Notes from Sunday – 11/11/13

Happy Veterans Days! Thanks to all the veterans who have served our country to protect our freedom. This Sunday was my 5th pastoral anniversary at the Shiloh Church!  May the Lord grant that we will have many more years of fruitful Christian service together as pastor and people. These past five years have definitely not […]

Notes from Sunday – 11/03/13

It was good to be in worship with the wonderful congregation of the Shiloh Church today! I led the congregation in corporate singing, which is always a joy. Glad to have all of our guests in worship today. We celebrated the Lord’s Table in both of our worship services. Our team prepared a video of […]

Notes from Sunday – 10/20/13

We had a good day of worship at the Shiloh Church today. It feels odd not to teach my Bible Study Fellowship group this semester. But I am so glad not to have to prepare another lesson each week. Need the rest. As always, it was good to have all of our guests in worship […]

Notes from Sunday – 09/29/13

This past week, we hosted our Fall Church Institute at the Shiloh Church. And the sense of spiritual refreshment seemed to carry over into Sunday morning. Saturday was the third week of our men and women’s discipleship fellowships. We are to a great start. Looking forward to the weeks ahead. Saturday evening, I had the […]

Notes from Sunday – 09/15/13

This weekend, we began our Men’s Discipleship Fellowship with 33 The Series: Authentic Manhood (Part 3). My wife, Crystal, began a Women’s Discipleship Fellowship on “The Life-Ready Women.” We got off to a good start. Between our two services, I had a session with a Bible Study Fellowship teachers in preparation for the upcoming semester. […]

Notes from Sunday – 08/11/13

I had a more than 10-hour flight from Rome to Atlanta Saturday. Then another hour home. Wiped out! I should not preached. I was really tired. But I pressed on. I was so glad to be home with my family and to worship with the Shiloh Church family. I was also glad to have our […]

Notes from Sunday – 08/04/13

I am on my way to Rome, Italy, for a weeklong preaching conference. A small, intensive study group will study texts all week and visit related sites. Please pray for safe arrival and fruitful study. We had a great day at Shiloh today! It is a joy to pastor such wonderful people. I missed teaching […]

Notes from Sunday – 07/14/13

I love the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church! I came home from a long week physically tired but spiritual refreshed. I was really excited about being in my pulpit this morning. As Saturday passed, I had a nagging suspicion that the George Zimmerman verdict would be announced before the day was over. I was right. So […]

Notes from Sunday – 06/23/13

I praise the Lord for the opportunity to worship corporately and publicly with the saints of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church today. In my Bible Study Fellowship, I taught on 1 Timothy 6:1-2: “The Ethic of Christian Servanthood.” In verse 1, Paul gives instructions for serving unbelieving masters. In verse 2, Paul gives instructions for serving […]

Notes from Father’s Day 2013

I hope you had a great Father’s Day weekend! I thank God for my father: H.B. Charles Sr. My father died on Father’s Day weekend. And I used to find Father’s Day very painful. But I was filled with grateful memories this weekend. I only hope that I may become half the man and preacher […]