Little Screens and Corporate Worship

My local theater has a new “Silence Your Cell Phones” announcement. It states that you came to the theater to enjoy what is on the big screen. And you should not allow the little screen on your cell phone to make you forget what you came to see on the big screen. This is not […]

Gospel Artists, Please, Pick a Side!

Have you heard the one about the Civil War soldier who couldn’t decide whether he wanted to fight with the Union or the Confederates? So he wore Confederate gray pants and a Union blue jacket to war. And he was shot by both sides! I imagine this is how Gospel Music artists often feel. Many […]

Thanksgiving Day Service @ Shiloh

There will not be a Midweek Worship Service at Shiloh this evening. We will meet in the morning for a special Thanksgiving Day Service at 9 AM in our Coleman Auditorium. Start your holiday be joining us for corporate worship. God is the source every good gift and perfect gift. And he is worthy to […]

On Technology and Transcendence

So there I was in a worship service at the National Baptist Convention in Kansas City last week. Between messages, during the offering, the woman sitting next to me said to me, “Now you know you should not be playing with your phone during worship.” I explained that I chose to use the Bible on […]

Why? Why do we do what we do? What is our ultimate goal? Why do we dress as we dress? Why do we allot time as we do in our services? Why do we preach as we preach? Why do we sing, and why do we sing it the way we do? Do we care […]

Should Young Children Receive Communion?

Like many Baptist congregations, the church I serve practices what is called open Communion, rather than closed Communion. This means that every professing believer who is present for our Lord’s Supper services is welcome to participate, whether they are a member of our local congregation or not. By extension, it also means that every true […]