Today’s Sermon: “Celebrating the Majesty of God” (Psalm 8)

It’s the Lord’s Day!

Today, at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, I plan to continue our Summer Psalm Series with a message from Psalm 8, entitled, “Celebrating the Majesty of God.” The message of this brief but beautiful psalm is that all of creation is a call to worship the greatness and goodness of God.

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! – Psalm 8:1a, 9 (ESV)

Join us for worship at the Shiloh Church at 7:45 or 10:30 AM (EST). Both services will be streamed lived. 

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Eternal and almighty God, who by thy providence dost conduct and govern all creatures in this world, suffer us not to enterprise anything but what is agreeable to thy will and pleasure, that we, altogether discontented with ourselves, may wholly depend upon thy blessing; and that our only care may be that thou mayest be […]

Praying Psalm 61

Almighty God, the help and defense of all them that fear thee, grant that we may securely live under the safeguard and protection of they well-beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Grant also that his kingdom, by thy great power, may prosper and be advanced daily more and more; and that we, being settled upon thy promises, […]

Notes from Sunday – 3/25/12

We had a good day of worship and fellowship at Shiloh today. Yesterday was Hailey’s birthday. She turned four-years-old. You would think she turned twenty-five. In my Bible Study Fellowship class, I continued my study of the attributes of God with a lesson “The Sovereignty of God.” The lesson argues the truth and scope of […]

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Notes from Sunday – 11/29/09

We emphasize world missions and local outreach on fifth Sundays at Shiloh. Praise God for those who set aside a gift to share toward our mission and outreach efforts. A big “shout out” (see, I can be hip, too) to Henry Meyers for sharing with us today about the work of Mission Harvest America. Our […]

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Tonight, in our Midweek Worship Service at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, I plan to conclude my exposition of the longest passage in the Bible – Psalm 119. I began preaching through Psalm 119, stanza by stanza (or eight verses at a time), last September. I had not yet moved from Los Angeles. But I was […]

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