November 5, 1990: The Beginning of an Excellent Adventure

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November 5, 1990. This is a date indelibly sketched in my heart and mind. It was a Monday evening. The congregation at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles gathered to select a new pastor. My father, H.B. Charles, Sr., served the church for four decades. Eighteen months later, the church was ready to call a new pastor. I had no plans of attending this meeting. I thought it would be too difficult to sit through a meeting where a...

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Speaking @ Christ Second Baptist Church of Long Beach

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Wednesday night, I preached for Pastor Welton Pleasant at the Christ Second Baptist Church of Long Beach, CA. Christ Second Baptist Church is celebrating its 105th church anniversary this month. Pastor Pleasant, whom I have known for some years, invited me in honor of my father, who pastored the church for ten years, before he was called to Mt. Sinai in Los Angeles. I remember the first time I preached at Christ Second Baptist. I was...

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The Progressive News

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The Progressive National Baptist Convention is meeting this week in Memphis. The PNBC was established in the early 1960s, during the Civil Rights Movement. Black Baptists were divided on the role the church should play in the struggle. Those who supported the efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. established a new, “progressive” convention. My father was a part of this movement. He was also a part of the group that established the...

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Notes from Father’s Day Sunday 2012

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I really enjoyed my Father’s Day yesterday. And we had a great day of worship at Shiloh. 23 years ago, the Lord took my father from labor to refreshment. But I am still benefiting from the 16 years I was privilege to have Dr. H.B. Charles, Sr. in my life. I was not feeling well for a good stretch of last week Thanks for your prayers and expressions of concern. Praise God for the one who was baptized yesterday. I am grateful for all of the...

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From Grief to Gratitude on Father’s Day

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Tomorrow – Father’s Day – will mark 23 years to the day since my father died. The past several years, Father’s Day has been a downer for me. My wife and children have been kind, generous, and understanding. I appreciate it. But I have missed my dad around this time. I also think that being on the other side of the country, disconnected from my roots in Los Angeles, has exasperated my feelings of sadness. This year is...

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Remember H.B. Charles Sr. (Father’s Day 2011)

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It has been a long weekend for me. And I am not just talking about my hectic schedule over the past several days. I am referring to my consuming thoughts about my father. My father was funeralized Father’s Day weekend, 1989 – twenty-two years ago. I trust I will see my father again in glory. This is a comforting assurance for me. Yet there are still times when I still grieve his passing. It happened to me again this weekend. I think being at my...

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