Notes from Sunday – 08/04/13

safe_image.php_I am on my way to Rome, Italy, for a weeklong preaching conference. A small, intensive study group will study texts all week and visit related sites. Please pray for safe arrival and fruitful study.

We had a great day at Shiloh today! It is a joy to pastor such wonderful people.

I missed teaching my Bible Study Fellowship group today.

It was my privilege to lead the congregation in the Lord’s Table today. We also extended the right-hand-of-fellowship to our new members.

In place of our normal scripture reading, we read the Apostle’s Creed together. Very moving to hear the voices of the saints affirm the truths of the gospel.

Grateful for all of our guests in worship today, including the Edward Waters College football team and the Marines reunion group.

Thanks to Bill Thompson for spending day with us shooting pictures.

We are praying for the family of Tommy Tyson, who moved upstairs this morning.

It was good to have Pastor Steve Mitchell back in church today, who leads our Men’s Ministry. We continue to pray for his full recovery.

Our Music Department did a great job today. We are currently without a Director of Music. But I am very proud of how the team is working together and letting the Lord use them to lead us in worship. Thanks to everyone on our music team!

I preached a Communion meditation today from John 1:12-13. I called it, “Are You a Child of God?”

I outlined four spiritual birthmarks of a child of God:

  1. You become God’s child in Christ alone: “But to all ho who did receive him” (v. 12a)
  2. You become God’s child through faith alone: “who believed in his name” (v. 12b)
  3. You become God’s child by grace alone: “he gave the right to become children of God” (v. 12c)

Praise God for those who were saved and added to the church today.

I plan to finish the last two chapters of Daniel over the next two weeks.

My Miami Heat acquired Greg Oden this weekend. This should be interesting.

I can’t wait to see the highlights from the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremonies last night. And I trust my Dallas Cowboys will defeated the Miami Dolphins tonight.

Football is back!!!

Alabama was #1 in the NCAA top 25 coaches poll. Again. No surprise.

Tiger Woods is cruising to a victory over the first three rounds of the Bridgestone Invitational. I would be shocked if he was upset.

Reports are circulating that New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriquez will be suspended through the 2014 MLB season. I just want this nightmare to be over so the Yankees can get back to business.

How was your Sunday? How did your teams do this week? Feel free to comment. 

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2 thoughts on “Notes from Sunday – 08/04/13

  1. Sunday has been a full day for me. First, I had planned on getting back to worship this morning, but my husband was very tired and I hope I was correct in letting him sleep in. He’s my ‘driver’ also right now, otherwise I would have driven myself. (I had eye surgery two weeks ago.) Anyway, he was tired because his Uncle in Kentucky died yesterday; he had to go check on his Mom who is legally blind, 86 yrs old and living by herself; and his Aunt was buried on Wed. of last week. They are the sister and brother of his Mom. After he got up, we went to check on her again and get the final arrangements for the funeral. He plans on leaving early tomorrow morning and it’s a 9 hour drive. Then we went grocery shopping because there will not be time to do it tomorrow, which is our regular day to shop for us and for his Mom. I made reservations at a motel for him and then researched flowers to be sent tomorrow. He was packing as I did this. Then, we ordered dinner and he picked it up and we ate here at home. Neither of us felt like going out. So now it’s a bit after 6:00 pm and we’ve done the dishes and I put eye drops in for the 3rd time today, still have one more to go. My husband is going to cut the back grass because he’ll be gone until later in the week. Oh. I also called to check on my Mom. She’s 84 and also lives alone. I miss being at church, but prayerfully they all understand and also prayerfully, so does the Lord. I love Him so very much. Thank you for asking how my Sunday was. You may be wishing you hadn’t asked.

  2. Wonderful way to end a reunion. My fellow Marines and I (Deacon W, Smith) enjoyed the word. Have a safe and blessed trip. God Be Praised