Crafting Expository Sermons

Some preachers take off strong. They get to cruising altitude and pilot the sermon without turbulence. Then they land smoothly at the same airport from which they took off. It was good flight. Homiletical policies and procedures were followed. And the congregation enjoyed the ride so much that it never noticed they did not actually […]

An Invitation to the E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference | July 11-16, 2016

The E. K. Bailey Expository Preaching conference is a gathering of preachers committed to growing in our skills and practice of the exposition of Scripture. Our conference is designed to strengthen your preaching from the process of preparation to your weekly delivery. We want to equip you to handle the Scriptures with integrity, scholarship and […]

Why Expository Preaching?

My father – H.B. Charles, Sr. – was a faithful preacher. He was not, however, an expositor. His messages were thoroughly biblical. But they were not expositional. My dad was more a textual preacher. He would often lift a verse and keep turning it to show the beautiful gospel implications in it. But the main […]

E.K. Bailey Tribute | Cutting It Straight 2015

It was our joyful privilege to give tribute to the late Dr. E.K. Bailey during the 2015 Cutting It Straight Expository Preaching Conference. Dr. Bailey was the founding pastor of the Concord Church in Dallas, Texas. He was a faithful expository preacher, who traveled the country proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. To invest in […]

GUEST POST: Biblical Exposition and Millennials

The following is a guest post written by DA Horton, who is a church planter and published author. Additional information on DA can be found at I’ve read more articles and studies regarding the Millennial generation than I care to admit. It seems as if Corporate America, Marketing Firms, and colleges are all vying […]

Ten Reasons for Expository Preaching by E.K. Bailey

The late Dr. E.K. Bailey, founding pastor of the Concord Church in Dallas, wrote a booklet, entitled, “Ten Reasons for Expository Preaching.” In this booklet, Dr. Bailey defines expository preaching: “An expository sermon is a message that focuses on a portion of scripture so as to clearly establish the precise meaning of the text and […]

An Invitation to the 2012 E.K. Bailey Expository Preaching Conference

Today’s post is a guest post by my friend and brother, Pastor Brian Carter. Brian serves as the Senior-Pastor of the Concord Church in Dallas, one of the great congregations in this country. Brian is also the host and leader of the annual E.K. Bailey Expository Preaching Conference, which will meet in Dallas later this […]