Notes from Sunday – 12/30/12

We made it to the last year of 2012. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness! There were only two Sundays this year that I did not preach.  There were definite points where I needed to take a break and didn’t. But I thank God for his sustaining and strengthening grace. I love the Shiloh Metropolitan […]

Notes from Sunday – 12/23/12

We had a blessed day of worship and fellowship at the Shiloh Church yesterday. My Bible Study Fellowship group met for the last time this year. We continued out study of 1 Timothy 2:8-15. I focused on verses 13-14: “The Theological Basis of Gender Roles” I am learning a lot from this study of 1 […]

Notes from Sunday – 12/16/12

Notes from Sunday is my weekly recap of my Sunday in worship and how my favorite teams and athletes did over the weekend. Twenty-two years ago today – December 16, 1990 – I was installed as the third pastor of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Los Angeles. It seems like yesterday. I am too young […]

Notes from Sunday – 12/09/12

It was another good day of worship at the Shiloh Church. In my Bible Study Fellowship group, I continued my study of 1 Timothy 2:8-15. Today’s lesson addressed verses 11-12, the most controversial part of the text. I only got through the introduction, during which I sought to make five points: All Scripture is God-breathed […]

Notes from Sunday – 12/02/12

Notes from Sunday is my weekly summary of my Lord’s Day worship  and recap of the sports I follow on the weekend. It was a beautiful day in Jacksonville. And it was a good day of worship at Shiloh. In Bible Study Fellowship, I continued to teach from 1 Timothy 2:8-15. I focused on verses […]

Notes from Sunday – 11/25/12

It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, which is always an interesting Sunday. But it was a good day. I taught on 1 Timothy 2:8-15 – “Men and Women in Worship” – in my Bible Study Fellowship. I did an overview of the passage. But I plan to spend the next several weeks going through it […]

Notes from Sunday – 11/18/12

I couldn’t wait to get to worship today. I was really looking forward to preaching today. Glad to be in the service one more time! I missed our 33 Men’s Bible Study Saturday morning. But I heard it was a great meeting and that even more men showed up. How big is God! Saturday was […]

Notes from Sunday – 4th Pastoral Anniversary (2012)

Happy Veterans Day! I did not write Notes from Sunday last week. Someone later tweeted that they missed my notes. Way cool. Today marked 4 years since my installation as pastor of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. Thanks, Shiloh, for the kind expressions today. It has been a very encouraging day. I praise the Lord […]

Notes from Sunday – 10/28/12

Saturday morning, we began a new six-week Bible study for our men. 200 men showed up. Praise God! Worship was great today. The music team did an exceptional job. I really enjoyed teaching my Bible Study Fellowship group today. I finished my lesson, “A Defense against False Teachers,” from 1 Timothy 1:12-20. God willing, I […]

Notes from Sunday – 10/21/12

I love the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church! We had a good time in my BSF class this morning. I taught from 1 Timothy 1:12-20. I called it, “A Defense against False Teachers.” (In typical H.B. fashion, I did not finish my lesson and will have to pick it up next week.) As always, I am […]