Lessons My Father Taught Me

My father was H.B. Charles Sr. He pastored the Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles for 40 years, until his death in 1989. All I saw my father do was serve the church. Whether I became a preacher or not, my father’s example taught me to associate Christianity with serving others. The Lord […]

You Ought to Be a Better Preacher than Me

My father let me preach his early worship service one Sunday. I don’t remember what I preached. But I am sure it was nothing special. I can only hope it was a boy preacher’s best effort to preach faithfully. After the service, I was passing through the church lobby, when I received an unlikely compliment. […]

Happy 72nd Birthday, Mt. Sinai!

The Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church of Los Angeles celebrates 72 years of Christian witness today. And I celebrate with Mt. Sinai today, even though I am on the other side of the country. My personal, spiritual, and ministerial roots are deep in the soil of Mt. Sinai. My father – H.B. Charles, Sr. – […]

Speaking @ Christ Second Baptist Church of Long Beach

Wednesday night, I preached for Pastor Welton Pleasant at the Christ Second Baptist Church of Long Beach, CA. Christ Second Baptist Church is celebrating its 105th church anniversary this month. Pastor Pleasant, whom I have known for some years, invited me in honor of my father, who pastored the church for ten years, before he […]

The Progressive News

The Progressive National Baptist Convention is meeting this week in Memphis. The PNBC was established in the early 1960s, during the Civil Rights Movement. Black Baptists were divided on the role the church should play in the struggle. Those who supported the efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. established a new, “progressive” convention. My father […]

Remember my Dad on Father’s Day

My Father passed away Father’s Day weekend, 1989 – twenty-one years ago. I was 16-years-old. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. I was young. But I think I understood what was going on. I prayed that I would be able to at least say goodbye to my day. That did not happen. […]