Why Johnny Can’t Preach

On and between flights today, I read T. David Gordon’s little book, Why Johnny Can’t Preach (P&R Publishers). And it was wonderfully disturbing. Playing off the titles of several classics, Why Johnny Can’t Read and Why Johnny Can’t Write, Gordon argues that media (in the general sense) has shaped the pulpit. Consequently, Gordon argues, many […]

On Being A Servant God

As we begin this new year, I will begin recommending a Book of the Month for our congregation to read, which we will also make available to our members in our church’s resource center. I was considering which book to start with, and in a conversation with our deacon chairman, he mentioned a book that […]

When Grace Transforms

Matthew 5:3-12 records the “Beatitudes” of Jesus Christ, which introduce the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7). These eight declarations pronounce divine blessings on those who possess the characteristics of citizens of the kingdom of God. Specifically, Jesus blesses the poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for […]

The Pastor’s Public Ministry

I have just finished one of the most helpful and challenging little books on pastoral ministry that I have ever read (For the record, it always seems that whatever I just finished reading is the most important book I’ve ever read.): The Pastor’s Public Ministry by Terry L. Johnson (published by Reformed Academic Press). Terry […]

Good News for Life’s Dead Ends

Here is the book review I wrote in our church newsletter for our August book of the month. I have some books that have shaped my life in powerful and significant ways. I also have some authors who have shaped my life – with practically every book they write or have written. Ron Mehl is […]

Facing Your Giants

Young David was just minding his business. Doing his duty. Obeying his father’s orders to take food to his brothers who were soldiers and to find out how the battle with the Philistines was going. But David got more than information. He got involved. With great jealousy for God’s reputation, David faced Goliath when none […]

The Expository Genius of John Calvin

I am a big fan of the writing and preaching of Dr. Steven J. Lawson – the senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. I was introduced to Lawson’s work more than ten years ago, when I read a book of expositions he published on the book of Job. Since then, I […]

Confessions of a Pastor

Our Book of the Month for May is Confessions of a Pastor, by Greg Groeschel. Groeschel pastors the Life Church, a multi-campus congregation in Oklahoma. I really didn’t know much about Groeschel when I purchased the book. I had seen an advertisement for Confessions in a Christian magazine. And it piqued my interest. While in […]