Happy Birthday to my Big Brother!

Today is my big brother’s 50th birthday. I thank God for Kevin B. Willis Sr. and the blessing his life is to me. I preached my first sermon when I was 11-years-old. What I remember best about that service is my brother being there and extending the invitation afterward. I wanted to go to Bishop […]

Happy Birthday Hailey!!!

Today is my baby daughter’s – Hailey Breanne Charles – fourth birthday. I use the word “baby” for my own sake. She is not a baby anymore. Ask her, and she will quickly tell you that she is a big girl. But, of course, she will always be daddy’s baby. I begged for Hailey. Literally, […]

Grateful for 38 Years of Life

Today is my 38th birthday. And I praise God for all his undeserved goodness to me. I am speechless with gratitude for the Lord’s favor in my life. He has saved me. He has called me to preach. He has blessed me to marry way out of my league. He has blessed me with three […]

Happy Birthday Natalie!!!

Today is my daughter’s – Natalie Marie Charles – 7th birthday. I woke up this morning thinking about the moment Natalie was born. And the first time I got to hold her, seeing for the first time the baby I had been singing to for the past six months. If I only knew what I […]

Happy Birthday Crystal!!!

Today is my wife Crystal’s 34th birthday. In the gracious and sovereign providence of God, I have had the privilege of knowing Crystal more than half of her, at this point. And I have had a front-row seat to see her development as a woman, Christian, wife, mother, sister, and friend. Yet she is just […]

Happy Birthday, Doc! (HBC3 – 10/08/99)

Crystal and I finally told Trey and Natalie that Shiloh Church would be voting on a new pastor. We also told them that we needed to pray hard for Shiloh, because I was one of two names that would be submitted to the church for consideration. They were both speechless. So I encouraged them to […]

Go Natalie, It’s Your Birthday!!!

Today is my daughter’s – Natalie Marie Charles -sixth birthday. Soon, Crystal will give birth to our second daughter. And my household will then official be overrun by women. But I suspect that Natalie will have no “middle child” issues to deal with. She will always be my first daughter… and first diva! Our new […]