Developing a Sermon Calendar

Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in My Thursday Article, Preaching | 9 comments

I believe the Holy Spirit is God, the third member of the holy, undivided Trinity. Therefore, I believe the Holy Spirit is sovereign. God the Holy Spirit has unimpeachable authority over the times, details, and circumstances of our lives. He (not “It”) operates with perfect wisdom, eternal purpose, and infinite goodness. With this confidence, I plan my preaching in advance. Well in advance. In the name of honoring the Holy Spirit, some...

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Please, Just Sing!

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A national Gospel Music conference begins here inJacksonville today. It will meet for the next several days. I have not been invited to speak at this conference. Infact, it would be a safe bet that virtually no one who will attend thisconference even knows that something called H.B. Charles, Jr. exists. But I have something important to say to the hundreds, maybethousands of Gospel music artists and attendees who are influenced by...

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On Long Series and Short Attention Spans

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People have short attention spans. You cannot preach long series any more. It is best to keep sermon series short – six weeks at the most. Many who preach and many who teach preaching have concluded that society in general and congregations in particular have short attention spans. Churches cannot endure long sermon series anymore, they say. This conclusion is stated as an irrefutable fact. And it goes unchallenged. But is it true? Every pastor...

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Sermons Don’t Grow On Trees

Posted by on May 28, 2009 in My Thursday Article | 1 comment

I am a husband, a father, and a pastor. These are my primary responsibilities. And these central roles, and all that go along with them, do not include the other responsibilities and opportunities the Lord has entrusted to me. I have a full and busy life. But there is one responsibility that is the more demanding than them all. Bar none. Without question. Sermon preparation! The wonderful privilege and terrible responsibility of weekly...

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What Made You Move?

Posted by on May 14, 2009 in My Thursday Article | 10 comments

“What made you move?” is the provocative question I was asked this afternoon. “I heard you mention that you recently relocated,” he continued. “What made you do it?” The inquirer did not know me personally. He has heard me preach and teach over the past several days, I presume. At the least, he had just listened to me lecture for an hour and a half, during which I compared my pulpit work in Los Angeles to my new work in Jacksonville several...

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Should Young Children Receive Communion?

Posted by on Apr 28, 2009 in Corporate Worship, My Thursday Article, Ordinances | 6 comments

Like many Baptist congregations, the church I serve practices what is called open Communion, rather than closed Communion. This means that every professing believer who is present for our Lord’s Supper services is welcome to participate, whether they are a member of our local congregation or not. By extension, it also means that every true believer is welcome to participate no matter what his or her age may be. Any and every child who has...

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