from Sunday’s message: Title: “The God of the Wayward Child” Text: Luke 15:11-24 […]

Charge It To My Head…

We had a warm and uplifting worship service last night. Pastor Maurice Watson preached a timely and powerful message. I trust that anyone who was listening with an open heart and mind was challenged by the message to trust God in a greater way. And I believe the Lord was glorified. But something was went […]