November 5, 1990: The Beginning of an Excellent Adventure

November 5, 1990.

This is a date indelibly sketched in my heart and mind.

It was a Monday evening. The congregation at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles gathered to select a new pastor.

My father, H.B. Charles, Sr., served the church for four decades. Eighteen months later, the church was ready to call a new pastor.

I had no plans of attending this meeting. I thought it would be too difficult to sit through a meeting where a new man would be called to the church my father served for so long. But I changed my mind the day of the meeting.

In a strange providence, the church selected me as its new pastor that night. I was seventeen-years-old. Of course, I do not recommend that churches call a high school senior as pastor. But this is my testimony.

IMG_0273For eighteen years, I had the joy of serving Mt. Sinai, until I heeded a call to Jacksonville five years ago. This week, we celebrate five years of service together as pastor and people at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church.

I turned forty this past February. And it was a shock to my system! But that I have been a pastor for more twenty years is even more shocking.

It has been a long journey filled with difficult paths, steep climbs, and unexpected turns. But I am grateful for the journey. And I pray this excellent adventure will continue to the glory of God!

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7 thoughts on “November 5, 1990: The Beginning of an Excellent Adventure

  1. God Bless you Pastor Charles and congratulation. I have been given a new assigement as the Pastor of a Local Church, and I am nervous as I can be but I look foward to what the Lord has plan for the Church.

    P.S. Any advice for a new Pastor?

    Rev. Johnson

  2. Pastor Charles, thank you for being a caring and compassionate pastor. You really are a great spiritual christian leader in leading people to Christ through the preached word. God bless you for being down to earth and approachable to us all. My favorite sermons from you has to be “Something Good Is Going to Come Out of This” and
    It’s Not As Bad as It Seems”- Psalm 3 & 4, and in your five years, goodness has come out of your service to God people.

  3. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!! Although my husband and I are new members, we already feel a part of the Shiloh family. We arelearning and growing under your leadership. We pray that God will allow the adventure to continue.

  4. Amen! H.B. you are a blessing to the body of Christ and I praise God for your faithfulness! Continue the work my brother!

  5. Pastor HB, I love your sermons and watch them regularly. Great to learn more about your story. Will that video your church prepared for your 5th ann. be available to watch on your blog? I’d love to see it. Praying for you!