Phillip L. Pointer Sr. Interview

UnknownPhillip L. Pointer is the Pastor of the St. Mark Baptist Church in Little Rock. After pastoring in the greater Washington D.C. area for some years, Pointer has now led the St Mark Church – one of the largest congregations in Arkansas – for the past two years.

I occasionally listen to Phillip Pointer’s sermons online. And I am encouraged by how he handles the scriptures and his clear preaching. He is a much sought-after preacher who travels the country speaking at special events, alongside of his pastoral duties.

It was a joy to have the opportunity to interview Phillip about his life and ministry. I enjoyed the conversation and trust you will too!

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6 thoughts on “Phillip L. Pointer Sr. Interview

  1. Being from the greater DC area, Pastor Pointer and I share many acquaintances. Though I do not know him that well I am very familiar with his work and most importantly, his maturation. I am so encouraged by what God is doing in the lives of both of you.

  2. I was able to view the video previously but was unable to finish it. Now that I have tried to resume, it is unavailable. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

  3. Brothers, let me thank our God that there are still some preachers who are committed to the sound and faithful exposition of the biblical text. I surmise that many of our Christian pulpits are in great need of a healthy, well-balanced diet of conservative theology and sound doctrine. My heart aches at the enormous amount of junk food being passed off as gospel truth. I greatly appreciated both of you allowing us to peep through the window of your life and ministry. Although, I’m confident that there are others out there who are faithful proponents of sound doctrine and proper theology, it’s refreshing to turn to a weekly broadcast and hear gospel truth that is biblical, clear, consistent and relevant. Blessings be upon both of you and know that your ministries are far-reaching and God honoring!