I resumed my study of the Ten Commandments this past Sunday with a message on the seventh commandment. Yes, where’s still counting number seven! Here is the sermon skeleton… Title: “Keeping Pleasure in its Place” Text: Exodus 20:14 Series: The Ten Commandments: Loving God, Loving Your Neighbor Theme: The sanctity of marriage and sex Point: […]

Finishing the Beatitudes

I am preaching through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) on Wednesday nights. Last night, I complete the introductory section – The Beatitudes of Jesus (Matt. 5:3-12). The next section of the passage in Matthew 5:13-16, where Jesus describes the influence his disciples should have on the world for the kingdom of heaven. Using […]

Lay Your Religion Down!

Last Sunday, I continued my study of the book of Philippians. I covered the first portion of Paul’s testimony, in which he discusses his conversion from Judaism to Christianity. What a text! Here is the skeleton from Sunday’s sermon. TITLE: “Lay Your Religion Down” TEXT: Philippians 3:4-9 SERMON SERIES: PHILIPPIANS: PARTNERSHIP IN THE GOSPEL THEME: […]

The Blessing of Brokenness

Last week I started a study of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) in our midweek services at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. The first section of the message records the Beatitudes of Jesus (Matt. 5:3-12), in which Jesus announces those who exhibit certain kingdom attributes blessed. Last week, we studied the first beatitude on […]

Tonight, I began a new Wednesday night sermon series through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). I had planned on doing another series, on “Total-Life Stewardship.” It was very eager to get that study going. But I just could not get a green light to start it. I trust that the Lord will allow […]

The Gift of Suffering

This past Sunday, I concluded my study of Philippians chapter 1 with a message on verses 29-30, entitled, “The Gift of Suffering.” Here is the sermon skeleton: TITLE: “The Gift of Suffering” TEXT: Philippians 1:29-30 SERIES: PHILIPPIANS: PARTNERSHIP IN THE GOSPEL THEME: The gift of suffering POINT: Christian suffering is a gift from God to […]

God Is Bigger Than You Think

Last night, I concluded my brief study of the Old Testament book of Jonah with a message on chapter 4, entitled, “God Is Bigger Than You Think.” I have been stretched, challenged, and encouraged by studying Jonah over the past four weeks. And I pray that the saints of SMBC have been enriched and edified […]

The Service Driven life

This Sunday, I continued by study of the book of Philippians with a message on chapter 1, verses 22-26. Here is the sermon skeleton: Philippians 1:22-26 is the final portion of Paul’s report to the Philippians about his personal circumstances and missionary work. In verses 12-18, Paul looks back and remembers what the Lord had […]