Notes from Sunday – 07/15/12

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Praise the Lord for the way he worked today at Shiloh! Thank God for the one who was baptized today. Thanks to all of the volunteers who serve at the Shiloh Church. You make it happen! Our worship leader was on his post today, R. Scott, even though his sister passed away this weekend. Very encouraging. I preached Psalm 1. I called it, “Which Way Are You Going?” I stated the point of the sermon in three words: Choose God’s way. Sermon Outline:...

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Praying Psalm 127

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Eternal and almighty God, who by thy providence dost conduct and govern all creatures in this world, suffer us not to enterprise anything but what is agreeable to thy will and pleasure, that we, altogether discontented with ourselves, may wholly depend upon thy blessing; and that our only care may be that thou mayest be glorified in us and our posterity, through Jesus Christ, thy Son. Amen. - Prayers on the Psalms: From the Scottish Psalter of...

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Praying Psalm 61

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Almighty God, the help and defense of all them that fear thee, grant that we may securely live under the safeguard and protection of they well-beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Grant also that his kingdom, by thy great power, may prosper and be advanced daily more and more; and that we, being settled upon thy promises, may render unto thee the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving both now and forevermore. Amen. – Prayers on the Psalms (From the...

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Notes from Sunday – 3/25/12

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We had a good day of worship and fellowship at Shiloh today. Yesterday was Hailey’s birthday. She turned four-years-old. You would think she turned twenty-five. In my Bible Study Fellowship class, I continued my study of the attributes of God with a lesson “The Sovereignty of God.” The lesson argues the truth and scope of divine sovereignty. I was not able to finish the lesson today. But I really had a great time study this important subject...

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Speaking @ 93rd Street Baptist Church in Miami

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I am in Miami. I arrived yesterday to speak for Pastor Carl Johnson atthe 93rd Street Community Baptist Church. Pastor Johnson is a kind host and passionate leader. Andit was great to worship with the 93rd Street family last night. I also had the opportunity to reconnect with a PastorTyrell Brown from Virginia, who lectured before I spoke. We met almost tenyears ago, when we were much younger preachers. It is good to hear the ways theLord is...

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Embracing God’s Mission For Your Life

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Psalm 67 is not as well known as some of the other psalms more famous psalms. But prominence and significance do not often walk together hand-in-hand. Such is the case with Psalm 67. Even though it is somewhat obscure, Psalm 67 has an important message that can change your life and change the world. The message is that the Lord God desires to use your life to reach the world for his glory. Psalm 67 is considered THE MISSIONARY PSALM, because of...

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