Gary L. Williams Sr. Interview

PastorWilliamsSome years ago, I preached a meeting in San Antonio. As I sat at the pastor’s conference table, I notice a flier for pastor’s conference in Jacksonville, FL. It caught my attention because one of my preaching heroes was a featured speaker.

I wrote down the name of the host pastor and church to look it up when I returned to my hotel room. I have been following the ministry of Gary Williams every since that night.

In the providence of God, I moved to Jacksonville a few years later. And I got to meet Gary Williams personally. We have preached for one another. And Gary has been a kind and encouraging friend to me. I have great respect and admiration for him.

The First Baptist Church of Mandarin is one of the strongest churches in Jacksonville. The Lord is doing a great work in and through this Bible-teaching, Christ-centered, mission-minded congregation. And I praise God for its witness in our city.

The following is my conversation with Gary about life, faith, preaching, and pastoral ministry.

Gary is a man of convictions. Biblical convictions.

We are kindred spirits. And I had such a ball in this conversation, at points I wanted to get out of my seat and hug him!

I hope you, too, find this interview challenging and encouraging.

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4 thoughts on “Gary L. Williams Sr. Interview

  1. Pastor Charles, once again I say thank you. The truth is myself, and I believe many others are growing by being distant disciples of the work God has entrusted to you. Until tonight I had never heard of Pastor Gary Williams, but I’m glad I know of him now and I’m looking forward to purchasing the books that he has written and listening to some of the sermons that he has preached. I’m also looking forward to visiting the churches website.

    I literally read your post and watch these conversations with a pen and notepad. For me it’s being schooled. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I praise God for you, and you, your family and Shiloh are continuously in my prayers. Be encouraged Pastor Charles and please know that your work is not at all in vain!

      • Pastor Charles, thank you so much for this interview. I also listened with pen and paper. And I could not believe that Pastor Gary is involved in some work in Malawi. I am Malawian and would like to get more acquainted with the work he is doing there. My highlight of this interview has to be the counsel given to younger Seminarians like myself that “… Your friend is gonna do somethings that you know it’s not biblical but its gonna work”. That is so common here in Africa but may the good Lord help us to remain faithful in the spirit of 2 Tim. 2:15.