Jarvis L. Collier Interview

Jarvis L. Collier is the Pastor of the Pleasant Green Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas. We are home boys from Los Angeles. Collier served two local churches in Los Angeles – one historic and the other planted – before taking the helm of the Pleasant Green Church fifteen years ago. Alongside of his pastoral […]

Stephen Nelson Rummage Interview

Stephen Nelson Rummage is the Senior-Pastor of the Bell Shoals Baptist Church near Tampa, Florida, where he has served for six years. He is also featured speaker of the Moving Forward radio broadcast, the author of several books, and guest preacher for many conferences and conventions. I highly recommend Stephen Rummage’s book, Planning Your Preaching. You should also read […]

#020: Maurice Watson Interview [PODCAST]

This is episode #020 of the On Preaching Podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping you preach faithfully, clearly, and better.  This week’s podcast is from an interview that I had with Dr. Maurice Watson who is both a friend and mentor. Maurice Watson is the former Pastor of Beulahland Bible Church in Macon and Warner […]

#019: Mac Brunson Interview [PODCAST]

This is episode #019 of the On Preaching Podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping you preach faithfully, clearly, and better. I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Mac Brunson, a neighbor and friend some time ago and wanted to share it with you today. It was a pleasure to have Dr. Brunson as one of […]

Reginald C. Payne Interview

Reginald C. Payne is my oldest friend. We grew up in the same congregation. We basically started preaching together. We were ordained together. My father died as I was flying home to Los Angeles from Detroit. Reginald picked me up from the airport that day. We were roommates for several years. And we served together […]

Terry K. Anderson Interview

Terry K. Anderson is the Senior Pastor of the Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, where he has served for the past twenty-four years. I  first heard Pastor Anderson preach many years ago. He led a revival at a church in Los Angeles. I was invited to attend, not knowing who the preacher was. […]

Steven J. Lawson Interview (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my interview with Steven J. Lawson, President of One Passion Ministries and Executive Editor of Expositor magazine. Make sure you check out part 1 of my interview with Steve Lawson.  In the first part of our conversation, we talk about Dr. Lawson’s background,conversion, education, formal training, and pastoral ministry. Much of this […]

Steven J. Lawson Interview (Part 1)

Steven J. Lawson is the President of One Passion Ministries. He is also a prolific author, seminary professor, and international conference speaker. Lawson is also the Executive Editor of the new preaching magazine, Expositor. I was introduced to Steve Lawson through one of his early books, When All Hell Breaks Loose. It is an exposition of […]

Jeffrey A. Johnson Sr. Interview

Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson Sr. is the Senior Pastor of the Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he has served since 1988. The Eastern Star Church, one church in three locations, is a model of both church planting, multi-site ministry, and church growth. Pastor Johnson is a devoted husband and loving father of four […]

Cameron Triggs Interview

Cameron Triggs is the Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at the Shiloh Church in Jacksonville, where I serve. I met this bright young man a few years ago in Orlando. We were on a bus together, riding back to the hotel at a conference. I continue to warn him not to talk to stranger […]