When Faith Grows Up | Psalm 131

11914588_10207256952442463_6417207560052072521_nI was scheduled to continue in Ephesians. But I had a sneaky suspicion that today – Back-to-School Sunday – would not allow me to spend the time I would need to get through Ephesians 4:25-32. I was right.

I “pulled a file” and preached Psalm 131: “When Faith Grows Up.” The point of the psalm is that faith grows up when you learn childlike trust in God.

Psalm 131 presents three marks of grown up faith:

I. Grown up faith denounces pride (131:1)

A. Humble your attitude (v. 1a-b)

1. A proud attitude is rooted in the heart (v. 1a).

2. A proud heart is revealed in the eyes (v. 1b).

B. Humble your ambitions (v. 1c)

II. Grown up faith embraces contentment (131:2)

A. Learn how to relate to God (v. 2a)

B. Learn how to relate to God (v. 2b)

III. Grown up faith practices hope (131:3)

A. Hope in the Lord today (v. 3a)

B. Hope in the Lord forever (v. 3b)

Praise God for those who were added to the church today! 

My voice was giving out after the first service. And our schedule was thrown after the first service. So I did not make it back to Orange Park for our 12:30 PM service. I texted the gang before I preached 10:45 to let them know I did not think I would make it back. A big shout-out to our Campus Pastor – Daniel Beckwith – for serving the word to our congregation at 12:30!

It was a joy to preach for the 10 school principles and many other teachers and administrators at our 10:45 service, along with covering our children in prayer.

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