November 5, 1990: The Beginning of an Excellent Adventure

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November 5, 1990. This is a date indelibly sketched in my heart and mind. It was a Monday evening. The congregation at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles gathered to select a new pastor. My father, H.B. Charles, Sr., served the church for four decades. Eighteen months later, the church was ready to call a new pastor. I had no plans of attending this meeting. I thought it would be too difficult to sit through a meeting where a...

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Thank You, Mt. Sinai!

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This week I taught and preached at the Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church of Los Angeles, where George E. Hurtt is the pastor. The meeting was a part of the congregation’s 71st anniversary celebration. I taught a class on expository preaching and was the main speaker for the evening services. My personal and spiritual roots are in the soil of this congregation. My Father – H.B. Charles, Sr. – led this congregation for more...

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Remembering a Life-Changing Meeting on November 5

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Twenty-two years ago today, the Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church of Los Angeles took a chance on a seventeen-year-old boy preacher. It was a Monday night. November 5, 1990. It was about eighteen months after the former pastor, my father, died. The church gathered to select its third pastor. For the record, the church did not meet that night with to select a high-schooler as its new pastor. I was not on the agenda that night. After a yearlong...

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Happy 70th Anniversary to Mt. Sinai

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This weekend, the Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church of Los Angeles celebrated 70 years of Christian witness and ministry. The Rev. J.D. Richardson organized Mt Sinai. He led the congregation for six years. The second pastor of Mt. Sinai was my father – Dr. H.B. Charles, Sr. He led the congregation for more than forty years. He was an outstanding preacher, charismatic leader, and passionate civil rights advocate. The congregation grew...

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To God be the Glory! Still!

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I’ll give you one guess who that handsome young man to the left is. Before I go any further, let me answer your burning question: Is that a Jheri Curl? Answer: Absolutely not! I only use juices and berries on my hair. Bonus Q&A: Yes, those are Gazelle glasses I am wearing. What you know about that?!?! This is a newspaper clip I found recently in a book. It is from local church newspaper in Los Angeles called the A.C.C. (R.I.P.) I was...

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Speaking @ Mt. Sinai in Los Angeles

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I am on my way to Los Angeles to speak for three night at the Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, where George Hurtt is the pastor. Yesterday, the Mt. Sinai congregation celebrated its 67th church anniversary. My brother, Kevin Willis, who pastors the New Life in Christ Church in Mississippi, was their guest speaker. The celebration continues tonight with three nights of worship and the ministry of the word. I am honored to have been excited...

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