Notes from Sunday – 01/26/14

IMG_0553It was a long, busy, and wonderful weekend of ministry.

Friday evening, I had the privilege of speaking at the Jacksonville Pastors’ Conference hosted by Dr. Mac Brunson and the First Baptist Church. It was a privilege and an honor. Dr. Brunson has been a friend to me since I arrived in Jacksonville. And the Lord is doing a great work at First Baptist.

Ligon Duncan’s conference message on 1 Kings 19 Thursday evening was stellar. I needed that message more than I can say.

The combined choirs of the Shiloh Church and the First Baptist Church sang together before I preached. It was glorious!

Thanks to the members of Shiloh who attended. Your presence was a great encouragement!

Saturday morning, I flew to Chicago to speak at a minister’s conference on the campus of Northern Seminary. It was so cold I wanted to cry!

Dr. Cleophus LaRue, a preaching professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, lectured before I spoke. It was outstanding! His counsel about preparing for Sunday and making preparation a priority challenged me to work harder on my preaching.

I met Dr. LaRue years ago, preaching together in northern California. My interaction with him that week is a primary reason I started wearing black suits on a regular basis. He also gave me my first opportunity to publish my work, contributing to his work, “Power in the Pulpit”

While in Chicago, I had lunch with my friends, Pastors Romell Williams and Adron Robinson. Our brief time together was worth the trip!

It was almost midnight when I made it home from Chicago Saturday night.

I am grateful, as always, for all of the guests we had in worship Sunday morning. It was especially good to have guests who were in town for the Pastors’ Conference.

Our music team did a great job!

I was to teach mass Bible study between services. But I was wiped out after the 7:45 service. A big shout-out to Donald Lewis, our Pastor of Christian Education, for teaching the lesson for me.

Praise God for the one sister who was baptized yesterday!

Sunday morning, I began a new series on the book of Ephesians. I preached an introductory message from the opening salutation (1:1-2) that I called, “What it Means to be in Christ.” In the message, I gave three reasons why you should study Ephesians:

  1. The divine revelation of Ephesians (1:1a)
  2. The Christian message of Ephesians (1:1b)
  3. The spiritual benefits of Ephesians (1:2)

Next Lord’s Day, I plan to begin a study of the Hymn of Grace in Ephesians 1:3-14. Can’t wait!

Praise God for the one who was added to the church!

I did not watch the Grammys. And I did not watch the NFL Pro Bowl. I did watch a little bit of the Royal Rumble with HBC3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan co-hosted. HBC3 did not know who he was. He doesn’t know real wrestling (oxymoron intended).

How was your weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Notes from Sunday – 01/26/14

  1. I truly I joy reading your sermons each time I receave them, and sometimes I use your sermons on Wednesday evening bible study and I always give you the credit, my people enjoy the lessons that I prepare from them . Thank you for sending them to me, and I will continue praying for you and your church, please pray for mine Midway Baptist Church.

  2. maybe we need to have all black suit year, meaning the preachers and deacons.I was for one that really enjoyed myself, as always you bless our heart I hope and pray that we can do it again,

    Minister brown