He Can Make the Difference!

The following is an exert from the introduction of my new book, The Difference Jesus Makes. I was in junior high school the first time a girl gave me her phone number. I did not ask for the number. As our families had dinner together that Sunday evening, it was obvious that I liked her. […]

The Difference Jesus Makes

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, The Difference Jesus Makes: Trusting Him in Every Situation (Moody Publishers). I am excited about this book for several reasons. First of all, this book simply retells and explains Bible stories. I believe we need more good books on Christian doctrine. But the Bible […]

On Preaching (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2014)

onpreachingI am excited about the release of my new book, On Preaching: Personal & Pastoral Insights for the Preparation & Practice of Preaching(Moody Publishers. Official release date: May 1, 2014).

This is my second book, the first being It Happens After Prayer.

I wrote this book without knowing it. Desiring to grow in my preaching, I began to read and think about preaching. I also started writing brief articles that summarized my views on various practical areas of sermon preparation and pulpit work.

I was more than fifteen articles into the process before it dawned on me that these collected pieces may be a helpful resource for others.

On Preaching is thirty brief chapters about sermon preparation and delivery. It also addresses some other areas of public ministry.

The book is primarily for preachers and teachers. But anyone who reads it will profit from the discussions about the priority of scripture, the importance of proper interpretation, and the work of ministry.

This is not a textbook. (For a more formal treatment of the subject of biblical preaching, I recommend Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson or Christ-Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell.)

It is meant for the practitioner, not the theoretician. My goal for this book is not for it to join any scholarly discussion. I truly hope academics will find this book helpful. But my target is the preacher in the trenches of regular sermon preparation.

Whether you are a rookie preacher or a seasoned pastor, there are many practical nuggets in this book you can start to strengthen your preaching this week!

I hope you will buy a copy of On Preaching. If you are not a preacher, consider making it a gift for your pastor or a preacher you know.

Read it. It a pretty easy read you can get through quickly. Or read each chapter slowly and find something in each to help your sermon development process.

Please tell me what you think about it once you read it. I am not an expert with all the answers. I am a fellow-struggler who lives in the bondage of weekly preparation. It has been my reality all of my adult life – more than twenty-three years now.

I don’t expect you to agree with me on everything. But I do hope that you this book will start you to thinking and working on your preaching in new and fresh ways. And if you learn something that can sharpen your preaching that I have not considered, please share. We are in this together for the glory of God!

Click here to get your copy of On Preaching.

Stay tuned for The On Preaching Podcast that will launch June 2014. It will be a weekly podcast to help you preach faithfully, clearly, and better.


“It Happens After Prayer” Released Today!

Today is the release of my new book, It Happens After Prayer. I have had the privilege to contribute to several books. But this is the first, complete work that I have written. When the door opened for me to publish, there were several topics that I was eager to write about. As we discussed […]

It Happens After Prayer (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2013)

afterprayerToday is the release of my new book, It Happens After Prayer. I have had the privilege to contribute to several books. But this is the first, complete work that I have written. When the door opened for me to publish, there were several topics that I was eager to write about. As we discussed potential projects, I was thinking a lot about prayer and seeking to strengthen my own prayer life. And I was preaching and teaching on prayer every time I had the chance. It was in my system. But I did not think about the possibility of writing on it. Then one day I asked the publishers to read the work I was doing on prayer. And the project turned in that direction I am not an “expert” in prayer. And I know that there are many books on prayer published. I wrote this book because the subject was and is on my heart. I want my prayer life to grow stronger and healthier. And I have a great burden to see my congregation become more devoted to prayer. I want to encourage prayer in and every way I can. I read a lot of books on prayer. Many books are filled with personal testimonies of answered prayer. They are inspiring stories. But they carry no authority, because they are not rooted in the authority of scripture. Other books point to scripture, but take verses or passages out of context. They claim promises without embracing conditions. Or they treat prayer like some force of faith that dictates orders to diving sovereignty. It was my desire to write a biblically saturated, God-exalting book on prayer that will encourage readers to pray. I did not want to beat up the reader up. But I want the reader to be challenged by the wonderful assurances of scripture that God will hear and answer prayer. Whatever it is that you need God to do in your life, it happens after prayer! I hope you will read my new work and find biblical motivation to pray with confidence that God will hear and answer prayer. As you do, please share your stories of how you have found the book to be helpful. To God be the glory.

A Proper Perspective on Transfer Growth

The McChurch has replaced the traditional church and its relational values. Fast-food Christians pull up to ecclesiastical drive-through windows, order the McGroups, consume the experience and then drive off, discarding relationships like burger wrappers on the highway of life. Savvy church growth pastors quickly learned that significant growth can occur if a church learns how […]

Preaching is Worship!

Have you noticed how people refer to the singing in church as “worship time,” as if the other parts of the service are not part of our worship? This is troubling, because Christians should recognize that prayer, saying the creeds, giving, and especially the sermon, are all part of our worship of God. But I […]

The Testimony of a Towel

I am reading Journeying Through a Jungle by Sandy F. Ray. The late Dr. Sandy F. Ray, who served the Cornerstone Baptist Church in New York for 31 years, was regarded as one of America’s most dynamic pulpiteers. He was also president of the Empire State Baptist Convention and vice-president of the National Baptist Convention. […]