If You Can Keep From Preaching, Do It!

One day, I had a conversation with a friend who was seeking to discern whether the Lord was calling him to pastoral or pulpit ministry. As he discussed it with me, he noted that he had mentioned this matter to me several times before without comment from me. He was right. I hadn’t responded. And […]

I Want More Than Four More Years!

Four years ago, a monumental election took place. And right in the middle of the election, the economy collapsed. But I was not paying attention. I had monumental issues going on in my life and ministry that I was preoccupied with. During the summer of 2008, I was engaged in a process that would eventually […]

A Older Man, Still A Young Preacher

Several months ago, one of our staff pastors shared with me how an older pastor had offended him with unkind words. I tried to encourage him. I don’t remember exactly what I said. But it went something like this: “Don’t worry about it. Older preachers have a way of… us younger preachers.” Staff member’s response: […]

Our 13th Wedding Anniversary

Thirteen years ago today I was blessed to marry the love of my life, Crystal. Crystal and I met in high school. Los Angeles High School. Go Romans! I was a senior. She was in the tenth grade. We met in Coach Williams World History Class. We sat next to each other. And every day, […]

25 Random Things About HBC2

There is a note circulating on Facebook, in which friends ask one another to list twenty-five random things about themselves. I have been “tagged” with these notes. And I have enjoyed reading them. But I had no intention of writing a list myself. But without much deliberation, I opened a new Word document and began […]

Happy Birthday Natalie!!!

Today is my daughter’s – Natalie Marie Charles – 7th birthday. I woke up this morning thinking about the moment Natalie was born. And the first time I got to hold her, seeing for the first time the baby I had been singing to for the past six months. If I only knew what I […]

My First Christmas in Jacksonville

My first Christmas in Jacksonville was very close to what would have taken place if I was still in Los Angeles. Most likely. I was up quite late on Christmas Eve, editing my sermon. I only got a couple of hours sleep. And I was back up, continuing my preparations for my Christmas morning message. […]

Happy Birthday Crystal!!!

Today is my wife Crystal’s 34th birthday. In the gracious and sovereign providence of God, I have had the privilege of knowing Crystal more than half of her, at this point. And I have had a front-row seat to see her development as a woman, Christian, wife, mother, sister, and friend. Yet she is just […]