Notes from Sunday – 10/20/13

safe_image.php_We had a good day of worship at the Shiloh Church today.

It feels odd not to teach my Bible Study Fellowship group this semester. But I am so glad not to have to prepare another lesson each week. Need the rest.

As always, it was good to have all of our guests in worship today, including an old friend from Los Angeles.

Praise God for the four persons who were baptized today!

I continued my brief series on Revelations 2-3, “Let the Church Be the Church.” The burden of this series is simply that the world at its worst needs the church at its best.

I preached “Contending Against Spiritual Compromise” from Revelation 2:12-17.

I gave four reasons why the church must contend against spiritual compromise:

  1. The authority of Christ (2:12)
  2. The reality of persecution (2:13)
  3. The perversion of sin (2:14-15)
  4. The Call to repentance (2:16-17)

Last week, on of the deacons predicted me that this series was going to get so good to me that I would keep going and preach through the entire book of Revelation. I assured him that there is no way the series would get that good to me!

Praise God for those who were saved and added to the church today!

Next Sunday, Dr. Dennis Hollinger, President of the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, will be our guest speaker.

The Dallas Cowboys beat up the Philadelphia Eagles (17-3) to take over the NFC East. Go Cowboys!

My Jacksonville Jaguars fell to 0-7 today, losing to the San Diego Chargers (24-6).

After a weekend of upheaval in the NCAA top 25, Alabama and Florida State are #1 and #2 in the first official BCS poll. It still predict it will be Alabama and Oregon at the end. What do you think?

Ruslan Provodnikov Mike Alvarado put on a great show Saturday night, until Provodnikov stopped Alvarado in the 10th round. Boxing lives!

The Red Sox and Cardinals should make a good World Series. I predict the Red Sox will take the MLB crown, which is a horrible thing for me so say as a Yankees fan.

How was your Sunday morning? How did your teams do this weekend? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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3 thoughts on “Notes from Sunday – 10/20/13

  1. Good day of worship! It was men’s Day the Men’s choir did there thang. Something about hearing men sing praises to our God. We had a guest preacher Newly elected Pastor of a Lutheran Church in the community. The Text was MT. 26:36 his points were we all need to get alone with Jesus. When we get alone with Jesus he gives us what we need. My Bears lost a tough one to the Redskins (is it ok to still call them that?). I agree with you Pastor Charles Boston will win the World Series and the cubs will continue to lift the theme :”Wait till next year”!

  2. Took your advice sir on planning not to preach. On vacation. If Alabama plays Florida State in the end, that would be a great game.

  3. Thank God for the Shiloh app. I was able to watch the live worship service today while at home in Los Angeles recovering from surgery! 🙂