Maurice Watson Interview

Dr. Maurice WatsonI am blessed to have Maurice Watson as a friend and mentor.

Dr. Maurice Watson is the Senior-Pastor of the Beulahland Bible Church, which meets in Macon and Warner Robbins, GA. Alongside of the great work he is doing in the life of his congregation, Pastor Watson is known around the country for his faithful exposition of the word of God.

I had the opportunity to interview him about his life, ministry, preaching. It was a good conversation that I trust will be an encouragement to you.

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30 thoughts on “Maurice Watson Interview

  1. To HB and Dr. Watson thank you very much for this interview I must say “MAN DID IT BLESS ME” The place Dr. Watson stated he was in I’m in that very place now. This interview was a must for me and I’m will forever be grateful for how it confirm many things and answered many question for me.

  2. Really enjoyed the interview. Now I understand much more why you left St Mark to go to Salem and why you left Salem to go to Beulahland. You can’t beat the leading of God. Keep being obedient Dr. Watson. You’re appreciated that much more.

  3. Thank you Pastor Charles for this interview. His comments on how he work through the fact that Pastor Wade was still part of the church for his first eleven years was awesome. That showed me that he was on his knees before God and God gave him wisdom. WOW! WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE

  4. Pastor Charles just want to say thank you for your postings, I’m learning about questions I”ve always wanted to ask. thanks and God Bless !

  5. Pastor Charles,
    God bless you for using this forum to bless both accomplished and aspiring preachers/pastors.

    There is much sane, relevant, practical, and wise insight into preaching in this interview with Dr. Maurice Watson. Here is a lucid example of what discipline, hard work, and faith in God can do in ministry.

    At a time when the true biblical expository landscape can appear barren, God still has his Elijahs who have not bowed the knee to the baals of popularity!

  6. Thank you guys for this me being a young preacher, with the hearts desire and conscious conviction to expositorally proclaim. Thanks for the wisdom.

  7. Great interview! I miss my old pastors preaching because he would break it down to where a kid could understand. I learned ALOT under his leadership. There is no way you can seat under his leadership and not grow. I will NEVER forget how he took the Ten Commandments and preach one at a time per Sunday. He took ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’ and preached an hour. I was FLOORED. FYI: I knew he would tell the advice of Mother Wade because he used to say it all the time at Salem. LOL!!

  8. Pastor
    Charles as a young minister in Seminary soon to graduate each interview has
    blessed me beyond words. This most recent video with Pastor Watson presents me
    with jewels and gems as I seek to follow in Gods will for my life and ministry.

  9. Thank you Pastor Charles. This was an outstanding interview and one that I really needed to see.
    It would be a dream for me to get you and some of these great pastors around a table and just listen.

  10. Great conversation. Very timely for me. I remember the first year I went to WHW (laymen division) I saw a video of E.K. Bailey preaching and I said when I start preaching, I want to preach like that.

  11. Wow! As a young preacher this video really helped me and blessed my ministry. Great insight and extremely powerful. You two guys are both mentors of mine even from a far and even though we have never met. I thank God for this blog and for this ministry of reaching out beyond the pulpit and sharing insight that is very rare. H.B. Charles, you are the Man Doc. God Bless you and continue to share.

    Yours truly
    Andrew J. James Jr

  12. Dr. Watson has impacted my ministry in every area. He is my father in the ministry, mentor, and role model.–Anthony C., San Antonio, TX