Saturday Shout-Outs: Dublin, Preaching, & Ministry Links

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Shout-out to Pastor Fred Williams and the Turkey Creek Baptist Church of Dublin, GA, for the opportunity to preach during their summer revival this week.

Read the two posts I wrote this week: “If You Catch Him Right…” and “On Sermon Outlines.” 

Kevin DeYoung: The Preacher at His Best

Russell D. Moore: What Martin Luther King Can Teach Us About Preaching

Eric McKiddie: 3 Reasons Your Church Needs Sermon Illustrations

Jay Dennis: Pornography and Pastors 

Jonathan Leeman: Connecting Evangelism and Church

Dan Doriani: You Do Not Labor in Vain

Ron Edmondson: 7 Ways to Remain an Authentic Leader

Ted Olson: The Wars Over Christian Beards

John Piper: Why Chris Norman Said No to the NFL

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One thought on “Saturday Shout-Outs: Dublin, Preaching, & Ministry Links

  1. I
    would like to extend a hearty “Shout Out” to Dr. H. B. Charles on behalf of
    Turkey Creek Missionary Baptist Church. You are truly a blessing to the body of
    Christ. Dublin Georgia is still on fire. We were extremely blessed and
    encouraged as you proclaimed plainly unto us the unsearchable riches of our
    Christ. Dr. Charles, thank you for your willingness to come to the country and
    be faithful to the scripture in thought, word, and deed. Turkey Creek is better
    because of Jesus working through you in our midst. Moreover, I would also like
    to give a tremendous “Shout Out” to Mrs. Crystal Charles, H.B. III, Natalie,
    and Hailey for sharing your husband and father with us. Shiloh we are eternally
    grateful to you for sharing Dr. Charles with us. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!